Top 12 Courier Companies in USA for Fast and Secure Delivery

Courier companies in America are critical for the timely and dependable transportation of products and documents across the country. They provide smooth deliveries and client satisfaction with their broad networks and advanced tracking systems.?

These companies handle a wide range of commodities, from little packets to massive freight, and use specialized handling and packing techniques for safety.

The industry is competitive, with both global and local players offering services such as same-day delivery and international exports. They offer a variety of pickup and drop-off alternatives, including as door-to-door service and handy drop-off sites. ?

In today’s fast-paced world of trade and communication, courier companies are critical partners.

What is a courier company?

A courier company is a business that delivers packages and important documents from one place to another. They offer services like same-day or next-day delivery and can even deliver internationally. ?

Couriers pick up items from the sender and make sure they get safely and on time to the recipient’s address.

They use different methods of transportation like bikes, cars, or planes depending on how fast the delivery needs to be. Courier companies help businesses and individuals send things quickly and reliably.?

How do courier companies work?

Courier companies collect packages from clients and deliver them to their designated recipients. When a customer orders a pickup, the courier firm comes to collect the box and provides a tracking number. ?

After that, the package is sorted and delivered to a central hub. It is further sifted and assigned to a delivery driver there. The parcel is subsequently delivered to the recipient’s address by the driver, who obtains a signature or confirmation of delivery.

Customers can track their package using the tracking number provided during the process. Courier businesses utilize their own trucks and logistics tools to ensure that deliveries arrive safely and on schedule.?

Top 12 Courier Companies in USA

  1. Pace Couriers
  2. Transportes Pitic
  3. Spee Dee Delivery Service
  4. Dicom Canada
  5. Laser Ship Inc
  6. TFI International
  7. OnTrac Inc
  8. Purolator
  9. FedEx
  10. UPS

Best Courier Companies in USA for Same-Day Delivery

Pace Couriers

Pace Couriers

Based in Alabama, their office is operational 24 x 7. The company has a chain of ground transportation logistics systems customized depending on the client’s needs.?

The organization’s channel logistics team works perfectly with the client team for optimum output and deliveries. 

The main focus of the courier is now on servicing the retail trade as retail is very fast becoming an important area of growth in the USA.

It recently inaugurated a 16000 square feet warehouse in North Carolina.  Pace has already undertaken a CSR initiative called Pace Foundation to serve the larger community. ? 

Pace Couriers Location

Transportes Pitic

Transportes Pitic

The organization was formed in 1973 in Mexico and has had a concrete presence in transportation and distribution since then. ?️‍?️

An excellent shipping process, punctual deliveries, and well-managed logistics management have earned the company a great affinity among its clients and the industry.

The company mainly services retail, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industry. 

Transportes Pitic also has undertaken a massive CSR campaign to serve the community in its areas of operation.?‍?

Transportes Pitic Location

Spee Dee Delivery Service

Spee Dee Delivery Service

Two main strategies that the Minnesota-based courier company epitomizes are speed and pricing, which are very important factors today. It has extraordinary ground delivery services focusing on the country’s Midwest.?

In some cases, the deliveries are completed the next day. The company claims that with their smaller operational ambit, they perform and deliver better than the usual big players in the industry.

The rates offered are competitive, and the services are tailor-made according to the client’s requirements.  ?

As a market penetration strategy, the company offers less than truckload delivery, on-call pick-up service, and pick-up tag service, which are unique in their respective aspects. 

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Spee Dee Delivery Service Location

Dicom Canada

Dicom Canada

Established in 1968 and operating from Montreal, Dicom is one of the largest couriers in North America. The company was acquired by the General Logistics System in 2018.?‍?

The client’s list includes small organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies. The company fleet operates across the border from Canada to the US and vice versa with full truckload and less than full truckload consignments.

Undoubtedly the sheet anchor of the company is the Regional Parcel Service, famed nationally for its speed, precision, reliability, and punctuality. 

The tools that Dicom offers to its clients are smart 4 tracking, near-perfect rate estimates, and a transit time calculator. ?

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Dicom Canada Location

Laser Ship Inc

Laser Ship Inc

Established in 1986 with headquarters in Virginia, Laser Ship specializes in picking up from the hub to the final destination of the consignment. ?

Focussing mainly on the Midwest and the Eastern parts of the country, Laser Ship handles Amazon deliveries and, in some cases, same-day delivery. In 2018 the company was acquired by Green Briar Equity Group.

The courier has received certificates of appreciation and of full compliance from the ISCPO, the parent organization of logistics management corporations in the USA. 

The company is one of the best service providers in the e-commerce segment and offers tailor-made logistics for its esteemed clients.?   

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Laser Ship Inc Location

TFI International

TFI International

Established about 50 years back in Montreal, TFI is one of Canada’s largest couriers with a huge fleet of trucks. TFI’s US operations are also very big now, possessing a massive fleet of more than 12000 trucks. ?

Over the years, it has been making acquisitions and, in 2010, took over Dallas-based Dynamex, thereby increasing its turnover manifold.

TFI has multiple divisions under its broad segments like truckloads, LTL, Package and courier, container transport, and specialized services division operating in the energy sector with leading clientele.  ?

TFI International Location

OnTrac Inc.

OnTrac Inc

Founded in 1991 and operating from Arizona, OnTrack targets smaller businesses for its highly competitive rates and services, which are as good as professionally managed larger courier companies. Their shipping hub is also based in Tennessee. ?

The company also provides overnight delivery at very economical rates in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, California, Utah, and Colorado, apart from Arizona.

The company is family-owned, so it has the distinct advantage of delivering personalized touch to its operations.  

OnTrac’s clientele includes many essential service providers, schools, colleges, Churches, fiber-to-the-home companies, or FTTH companies.  ?

OnTrac Inc. Location



Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and established in 1967, the brand name is actually an abbreviation of the word “pure oil later,” although it is now a pure courier company. Purolator has a business tie-up with UPS for deliveries outside Canada. ?

The Ontario-based specialized cargo airline, Cargojet operates a large-bodied Boeing fleet for Purolator. The company has an enviable ground and air logistics team with a nearly 100% success rate of systematic and punctual deliveries and service.

Purolator has activated “ Purotouch Advantage,” whereby each client gets tailor-made customized service with long and short-term solutions to its issues, if any.?

Purolator Location



One of the largest express delivery services companies globally, FedEx, originally known as Federal Express, operates in 220 countries globally, maintaining punctuality and exemplary service. ?

Unmatched services, logistics management, reliability, and superior transportation infrastructure give FedEx the cutting edge in handling almost 4 million shipments daily. Headquartered in Brussels, the main hub of FedEx is at the De Gaulle international airport in Paris.

The 50 + aircraft like Boeing 777, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, and 757 touchdowns in at least 45 airports almost daily. 

FedEx tracking is so meticulous and prompts that it is the second most popular service after delivery.  ?

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FedEx Location



United Parcel Service, as the company is also known, is an American transnational corporation based in Georgia. The forerunner to UPS was the American Messenger Company, formed in 1907.?

After much change, the company was renamed United Parcel Service in 1919. During the course of all these years, UPS has acquired a host of courier companies like TNT Express, Lynx Express, etc.

It has a host of subsidiaries, some leaders in their domain like UPS Stores, UPS Airways, UPS Capital, UPS Logistics, UPS- Parcel, etc. ?

Last year UPS got the approval of the FAA, the US Government Authority on Aviation, to fly drones for delivering healthcare commodities, a milestone and path-breaking achievement for the courier giant. 

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UPS Location

FAQs for Courier Companies in USA

How long does delivery usually take?

Delivery times vary depending on the courier company, the destination, and the type of service chosen. Standard domestic deliveries may take 1-5 business days, while international shipments can take several days to weeks, depending on the destination country and customs procedures. Same-day or express delivery services offer faster delivery options.

What should I do if my package is lost or damaged?

If your package is lost or damaged during transit, you should contact the courier company’s customer service or support team immediately. They will guide you through the process of filing a claim and may require documentation, such as proof of value or evidence of damage, to initiate an investigation and resolve the issue.

How do I choose the right courier company?

When selecting a courier company, consider factors such as their reputation, reliability, range of services, pricing, coverage area, and customer reviews. It’s also helpful to compare multiple companies to find the one that best suits your specific needs.

What is the difference between a courier company and a regular postal service?

While both courier companies and postal services handle package delivery, there are some key differences. Courier companies often provide faster and more specialized services compared to regular postal services. They may offer options like same-day or express delivery, tracking features, and personalized customer support. Postal services, on the other hand, tend to focus on delivering mail and packages through a broader network at a more affordable cost.

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