Top 10 Donut Shops in America – Handpicked by Experts

America is a country that loves its sweet treats, and one of the most beloved of them all is the donut. ??

From classic glazed to unique gourmet creations, donuts have captured people’s hearts and taste buds nationwide.

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best donut shops in America.

Fortunately, we’ve scoured the country to compile a list of the top donut shops in america that will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.?

Whether you’re a longtime donut lover or new to the game, these shops will impress you with their delicious and innovative creations.

Best donut shops in america That You Need to Visit

Although many nations can copy the US regarding donuts, it is not feasible to out-donut America. Here, we have mentioned the top 10 doughnut shops in the US that you cannot ignore by any means. ?

10. Union Square Donuts

Union Square Donuts

This shop is in Boston, and we all know Boston for its current donut offerings. However, Union Square Donuts is the best of all of them.

Situated in Somerville, the neighbor of Cambridge, the shop opened in 2013 and has turned out to be the Bostonian favorite right now. ?

Creative and mouth-watering flavors are churned out by the renowned pastry chef Heather Schmidt, who helps create sea-salted bourbon caramel, brown-butter hazelnut crunch, and berry pistachio with the help of her exclusive, handmade, fluffy-flaky dough. Here, vegan donuts are also available for customers.

Union Square Donuts Location

9. Donut Bar

Donut Bar

This donut shop is located in San Diego, California. The donut costs only $1 right here, and the coffee deals help to make this outlet the ideal place to halt before heading out to the beach. ?⭐

Innovative creations were spun out of the classic donuts consisting of the ever-popular decadent maple bacon bar and the hand-made crème brûlée doughnut by the owners named Wendy Bartels and Santiago Campa.

Flavors will rotate daily in this donut outlet, and make it a point to check the website first before going for the day’s line-up. Also, make sure that they have not been sold out.

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Donut Bar Location

8. Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts is a donut shop that is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The main chef is Mike Solomonov, who combines the cakey and chewy doughnuts with double-fried and crispy chicken. This recipe is really scrumptious. ?

The chicken is coupled with the honey doughnut by the chef, and it is served to the guests with buttermilk, coconut curry, or dry za’atar seasonings. It might likewise be topped with your selection of sweet-soy garlic, chili-garlic, or honey-ginger glaze.

You can try the blueberry mascarpone or the cinnamon-brown sugar for a more sugary and traditional donut at one of the 5 Federal Donuts shops in and around Philadelphia.

Federal Donuts Location

7. The Holy Donut

The Holy Donut

The location of this shop is in Portland, Maine. Every bakery comes with its key ingredient, and the Holy Donut of Portland is a potato.

Maine potatoes are being used by the owner, Leigh Kellis, in all the doughnuts, along with vegan, gluten-free, and sweet potato options rounding up the original menu. ?‍?

Apart from the sweet offerings of flavors such as coffee brandy, maple, and dark chocolate sea salt, the owner is likewise known to bake a tempting doughnut stuffed with bacon and cheddar.

The Holy Donut Location

6. Gourdough’s


This shop is positioned in Austin, Texas. It helps ensure that everything is larger in Texas, including the doughnuts.

The doughnuts here are big as well as fat. The outlet has a couple of eateries in Austin along with a full menu providing salads, doughnut sandwiches, barbeque, entrees, and burgers, which consist of the Mother Clucker, which happens to be a doughnut that is topped with honey butter and fried chicken. ?‍?

The doughnut desserts have flavors that feature everything from yellow cakes to peaches.

Gourdough’s Location

5.  Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Doughnut

This shop is situated in Denver and Portland. The unconventional doughnuts happen to be the product of a coalition between buddies Tres Shannon and Kenneth Pogson, who learned the technique of how to craft the perfect donut in California before going back to Portland to open this present shop. ?

Very few shops have a sense of humor like the one mentioned here, which serves “Captain my Captain” donuts, cinnamon sugar, and maple Maple Blazer Blunt donut.

Recently, a brand new 24-hour outpost has been opened by Voodoo in Denver.

Voodoo Doughnut Location

4. Glazed & Infused

Glazed & Infused

Glazed & Infused is situated in Chicago, Illinois. This shop is the ultimate donut stop-off in Chicago which you must visit when you are here.

The shop was opened by the owner, Scott Davis, in 2012, and its main aim is to bring flawless and handmade donuts to town. ?

You will get many opportunities to satisfy your taste buds with as many as 6 outlets in and around the city.

Although many rotating and seasonal flavors are offered by Glazed & Infused at present, one ought to look for the delicious maple-bacon long john and the tasty vanilla-bean glazed donut.

Glazed & Infused Location

3. Revolution Doughnuts

Revolution Doughnuts

The location of this famous donut shop is in Decatur, Georgia. The outlet was opened in 2012 by one person named Maria Moore Riggs, who is dedicated to churning out homemade and fresh donuts that have become a favorite amongst the locals and tourists. ?

The business, owned and operated by the family, is known to prepare its personal low-gluten donuts (prepared with almond flavor), toppings, and glazes from scratch.

Check out the salted-caramel baked donut and the Nutella cream puff to satisfy your taste buds.

Revolution Doughnuts Location

2. The Donut Stop

The Donut Stop

The location of this shop is in St. Louis, Missouri. This doughnut shop was founded in 1953, and it has a type of old-school credentials that can only be dreamt of by the other places in this list.

This location is known to adhere to the basics of taste, making it a point to go for the simple and glazed yeast donut.?

However, don’t depart without getting hold of a cinnamon Glob, a buttery, hole-less, doughty recipe full of sugar and spices, thus making the supreme indulgent treat.

The Donut Stop Location

1. Dough


Dough is located in New York City. Currently, scrumptious donuts from Dough are available in all the leading cafes in New York.

Make it a point to visit the Bedford-Stuyvesant outlet to try out the immaculately crafted yeast donuts of Fany Gerson, prepared several times daily to maintain their freshness.

After perfecting the yeasty and doughy donut base, Gerson is known to experiment with the glazes. ?‍??

You will come across everything from tropical chili, hibiscus, chocolate, earl grey, and coconut cream. The small shop in Brooklyn has expanded into Manhattan recently with a brand new station out there.  

Dough Location

FAQs for Best Donut Shops in America

What makes a donut shop one of the best in America?

A combination of factors contributes to a donut shop being considered among the best, including the quality and variety of donuts, freshness, taste, customer service, and overall experience.

Are these donut shops chain stores or independent establishments?

The list of best donut shops in America includes a mix of both chain stores and independent establishments. Some of the best donut shops are small, family-owned businesses, while others may have multiple locations across different states.

Are there any specific regions or cities known for their outstanding donut shops?

Yes, certain regions and cities in America have gained a reputation for their exceptional donut shops. Some popular destinations for donut lovers include Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; New York City, New York; and Los Angeles, California, among others.

Do these donut shops provide online ordering or delivery services?

Many donut shops now offer online ordering and delivery services to meet the growing demand for convenience. However, it’s important to check with each specific shop to determine their exact services and availability.

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