Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands in USA – You Won’t Believe #5

According to the latest industry estimate, almost 266 million US citizens regularly consumed various types of chocolate last year, while just about 66 million citizens did not consume chocolate.

This boils down to the fact that almost 75% of the US population are connoisseurs of chocolate.

Per capita consumption of chocolate was 11 pounds last year, and that of candies was 22 pounds last year.

The USA’s chocolate industry has shown a continuous upward trend for the last couple of years and is expected to cross and surpass $ 20 billion within the next 5 years. The overall market is expected to grow by at least 2% annually. 

Best Chocolate Brands in USA to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

10. Galaxy

Although the mother brand is U.K. based, in the USA, it is known as Dove and owned by Mars Inc.

The brand was launched in 1939 in the USA and manufactured and markets various chocolate candies and products.

The first product, which was an astounding success, was the Dove bar. The company markets other high-selling items: Dove Promises, Nuts and Fruits, Bars and Singles, ice cream, and the most coveted signature collection. 

As a great social service initiative, Dove sources almost the entire cocoa it requires from the Rainforest Alliances Certified farms for its dark chocolates. 

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9. Milka

The unique feature of this chocolate manufacturer is that in a few years from now, it will complete its double century.

Milka started off in Switzerland but is now present all over the globe. Currently, the owner is Mondelez International since 2012. 

Some mouth-watering yummy items that Milka markets are Alpine Milk, Broken Nuts, Milka and Oreo, Choco swing, Caramel, Almond and Caramel, and others. 

8. Nestle

The Switzerland-based MNC is the largest food and chocolate-producing company in the world. Nestle has already identified the list of Fortune 500 and Fortune 2000 companies.

Present in almost 200 locations in 34 US states, the company has 68 factories across the country.

Some of the best-known chocolate brands of this group are Nestle Damak —- dark chocolate with the best quality Turkish pistachios. Another two hot-selling items are CarlosV Mexican Chocolate and Abuelita. 

7. Ghirardelli

The owner started his foray into Italy’s confectionary business as a junior trade apprentice around 1817.

The gentleman left the shores of Italy in 1849 for America and opened his first store in Stockton, California, and then on to San Francisco, which was the first official store of Ghirardelli.

In the early 2000s, the company introduced stand-up packs for chocolates, followed by yearly grand launches.

While in 2004, it was peppermint. After that, dark squares and dark bars followed suit. It has its own exclusive stall in Disney Land.

Some of its highly popular chocolates are milk chocolates, caramel chocolates, classic chocolate brownies, etc., which have been winning millions of hearts

6. Kinder

Originally a brand based in Germany,  Kinder is the subsidiary of the Italian transnational confectioner Ferraro. Formed in 1967 in Frankfurt, the company has around 22 brands in 125 countries. 

The company produces some of the most popular chocolate flavors: Kinder Bueno with hazelnut cream, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Joy, Happy Hippos, and other popular brands. 

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5. Toblerone

Mondelez International owns Toblerone, a 126-year chocolate-producing confectionary group based in Switzerland.

In 1908, the company’s founder created a unique recipe consisting of milk chocolate, honey almonds, and doughnuts. For the first time, a shape was also given to the chocolate, which was a triangle. 

Some of the hot-selling items of Toblerone are plain dark chocolate, white chocolate almond mixes, etc. 

4. Hershey’s

The Pennsylvania-based company formed in 1894 is one of the greatest players in the chocolate industry globally.

Hershey chocolates are available in each and every corner of the USA and also in sixty nations throughout the world. 

Some of the widely popular items that Hershey produces are milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, special dark chocolate with almonds, cookies, extra dark chocolates, almond bar chocolates, and a host of other mouth-savoring items.

As a part of Its social responsibility initiatives, Hershey has been associated with Clinton Global Initiatives and Elizabeth Town College in their pursuit to take education down to the underprivileged children. 

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3. Ferrero Rocher

Based in Italy, the brand specializes in a chocolate cum hazelnut combination which is a very big consumer craze.

The brand was launched in several parts of the globe in 1942 and saw success at its very inception. In 1988 the brand was formally launched in the USA amidst great fanfare.

The brand was a hit in the USA right from its start, and today it has carved out a niche for itself in the minds of its loyal customers.

The production process is so very secretive that no staff member is allowed inside the production room with his / her mobile phone, laptop, or for that matter, any communication vehicle

2. Cadbury

The British confectionery group, founded almost 196 years back, is the second largest confectionery group in the world after Mars Inc. In fact, Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is almost synonymous with any brand of chocolate anywhere.

Currently, Mondelez International is the owner of the brand. The US operations were carried out in the name of Cadbury Adams after the later brand was acquired from Pfizer in 2002. The US operation is headquartered in New Jersey.

Incidentally, the products with the Cadbury brand are manufactured by another Chocolate major, Hershey, for the American market. 

1. Lindt– 

Lindt is undoubtedly the top chocolate brand. Amongst its more important subsidiaries is Ghirardelli, another famous brand. Since 1899 the company has been known as Lindt and Sprungli.

In 1989 Lindt made one of the finest gourmet chocolate called Lindt Excellence, prepared from the world’s finest cocoa beans.

Today, its products are sold in 80 countries on four continents and continue to be made from the finest procured cocoa beans. 

Some of the best-known items are truffles, bars and sticks, box chocolates, classic recipe bars, and milk chocolates. Their Easter eggs and Easter collections are a real sensation nationally.

Top Chocolate Brands Usa

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