Top 10 Best Chewing Gum Brands in the USA

Whilst many would think that chewing gum is just for kids and passing time yet it has several advantages also. It fights drowsiness, eliminates nausea, helps in gum exercise just by chewing, keeps teeth healthy and keeps mind afresh. Chewing gum can reduce bad breadth, protects against tooth decay and cavities and removes plaque from the teeth.

On the healthier side the chewing gum reduces acidity and stress, relieves dry mouth and helps a smoker quit smoking.  

Best Chewing Gum brands in the USA

10.Extra polar ice sugar free chewing gum –

The item comes in 15 pieces pack of 10 pieces master cartons. Basically they are 15 sticks sugar free chewing gums. The flavour is fresh mint with a cold icy tang. The staleness of the mouth is immediately removed with cool freshness. The flavour lasts long for a considerable period of time because of the aroma of fresh mint present in the chewing gum.  

9. Simply Gum Natural chewing gum –

A fairly new entrant in the market, the company started off in 2014 as a very small start up in New York. Unlike some of the other manufacturers who use a plastic base with artificial flavours, the start up owner used all natural flavours and natural gum prepared by her to produce the chewing gums.  No artificial flavours are used in the chewing gums and has certified the gums. The gums are Kosher certified meaning a particular religious community can enjoy its flavour. 

The gums come in assorted flavour as well as in individual flavour like ginger, cinnamon, coffee, spearmint, maple etc. 

8. Orbit Winter mint sugar free chewing gum –

A brand from Wrigley’s, it is a sugar free chewing gum relaunched in 2001. Originally the brand was launched in 1944 in the USA and was subsequently discontinued after the World War II. The item is sugar free which means it is 40% less sweet than normal sugar gum   and comes in blister pack of 12 pieces. 

The product has been Okayed and approved by the American Dental Association. 

7. Wrigley’s Chewing gum assorted –

The product is from the house of Wrigley’s and the sugar free assorted variety  brand named Trident comes in a pack of 40s with 15 pieces master carton. There are 5 sticks in each 8 packs in flavours of winter fresh, big red, juicy fruit, double mint and spear mint. 

There is another equally popular 25 assorted packs consisting of the same flavours. For the convenience of the customers and also to prevent the items getting damaged, it comes in a heat sealed pack.  

6. Juicy fruit Starburst Chewing gum –

The fruit flavoured much awaited chewing gum comes in four distinct flavours straw berry, orange, lemon and cherry in pink, orange light yellow and red colours respectively. The package consists of 10 packs of 15 sticks each. The chewing gum is very juicy and comes in delicately packed individually wrapped sticks. 

The gum is sugar free.

5. Extra Spearmint sugar free chewing gum –

The item comes in 15 pieces pack with 10 pieces master carton and  is manufactured by Wrigley’s, one of the most famous chewing gum manufacturers of the world. The item contains gum base, sorbitol, glycerol, and artificial as well as natural flavours. Spearmint flavour makes it all the more refreshing and invigorating as the tang is of pure mint.

4.5 Gum peppermint cobalt sugar free chewing gum –

The product comes in 35 stick packs with ten packs master carton. The chewing gum tang is very cold as the ingredients are peppermint coupled with cobalt. Since mint is added the chewing gum acts as a very good mouth refresher with a long lasting energizing effect.

Like most other chewing gums,  5 Gum is also sugar free.   

3. Mentos pure Fresh sugar free chewing gum –

The item comes in a beautiful attractive bottle of 50 pieces of 5 pieces master carton. The flavour contains fresh mint which is an excellent mouth refresher; Other ingredients include Xylitol which is very good in arresting tooth decay. The gum is sugar free and gluten free also. This chewing gum is an any time product and one can pop in at any time. 

Other flavours of the same organisation are fresh mint, sweet mint, cinnamon, bubble fresh and wintergreen.   

2. Extra Peppermint sugar free Chewing gum

The item comes in 15 pieces pack with 10 pieces master cartons. A very important aspect of this chewing gum is that it is sugar free so that even a diabetic patient can also take it. The flavour is mint and it is long lasting keeping the mouth fresh and good for teeth also as mint has medicinal properties. As a word of caution a small amount of phenylalanine is in the chewing gum 

1. Orbit Sugar Free sweet mint chewing gum –

Coming from the stable of Wrigley this is again a sugar free chewing gum and also fit for diabetics. It comes with an extremely refreshing  sweet mint flavour in 14 pieces pack of 12 master cartons. The item contains gum base, glycerol, sorbitol and artificial as well as natural flavours. The item also contains a permissible amount of xylitol. 

The chewing gum is approved for consumption by the American Dental Association. 

Top Chewing Gum Brands Usa

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