Top 10 Best Construction Companies in the USA & Canada

To give you a perspective of how demanding the construction business is in the US, it might be enough to say that around 7,00,000 such companies exist. The revenue generated by them is in trillions of dollars. In fact, the US is the second-largest country in this particular business.

Best Construction Companies in the USA

One of the main hubs for these companies to thrive at the moment is undeniably New York City, with Dallas coming a close second.

Choosing the ten best construction companies from among the huge number of options can be extremely difficult. However, this article tries to do so.

Bechtel Group Inc.-

if you are looking at an engineering and construction management company with a global approach, Bechtel Group should inevitably come to the top of the list.

Based in San Francisco, they have beaten quite the odds to feature on the top of the list. There are only a couple of other North American companies who have been able to do that with the majority of the chunk belonging to China and Europe.

A revenue of close to 40 billion dollars annually speaks massively about its raving success. If you look at the projects that they handled, the Hoover Dam is one of the most significant ones.

This multi-billion dollar company mainly relies on popularity and reputation for its marketing.

Fluor Corporation-

when it comes to maintenance as well as procurement of products other than construction management, very few can come close to Fluor Corporation.

Although the headquarters of the company is situated in Irving, California, there are more than 50 outlets spread all over the country, especially in Canada.

One of the biggest projects that the company has handled is the Alaskan Pipeline which stretches for more than 800 miles and is the biggest prefabricated pipeline of its kind.

A revenue of close to 10 billion dollars also speaks volumes of its success. Companies as big as Fluor Corporation have already gained a lot of reputation on the market and market itself through the proper forum for gaining more customers.

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Chicago Bridge and Iron Company-

The name of the company is the biggest misnomer in the construction business. It is based in Texas and not Chicago and has another setup in the Netherlands.

It does not specialize in Bridge and Ironworks of any kind. In fact, it is a specialist in oil and gas-related constructions.

One of their biggest work is the construction of the Yankee Metro Rail station. Its main gain in popularity was its charitable work during the rehabilitation stage after the Katrina hurricane.

All of the water from New Orleans was pumped out by them in a record 17 days, which was actually a work of almost 2 months. They got worldwide famous due to this.

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.-

This company is mainly famous for its diversity of work ranging from engineering to specialty constructions related to different fields of science. It is also based in Texas.

The company actually has a global outreach with more than 230 outlets spread globally. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrophotometer, a major device of NASA, which is currently in the International Space Station, was constructed by them just to give you an idea of how specialized they are.

Their revenues are close to 12 billion dollars as well. They are the most famous and advertised in the same manner as well.

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Kiewit Corporation-

This is one company that is owned by the employees and is one of the largest in the whole of North America.

Though its headquarters are present in Omaha, it also has offices in Australia and Canada as well. Their work on the Elephant Passage Exhibit in the Denver zoo was one of the major steps to fame.

Generating revenues in amounts of close to 10 billion dollars, Kiewit Corporation sits pretty high on the financial aspect. They have a very good social media presence as well, which plays a major role in their advertising.

Turner Corporation-

when a construction company has huge credentials like Turner Corporation, it is bound to be one of the biggest organizations in the US.

The Yankee Stadium and the Madison Square Gardens are a few of the constructions that they are responsible for. These are huge considering the magnanimity of the projects, and it got them worldwide fame.

They take up close to 1500 new projects every year, even today, and generate revenues that are close to 10 billion dollars.

Their work speaks volumes for itself, and they do not have to go for any marketing strategies as such. However, they do have an orthodox and new approach to advertising as well.

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Skanska Construction-

When a company is ranked fifth in the list of largest construction companies in the world, it is natural it will be included in this list.

The headquarter is in New York City through the main international one is located in Sweden. It has partnerships in both public as well as private workplaces.

It has been linked to constructions inside the famous World Trade Center and also has contributions to the Metlife stadium.

It is common to see hoardings of the company in different places. Social media form of marketing is also a newer method of advertising for them.

Poole Construction Limited-

The number of fields this construction company is related to is simply phenomenal. Whether it be commercial or institutional, heavy or light-duty, use of renewable or non-renewable sources, or civil or historical constructions, Poole Construction Limited has a role to play in all of it.

The reconstruction of the Tempe Dam in Arizona is a big example of the work that it has been doing. It also generates revenue of close to 7 billion dollars a year, which is phenomenal in itself.

You can get in touch with them by going to their website and subscribing to their email newsletter. It is one of their main forms of advertising as well.

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company-

When a company has been around for more than a century, it is enough testimony to the fact that it has stood the test of time and is a successful construction company.

Whiting-Turner was established in 1909 and had been doing good business since then. One of their biggest projects is the construction of a giant roller coaster called Intimidator 305, which got its name because it is actually 305 ft tall.

Earning more than 5 billion dollars in revenue, they have their headquarters in Baltimore. Whiting-Turner, undoubtedly, is one of the biggest companies in the US in terms of business as well as heritage.

Kellogg, Brown, and Root Incorporated-

This construction company is based in more than 40 countries and close to 34000 people as employees globally.

You must have heard of a prison called Guantanamo Bay. It was constructed by Kellogg, Brown, and Root, more famously known as KBR.

They have received multiple offers from the US military since then and have always stood out in their approach to work.

A revenue of close to 5 billion dollars shows it is a success. It plans to expand more by using the right advertising modes like social media, websites, and older mediums as well.

Top Construction Companies

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