Top 10 Cosmetic Brands in the US For Beauty Queens!

The USA has been at the forefront of entrepreneurship, the innovation of cosmetic products and regulation for a long time.

As a matter of fact, several well-known cosmetic brands are flourishing in the US market at present, which has got global demand.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have talked about the top 10 cosmetic brands in the US and the various strategies taken by them to attract more customers out there.

American cosmetic brands That Everyone Is Talking About

10. Coty

This company has turned out to be a global leader in fragrances, color cosmetics, and professional hair styling and care.

All these have been made possible by the recent acquisition of the beauty business of P&G. This particular merger has helped the company to bring together a solid portfolio of well-known cosmetic brands and some professional individuals in the beauty plus consumer goods thus making it amongst the most reputed makeup companies in the US.

Right now, Coty is arranged by division, namely, Coty Luxury, Coty Consumer Beauty, and Coty Professional Beauty.

9.  L’Oréal

This company happens to be amongst the biggest cosmetic companies on the planet and can most of having a variety of brands covering all aspects of the cosmetics.

L’Oréal is actually based in Paris and it successfully satisfies the various requirements of clients across the globe. In fact, it deals with some of the most well-known makeup products right now.

The acquisition of NYX Cosmetics by L’Oréal has helped to make sure that the company prospers inorganically in the best possible way.

8. Estee Lauder

Founded in the year 1946, this company has become immensely popular in the global makeup market, particularly the US market.

In fact, Estee Lauder had been one of the biggest beauty manufacturers out there with more than $11.7 billion revenue. The biggest product categories of this company happen to be makeup and skincare.

In spite of the tough competition of cosmetic brands at present, Estee Lauder is able to hold a significant share of the US market right now.


This one is regarded as one of the biggest luxury items companies on the planet. It produces brands that happen to be the epitomes of good life out there.

This company is known to make various makeup products including cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, watches, as well as leather goods. The retail division of LVMH consists of the likes of Sephora cosmetics stores and Le Bon Marché Paris departmental stores.

6. New Avon

This company happens to be amongst the oldest cosmetic brands in the United States at present. It has developed from a humble line of fragrances to a premier makeup brand on the planet.

New Avon is known to manufacture and market a wide variety of accessories, apparel, fragrances and cosmetics under the brand names of Skin So Soft, Avon True Color, ANEW, as well as Espira. This company makes use of direct selling with sales representatives in the United States, Canada, as well as Puerto Rico.

New Avon is not the same brand as that of Avon Products, Inc., and it operates in the remaining part of the world.

5. Revlon

This one happens to be amongst the leaders in the cosmetic business of the US. Apart from its makeup brands and beauty tools, such as Almay, Revlon likewise produces and markets Mitchum deodorants and antiperspirants, Gatineau and Ultima II skincare items, Revlon hair color, as well as Jean Naté and Charlie fragrances.

The present board of directors of this company has already sold off some of the products which have been performing poorly and are dealing with the premium brands at present.

This year, a fresh cosmetic brand known as Flesh has been launched by his company this year that features more than 30 foundation shades in stick packaging.

4. Glossier

Glossier happens to be amongst the most well-known cosmetic brands in the US at present. This company is quite clear and steady in its approach to the factitious glamour of the beauty industry and it markets a sense of belonging and sincerity.

Glossier was able to capture the US market mainly because of its fragrances and other cosmetic products like skin care products which have great demand all over the world.

In fact, this cosmetic brand customizes its packaging while improving the in-store experience in a consistent manner for gratifying the customers.

3. Ulta Beauty

This is mainly a salon chain plus specialty beauty vendor which carries more than 600 brands at present. Ulta Beauty has succeeded in surpassing its rivals during the past couple of years to become the biggest beauty retailer of the country.

The chain has attained solid sales growth in a consistent manner and has opened in excess of 300 new stores across the US. In fact, this has happened when many other vendors have closed their doors because of the significant increase of online shopping.

The appealing in-store experience of this company happens to be the most significant contributor to its revenue boost during the past several years.

2. Shiseido

This is amongst the very few non-technology brands which have attained a premier position in the beauty industry at present, particularly in the US.

A unique strategy was followed by the company which is quite common amongst the Asian companies out there. The strategy was to expand their business beyond their region. Shiseido used acquisitions in the form of a primary medium for gaining a foothold in the expanding cosmetic businesses of Europe and the US.

One significant reason for the success of this company is its capability of spending markets on the premium segment from the value segment by means of establishing distinct brand identities for the company’s product lines.

1. Chanel

This one happens to be a perfume and cosmetic company that started its operations a few years ago with the help of a fragrance known as No5.

At present, the company has developed into one of the premier and top-notch makeup brands on the planet. Chanel can boast of having various types of makeup products with exclusive collections and seasonal launches which happen quite thick and fast.

This company’s color cosmetics and skin care treatment line consists of more than 500 products right now.

It has been speculated that the perfume and cosmetic sales of Chanel particularly the No5 fragrance have missed to be the biggest business of the company.

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