Top 10 Comedy Clubs in America that Are Worth the Visit!

Laughter will help to keep you young. Laughter and humor will boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, lessen your pain, and safeguard you from the detrimental effects caused by stress.

Moreover, you can use this invaluable medicine for free and also easily. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 comedy clubs in the US. 

Best Comedy Clubs in the US that will make you ROFL!

10. Yuk Yuk’s

This one happens to be a comedy club chain that Mark Breslin and Joel Axler established in 1976.

The head office is situated in Toronto, and right now you will come across 15 comedy clubs in as many as 6 provinces throughout the country.

This comedy club mainly makes use of talent under an exclusive agreement, but it is also known to book well-known stand-up comics from the US for touring its clubs.

After a couple of years, their 1st full-time location was opened by Mark and Joel at Bay Street with only a few comics.

Breslin opened the 2nd location in 1984 in Ontario. Yuk Yuk’s had 9 comedy clubs by 1999 across the country. 

9. Helium Comedy Club

This one is a comedy club chain in Philadelphia, Portland, Indianapolis, and a few other locations. A 3-act show is offered by the club that comprises an opener, a headliner, and a feature. 

Similar to many other comedy clubs, Helium Comedy Club has got a “2-item minimum” for every single audience member.

Many distinguished comics have taken place on the stage over the years. Since 2006, this comedy club has sponsored an annual tournament where local comedians compete against one another, and the audience will be judging the winner.

The club hosts an open mic night every week featuring about 25 local buffs. 

8. The Punchline

This one is a comedy club of the US that was opened in the year 1982 in Georgia.

This club can boast of hosting notable comedians like Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and Dane Cook. The number of seats at the venue happens to be 270, and there are 5 or more shows every week.

Initially, the clubhouse housed a carpet barn and had been a western bar once. The décor of the bar is still evident even today in the club. At present, the Punchline shares an establishment with Landmark Diner. 

7. Zanies

Zanies is positioned in Chicago, Illinois. Rick Uchwat founded it in the year 1978. 3 other locations including Nashville, St. Charles, and Rosemont have been built since then.

In the year 1985, Zanies turned out to be debatably the King of the comedy clubs of Chicago. This club also had the distinction of hosting the Chicago Comedy Festival in 1998.

In the year 2012, a location was opened by the club in Rosemont. Moreover, Zanies also hosted a tribute to the legendary Robin Williams in the year 2014.

6. Carolines on Broadway

This famous comedy club is situated in New York City and is among the country’s most renowned and established stand-up comedy clubs. This comedy club is reputed for presenting the most interesting live comedy amusement every day of the week.

It initially opened in the Chelsea neighborhood of the city as a cabaret in 1981. The owner of the club started booking comedians soon after.

The comedy acts were a tremendous success in the long run. This made the Carolines one of the most famous comedy clubs in the country. Right now, this club is also responsible for hosting an annual fundraiser for a Cancer Institute.

5. The Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar is situated in Manhattan, where many promising comedians from New York perform. It was founded by the noted comedian Bill Grundfes in the year 1982.

This comedy club makes use of a showcase format, unlike the headline format used by most of the other clubs. A show typically consists of 5 to 7 comic sets, each of approximately 15 minutes in duration.

Every week there are 3 to 6 shows daily in this club. Some notable performers have acted here, including Dave Chappelle, Judah Friedlander, Todd Barry, Dave Attell, and Colin Quinn.

Amongst the celebrity comedians who have performed here, the names of Aziz Ansari, as well as Jon Stewart, deserve special mention.

4. The Hollywood Improv

This one is a comedy club franchisee in New York City. Originally, it had been a single venue founded in 1963 and situated in the suburbs of New York City. Another location was opened in the year 1974 in Los Angeles.

At the Improv, you will be able to get a glimpse of famous comedians like Richard Pryor, Robert Klein, Steve Landesberg, Lily Tomlin, Bette Midler, as well as Jay Leno. In the 1970s, one could also see the likes of Gilbert Gottfried, Bruce Mahler, Joe Piscopo, Mark Schiff, and Larry David acting on the stage.

In fact, almost every significant name in comedy has acted in this comedy club, much to the delight of the audience out there.

3. Comedy Works

This is amongst the 5 leading stand-up comedy clubs of the US with as many as 2 locations. In the month of September 1981, the club turned out to be the first nightclub located in Denver to organize professional comedy in a full-fledged manner. 

Throughout their histories, these 2 clubs have featured notable comedians like Roseanne Barr, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Lewis Black, and George Lopez.

Some comedians have also recorded their CDs right here, including Dave Attell, Josh Blue, and Kathleen Madigan.

At present, Comedy Works is known to produce comedy concerts in bigger venues in and around Colorado and Denver. 

2. The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store happens to be a comedy club of the US which is positioned in California. The club was founded in 1972 by 2 comedians, Sammy Shore and Rudy De Luca. The building was earlier the location of Ciro’s, a well-known nightclub in Hollywood.

In 1972, the comedy club included 99 seats for the audience to enjoy the shows. However, the building was renovated the following year, and the club could boast of having 450 seats for the audience.

The club hosted the marriage reception of Jack Haley, Jr. and Liza Minnelli. Many noted Hollywood celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Carson, Goldie Hawn, Cher, Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Fosse, Cesar Romero, and Priscilla Presley, attended the event.

1. The Comedy Union

This one happens to be the very first comedy club in the US owned by the Blacks and is known to provide urban, family-friendly, and non-urban comics. 

The club can boast of having the movie star and television star Damon Wayans as one of the regulars.

Having a homey sensation, this comedy club has been able to escape the “LA” vibe that the majority of the clubs have out there.

Although the tickets are averagely priced, the club likewise provides regular opportunities for winning free tickets.

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