50+ Content Marketing Tools You Need To Know About

Today most of the people who are interested in generating the content, either it can be a brand created for the audience, or there is a lot of content that is user-generated.

Also, there are a lot of different versions of content, it can be tone & emotion, form, and format.

Content marketing is one of the thrivings recently, it requires creating something valuable, shareable, and consumable and can be distributed through different forms and mediums to target their potential audience.

Here are some of the best tools you should be having.

List Of Content Marketing Tools That You Should Have

While having a strong strategy and talented people who can create valuable content is a must, having the right tool can help in reducing the hassle and improve the results for you.

Here is the list of best content marketing tools that you should have or at least know about. They can help you improve content marketing; these can improve the effectiveness and also the end results for you. 

Here is the list of best content marketing tools for you to consider. 

Google Docs

Well, google docs is one of the important content marketing where you should have for getting the work done before the final presentation.

This is the best platform where you can draft your article, also for collaboration, especially for the long shot.

However, the tool is much easier to use and has a smooth experience, even if you are new to this.

Google Keyword Planner

According to Google,  15% of searches are new or never have been searched ever.

So there are questions that the customers desperately need to answer.

Also, you don’t need to invest too much time in identifying what they want.

Simply get the google keyword planner, and it will help you in finding the right question that your customer might have.

And you can use it for creating the content.


Well, you can get the free version where you can take the keyword research a little bit further.

Also, you can generate more than 750 additional long-tail keyword suggestions for each and every term.

Google Trends

The next one you should have is google trends, which gives you the data in a detailed version regarding the news, trending stories, and searcher trends.

The tool is a data visualization and storytelling tool. This helps you in exposing the details that are behind the supply and demand, perception, and public interest.

Also, you get the ability that can help you in tracking and analyzing the behavior over the period


Soovie is a search engine that is for search engines. When you search using Soovle, here they pull data from different search engines and platforms such as Google, Bing, Youtube, Wikipedia, Amazon,  Answer.com, and Yahoo.

The keyword data is helpful as it shows what platforms have high interest and demand.

Buzz Sumo

Buzzsumo is one of the most recommended options that you get as a content marketing tool.

Also, you can use it for finding the right influencers along with analyzing the top best connections and helping with reaching the bloggers.

Story Wars

Story wars are helpful in facilitating the collaborative creative writing that is done if you have a partner.

Also, you two can choose the story’s direction and where you want to make this go.

Apart from this, you can create the content collaboratively with the co-authors and partners.


The next one that you should have is AllTop which is a content aggregator.

Here they list the headlines and topics which are popular and around the different web.

So if you are looking for ideas related to your next content, this can be one of the great sources that can help you.

Especially if you want to find content that is specific to some niche.

Youtube Search And Trending

Especially to those creators who are making their content in video format, Youtube search and Youtube trending can help you in finding inspiration.

Also, it can help you in giving the idea related to what kind of content is working on youtube. It can give you quick knowledge about the gauge demand, its quality as well as length.

Google Keep

If you are looking for a note-taking service, this one is developed by Google.

Google Keep can help you in taking notes easily, creating a to-do list, tagging, bookmarking documents, and pon.

You can also use this for saving voice notes, images, and videos.

Content Row Clickbait Title Generator

Well, if you find it okay with controversy and feel comfortable.

You can consider using this for generating clickbait ideas that can help you in working in the short term.

However, if it doesn’t work or fails to deliver, it can horribly backfire.


Well, you can browse the best of pocket to see the trending content and popularity, which can help you in getting a lot of attention on the site.

Also, they have the discovery service which is a byproduct of bookmarking tools.

Not just that it can show you the trending, popular, and bookmarked content.

With this, you can get the blueprint which is helpful for creating valuable content.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway app is a tool that can help you in creating and editing content.

Also, it’s useful as you can track excessive use, readability and AdSense, passive voices, sentences that are hard to read, and complicated words.


Reddit is popular as it’s known as the front page of the intent, with its forums and subreddits on different topics.

If you want ideas related to the content, you can use Reddit.

Also, you can get ideas directly from the audience, which gives you the best way to find better ways to form the content.


Well, one of the most popular platforms which are based on question and answer, heer elite and expert users offer detailed answers and advice on a variety of topics.

Urban Dictionary

The crowdsourced dictionary, which contains slang words along with phrases, along with Urban Dictionary, keeps you on top of the latest trends.

This can be helpful in creating content that speaks to the segment.

Awesome Screenshot

The awesome screenshot is helpful in taking the screenshot and image notation offered for google chrome and firebox.

Here you are able to store permanently and sort the images based on collaborating, projects, and sharing, requesting specific feedback on the images and videos.


Well, after Google Reader shut down, Feedly replaced them with its promising features and became the most popular RSS reader that has more than 15 million users.

Here you can easily tailor your magazines, blogs, journals, and website along with the great options in the content feed.


This one is an iPad-customized app that can help you in personalizing the content feed depending on the interest you have.

This smart app helps in taking into account related feedback and gives the content you need every time.

So you can search the content using trait, and it will make your experience much better


Twitter is one of the helpful platforms where you can understand what is popular and what is not.

Also, this social media platform can help you in gaining insights into the content that you require to make.

And for that, you can search the trending topics related to the social platform. Also, they have the search industry which is specific to the hasta; you can find the content depending on what interests you.


You can schedule the content and post it to your Twitter, Linked In, and Twitter using a buffer.

Here you can pick the ideal time when you find the most related audience for your post, depending on what platform you choose,

You can also optimize the views and boost the content.

A buffer is a useful tool that can help streamline your content to different platforms where you want to publish it.


Pinterest can help you in getting the resources for your content. While you are allowed to create the boards and set them for the public to view.

You can keep the secret board for yourself or for your team.

With this, not just you can find different ideas for your content but also organize it in one place, sharing it with the team or with others.


You can track the time that you have been spending on creating content marketing. Also, you can choose particular activities, so you can keep the work on time.

It can help in planning the day and improving the productivity tool.


Specially customized for users who have an iPad, Mac, and iPhone, Mindnode can help you in mind mapping whatever ideas you have.

Use the tool to project your thoughts of yours on canvas using images and saving your work into iCloud.

In case you want to retrieve it, you can use a different device that gives you easy access to your thoughts and content ideas.


You can use this comprehensive platform for hiring, managing, and paying freelance writers.

You can simply hire the people and get your content done, and along with that, you can track the activities using it.


One of the leading content as well as article writing services, you can get professionals who are highly skilled in delivering the content that can be best for your marketing campaigns.

With textbroker, you can also create content in different languages that come with reasonable rates.


You can get the tools for planning, publishing, and promoting the context using the compendium.

Also, you can measure the overall effectiveness of the content you are posting, apart from this, it gives you different reports on the online platform using a single dashboard.


You can use this editorial platform that can help you if you are a small or medium business that wants to take steps involved in the content marketing cycle.

Also, it offers tools for research, scheduling, curation, and page creation that can help you in remaining active on social media.

Not just that, it keeps your audience interested in your content and engaged.


If you are finding it difficult to manage content marketing activities on a consistent level, you can use Lingospot for help.

The tool can help you in automating content marketing. Also you can necessary update related to your content and website depending on the latest trends.

Not just that it gives you flexible control, allowing you to create fresh content pages for your site.

Remember That Milk

Well, if you are finding it difficult to manage the tasks, you can use the Remember That Mil app which can help in managing everything.

Also, you can integrate it with Outlook, Gmail, Google Calendar, Evernote, etc.

Promote Posts

You can use the Promote post on Facebook; this can help in promoting whatever post you want to on your Facebook account.

Apart from this, it can help boost the visibility of content. Also, it is set in the newsfeed.

By this,  your content targets the audience using the best ways to find your content comfortably.


WordPress is used as one of the most famous CMS in the world; also, according to VentureBeat reported in August 2018,  WordPress powers more than 30% of the internet.

Also, it’s a powerful tool that can help in the beginning stages and allow your content marketing to grow.

It’s an open-source CMS that allows you to host the build your website; here, you can do the self-hosting and host the site using WordPress.co.


Grammarly is one of the highly used and recommended for those who are looking for a tool that can help in removing the multitude of mistakes in grammar, sentence errors, etc.

This can help in reducing the errors in your article. However, you might need to check on your own as sometimes it lets some errors slip if the content is too big.

However, Grammarly can help in removing plagiarism, and with its premium features, you can edit and tailor your articles better.


Vidyard is a video marketing platform that can help you in hosting, sharing, and promoting video content using websites.

Here you get the sales solution that can help you close more accounts, but they have video analytics which is robust.

Apart from this, you can run the A/B test and personalize the videos, not just that you can get the videos to a certain time length and help in getting more leads captured.

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