Top 10+ Best Elevator companies in the USA

An elevator can be best described as a vertical platform, either closed from all sides or closed on three sides, that move vertically upwards or downwards to transport men or goods in a multi-storeyed building from one floor to another.

A powerful electric motor, a shaft, and a strong pulley are the three main parts of any elevator which is now a necessity in almost all modern multi-storied buildings in the world today.  Normally in the British Commonwealth countries, the elevator is called a lift. The global elevator market is forecasted to grow by 0.8% in the next couple of years.

Top Elevator companies in the USA

10. Hyundai Elevator –

The South Korean giant started its elevator division way back in 1984 and has produced elevators, marine elevators, escalators, and morning walks.

Undoubtedly, South Korea’s no.1 Hyundai elevators are known for their world-class technology, dependable manufacturing system, guaranteed safety with eco-friendly technology, and grade-one after-sales service.

Hyundai follows the ISO 9001 quality management system and OHSAS 18001 safety management system.

Last year only the Hyundai elevator was adjudged the no.1 in the elevator system by Korean Brand Power Index. It also won the USA idea Design award a couple of years back. 

9. Mitsubishi Electric-

The Japanese major started elevator production in 1931 and has been a major player since then. Mitsubishi is the biggest manufacturer of top quality elevators.

The US operations started in 1985 with corporate headquarters in California and offices in Washington DC, Dallas, Boston, Nevada, Illinois, and Hawaii.

Mitsubishi has been executing and implementing the installation of hydraulic elevators, high-speed elevators, and machine room-less elevators in some of the most important projects in the USA and North America.

Some of the more important projects where Mitsubishi elevators are installed are Broad Museum Los Angeles, Metropolis Los Angeles, West Ocean Tower California and Emerald Plaza, and Westin Hotel California.

8. True Canadian Elevator –

The Ontario-based elevator company is Canada’s no. 1 and firmly believes and follows that customer service and maintenance, coupled with the satisfaction and confidence the customer bestows on the company, are the two main pillars of growth.

Every team member is very selectively handpicked and chosen so that he delivers the very best. True Canadian Elevator is leading the chart as the largest elevator companies.

The elevators that are manufactured are based on the following dictums strongly – reliability, safety, ride comfort, fixtures, door operations, and energy efficiency. Service is available 24×7, and only extremely qualified personnel are allowed for machine room guarding jobs.  

7. AVT Beckett-

The Company was initially known as AVT and, in 2006, started entering the elevator market by producing structural and cab packages for the Toronto market.

In 2008 AVT purchased Beckett elevators, and thus, the new company with the new brand name was formed.

The 1,00,000 square ft state of the art factory started USA operations in 2017 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The elevators that the company produces are primarily of three types – low-rise, high-rise, and for mid-rise. Other related products that the company is manufacturing are cabs, ducts, fittings, elevator entrances, etc. The latest launch of the elevator from the company’s stable is Series II MRL. 

6. Delta Elevator –

Another Ontario-based elevator manufacturer, Delta, started operations in 1967 and, right from the beginning, has focussed on delivering the best in vertical transportation from its state-of-the-art factory.

Every elevator that is finally delivered to the customer passes through stringent quality control tests in the quality control department.

Delta Elevator is at the top of the list of well-reputed elevator companies.

The services that Delta ensures apart from after-sales are installation and maintenance. The products that are offered and marketed include full lift controllers, microprocessor electronic cards, machines, frequency inverters, doors, displays, door detectors, and other electrical and mechanical parts. 

5. Fujitec –

The Japanese-based organization, founded in 1948, operates from 16 locations in the USA, getting valuable orders from its clients for after-sales, modernization, installation, and control mechanism.

All the plants conform to the latest state-of-the-art technology. Delta is amongst the elevator industry’s earliest manufacturers to use a Fuzzy logic system way back in 1988 in the control system.

It also has to its credited for using artificial intelligence from a neuro computer for an elevator mechanism in 1995 as well as developing a giant size elevator that can accommodate 120 persons

4. KONE –

The more than century-old Helsinki-based company; KONE has a presence in 60 countries globally and has more than 58000 employees worldwide.

The brand name KONE itself is synonymous with its services — KONE means machine or device. KONE is One of the top elevator companies in the USA because of its high-quality technical support and high-quality products.

Apart from its production of elevators, the company also makes escalators, auto walks and automatic gates, and building doors.

The cash-rich firm belongs to one of Finland’s wealthiest families.  KONE has solutions for modernization and maintenance, be it installation of new elevators, maintenance, after-sales, and people flow solutions for both new as well as existing buildings.  

3. Schindler –

The Switzerland-based company was founded in 1874 and is one of the largest manufacturers of elevators and escalators globally.

In 1979 Schindler acquired the Haughton Elevator company and, in 1989, purchased the elevator division of Westinghouse, which catapulted the company to the big-league of elevator market in the USA.

The US operation is controlled from New Jersey and is carried out from 160 smaller branch offices and locations with at least 6000 people involved. 

2. ThyssenKrupp elevator –

Formed out of the joint venture of two companies, Thyssen AG and Krupp, the company is a German transnational firm operating since 1999.

The US operation is handled from Georgia. The company itself is a large industrial conglomerate and one of the finest engineering services companies globally.

The entire business operation is divided into 5 major functional specializations – Elevator being one of them. 

It is one of the largest steel producers globally, which gives the firm an added advantage in making of elevators. 

1. Otis –

The largest elevator company in the world, Otis gets its name from its founder Elisha Otis who started the company in 1853 in New York. Otis invented what can be termed as the safety elevator, which in case of any sudden mishap, locks the elevator from a serious accident through a special mechanism.

Now owned by United Technologies Corporation and based at Connecticut, Otis has commissioned elevators in Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, The World Trade Centre, Petronas Twin Tower, the Winchester Mystery House, the Demarest Building ( first electric elevator ), and last but not the least the tallest building of the world right now — Dubai Burj Khalifa. 

Top Elevator Companies

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