Top 10 Best Doll Companies in the US

In case you happen to be an entrepreneur who is aspiring to delve into the toy industry’s doll section and are searching for dependable US doll manufacturers for supplying you with resilient products then this article is the right one for you.

Every single day, innovative and smart entrepreneurs figure out some revolutionary concepts that have the ability to revolutionize the society of today. 

Best Doll Companies in the US

Nevertheless, the majority of these concepts never succeed in leaving the drawing board because of various factors. Here are the top 10 doll manufacturers in the US that deserve your attention.

10. American Girl

These are a collection of 18” dolls released by the Pleasant Company in the year 1986. These dolls represent 8 to 12-year-old girls of different ethnicities, origins, social classes, and faiths. These are marketed along with publications told from the girls’ viewpoints.

Apart from the American Girl dolls, the purchaser likewise can buy dolls looking just like themselves. Different types of accessories and clothing are also obtainable.

A service for placing an order on a bespoke doll along with clothing and features specified by the buyer has likewise been introduced in the year 2017.

9. Cuddle + kind

This one happens to be a doll manufacturing business that was introduced in 2015 and is known to produce homemade dolls for kids. The company was created by Derek Woodgate and his wife Jennifer Woodgate.

These dolls are manufactured by artists hired from Peru and provide them with a decent trade wage. Every single doll comes with a name, a birth date, and a story attached to it. The doll manufacturing company has the target of offering 1 million meals to hungry kids every year.

4 million meals have been donated by them to youngsters in need. The company also won the awards for National Parenting Products in the year 2018.

8. American Character Doll Company

This company happens to be a toy company in the US that specializes in the making of dolls. Their most well-known dolls included “Tressy”, “Tiny Tears”, “Butterball Doll”, “Toodles”, and “Sweet Sue”.

The company’s fortunes, which was founded in the year 1919,  reached its zenith during the middle part of the 20th century as they marketed numerous dolls to retailers exclusively as well as to mail-order houses like Montgomery Ward and Sears. 

7. Symbiote Studios

This one happens to be one of the most dependable doll manufacturers in the toy industry of America and China. In most cases, their products are made of vinyl or PVC, which happen to be the most resilient and softest materials utilized in making stuff such as action figures, rubber ducks, as well as dolls.

A variety of products consisting of teddy bears, dolls, and action figures are produced by them at present. Moreover, their time of delivery is comparatively punctual – generally within 10 to 20 weeks – according to the project’s complexity.

The greatest advantage offered by this company to its clients is that there is no restriction on the units that can be made by them for you. Even though their minimal run size happens to be 2,000 units for plastic toys, it won’t pose any problem in case you are of the notion that your item is going to revolutionize the market.

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6. Mattel

In case you are not searching for a company for manufacturing your dolls, but instead a company for supplying you with a huge number of already made items, then Mattel will be the one for you.

It happens to be amongst the biggest plastic toy makers in the US and is responsible for the success of major businesses such as UNO, Barbie, American Girl, Masters of the Universe, Polly Pocket, Thomas and Friends, Hot-Wheels, and so forth.

Mattel has slowly affected the toy market after it was founded in New York, and has competed with manufacturing businesses such as Lego and Nintendo. 

5. Hasbro

This is yet another premier plastic toy manufacturer in the US at present. Their fantastic product development expertise has been the key behind items from companies such as Power Rangers, Marvel, Baby Alive, Star Wars, Disney Princess, Chomp Squad, Dream Works, Monopoly, and so forth.

You will come across a huge number of dolls obtainable on their platform as well, particularly the Disney-enabled items such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Princess and the Frog, and many more. Their inventory likewise consists of doll accessories and dresses. 

4. Silke

This company happens to be a related brand of Kosen USA, Inc. this business has been in the doll manufacturing sector for over 80 years and has become reputed for its creative design that involves vibrantly colored dolls as well as dolls with simple shapes.

In most cases, the dolls are made from durable materials that will be able to endure impact from toddlers of all ages. 

3. The Alexander Doll Company

This happens to be a manufacturer of mainly baby dolls and is located in NY. The company had been founded by Beatrice Alexander in the year 1923 and it has maintained a solid repute as a dependable wholesaler and manufacturer of resilient toys.

The dolls made by the Alexander Doll Company resemble renowned personalities as well as characters from books, real life, music, movies, as well as art.

Amongst their most significant creations, mention may be made of Scarlett O’Hara, Dionne quintuplets, and the royal family plus attendees at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in the year 1953.

2. Bestever USA Inc

This company is deemed to be amongst the best doll makers and plushes in the United States. The dolls have been made from top-notch materials and are quite safe for the children even though they put the toys in their mouths.

The top-quality craftsmanship of the company and its capability to satisfy an unending number of orders reveals the reason why it has grown rapidly to turn out to be an industry leader in this toy-making business right now.

One benefit offered by the company to its clients is its ability to personalize the items while retaining an identical level of quality. 

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1. Make My Toys

Make My Toys is yet another doll manufacturing company that is almost identical to Symbiote Studios; they are known to manufacture custom-made plastic and plush toys for customers worldwide.

On most occasions, the product requests come from private people, start-up companies, non-profits, as well as a few major corporations. You simply need to provide them with your detailed description of the product desired by you, and that’s all.

This doll maker has already prepared toys for customers across the globe consisting of organizations, individuals, corporations, and start-up companies. Every single toy has been custom-crafted beautifully to the requirements of the customers.

The good thing is that even if you plan to produce 50,000 units, the company won’t disappoint you whatsoever.

Top Doll Companies Us

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