Top 10 Best Embroidery Companies in USA Sewing the Extra Mile

Embroidery is a time-honored craft that decorates fabric or other materials with needle and thread. It’s a skilled art form that requires precision, patience, and creativity.

Fortunately, many embroidery companies in USA specialize in creating beautiful and unique embroidered items.

Whether you’re looking for custom embroidered apparel, accessories, or home decor, a company can bring your vision to life.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best embroidery companies in the USA and what sets them apart.

Best Embroidery Companies in USA

10. Custom Ink

Established in 1999, the company started in a very humble way, and the owners being college friends, leave no stone unturned to maintain the quality and to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

The company doesn’t charge for online designing; shipping and transportation costs are free. While the quality of the job done is excellent, the pricing of its services is quite premium. 

The embroidery jobs the company designs are embossed on hoodies, jackets, caps, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Polo shirts, School bags, corporate apparel, watches, shoes, drinkware, promotional items, and office stationeries. 

9. Embroidery Authority

Established 16 years ago, Embroidery Authority, a family-owned business, prices its designs meticulously to suit every pocket and good quality of work.

The company also offers online designing facilities and offline, should a customer prefer that way.

There is a price for embroidery digitizing, which the company charges. Embroidery and printing are done on apparel, caps, umbrellas, coffee mugs, school bags, jeans and trousers, school uniforms, T-shirts, jackets, electric kettles, and other promotional items.  

8. Queensbro

With more than 37 years of rich and fruitful experience in their kitty, Queensboro jobs are of superb quality, and the prices are within reach of common men.

The company has two payment options for the embroidery logo design: the customer pays $ 29 for a word-only logo or $99 for three logos in graphic designs. The shipping costs will have to be paid by the consumer.

The consumer perception of the company is very good for their workmanship 

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7. 4Imprint

The Company has been in the business for at least 23 years, delivering good-quality embroidery jobs.

The company assures a 360 degrees guarantee which means that if the customer is not happy with the final product and the cost involved, the full money will be refunded. On-time delivery is almost a certainty. 

As an excellent gesture to its customers, the company provides free art, free samples to choose from, and free proof of the imprint.

The company will refund double the money back if the price that the company charges is not the lowest in the market then. 

6. LogoUp

Logo Up is comparatively new in the business compared to the other major players in the industry. The job and design quality are very good, but the customer must upload his own design as there is no online designer.

The workstation in South Florida is a whopping 1,00,000 square feet area while a new distribution center is coming up in South Carolina, a gigantic 180000 square feet area.

The owners themselves handpick the team which is doing the day-to-day operations. The designs that they work on are polo shirts, caps, T-shirts, pens, mugs, and duffels.

Top media houses have given very good write-ups in their magazines on the company

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5. Logo Sportswear

The Company was established twenty-one years back and is one of the first online suppliers of customized caps, T-shirts, sports team jerseys, office dresses, and corporate wear. The product quality is very good, as also the designer’s creativity.

There is no minimum order quantity as the logo designs, embroidery, graphic design; digital printing are all sourced from personnel within the organization.

Raw materials are selected discreetly as quality is ensured constantly, so the finished items should always be above the mark. 

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4. Thread Logic

With twenty years in the line of embroidery stitching in the apparel industry and based in Minneapolis, the embroidery quality of Thread Logic is excellent, and the price is also budget-friendly as the consumers perceive the brand that way.

Thread Logic has won many awards and accolades from the apparel industry for excellence in quality. The customer has to pay for the price, and shipping is chargeable.  

3. Embroidery Your Way

Established twelve years back and situated in Rockland, Idaho, the company has an option of stitching embroidery as per the customer’s choice if the customer ships the apparel to the embroiderer’s workplace.

From the company site, the customer can customize everything for logo designing, be it typestyle, point size, logo placement, color, size, etc.

The workstation is clean and smoke-free. One has to pay for art service charges and shipping charges.  

2. Corporate Casuals

1999 formed Massachusetts-based company has come a long way since its inception and is working on polo shirts, hats, dress shirts bags, outerwear, T-shirts, and embroidery on apparel for toddlers. It also designs screen prints on T-shirts.

Originally known as Callen stitch, it was started by a lady called Dicksie Callen in 1980.

She worked alone, and as the business grew, the new firm emerged. While shipping is free and the quality is excellent, there is a setup fee for the design to be uploaded.   

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1. Broken Arrow

Already thirty-one years old and still growing strong, the company is one of the top favorites in the USA. Broken Arrow makes customized embroidery in T-shirts, polo, hats, bags, athletic wear, and so on and so forth.

The company designs the embroidered logo for corporate, schools, events, sports teams even for a large extended family.

After the order, goods are delivered with a 6-day standard delivery clause. Shipping is free, as also the digitizing charges. 

The company vouches that superior quality items are delivered and promises 100% money back if the final product is not according to the approved sample. 

Top Embroidery Companies Usa

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