Top 10 Best Chemical Companies in the US

The top 10 chemical manufacturers in the US constitute a significant part of the ever-expanding chemical industry in the US. The most well-known chemical companies in the United States are experiencing fast growth during the last few years thanks to the increasing level of disposable incomes amongst the end-users plus rapid urbanization rates throughout the nation.

These chemical industries are known to manufacture specialty chemical products that help to make the US one of the leading exporters of chemical products at present.

Below, we have mentioned the top 10 most well-known chemical manufacturers in the US at present.

Best Chemical Companies in the US

10. Hexcel Corporation

Hexcel Corporation is located in Stamford, Connecticut. This company was formed in combination with Ciba Composites, California Reinforced Plastics, and Hercules Composites Products Division and markets its products in military, commercial, and recreational markets at present.

Hexcel is known to develop and produce structural materials consisting of resins, carbon fiber, adhesives, honeycomb, and specialty reinforcements.

The products of the company are used in military aircraft, satellites, space launch vehicles, sports equipment, wind turbine blades, plus automotive items. The chemical manufacturer is known to work along with the likes of The Boeing Company, Airbus Group, and so on. 

9. AEP Industries

This chemical company is known to manufacture and sell flexible plastic films for packaging in the US. It has its headquarters in New Jersey and was founded in the year 1970.

The company provides packaging solutions for food products, agricultural production, beverage products, and various other applications.

AEP Industries produce products that consist of custom films for different applications such as tubing, sheeting, as well as bags. Apart from this, this company likewise offers food wraps to the industrial markets and the supermarkets.

It also produces disposable consumer items and plastic products including table covers, aprons, gloves, and so forth.

8. Minerals Technologies

This chemical company is located in New York and is known to produce and market a wide range of mineral-based products as well as related services and systems. Minerals Technologies has got 4 reportable segments namely, Specialty Minerals, Performance Minerals, Energy Services, and Refractories. 

The Specialty Minerals segment is known to sell mineral ores, synthetic PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate) products, and so on.

The Performance Materials division is known to supply bentonite-related items, along with leonardite plus chromite as well. On the other hand, the Refractories segment is involved in producing and marketing shaped and monolithic specialty items plus calcium metal too. 

7. Sunland Chemical & Research Corp.

This chemical company is based in Los Angeles, California, and caters to the chemical requirements of all their devoted clients out there. 

The employees at Sunland will provide you with comprehensive solutions from blending the chemicals to even shipping the product.

They have got the required knowledge of custom blending any type of liquid formulation in a flawless manner. They possess top-quality packaging equipment for dealing with everything including compact-sized bottles to bulk deliveries. 

6. Sierra Color & Chemical

The corporate office of this chemical company is situated in Durango, CO and it has got 22 years of experience under its belt. 

The primary objective of this company is to solve the problems of their clients. The company is aware of the fact that it is easy to say than to do in real life. Sierra Color & Chemical will help you to increase your ROI by means of proper preventative plus cleaning of the equipment too.

They have required expertise when it comes to water jet cleaning, chemical circulations, as well as fin fan cleaning. 

5. Greenview Chemical

This chemical manufacturer happens to be a distributor and representative of the manufacturer in the Midwest. Their headquarters are located in Chicago and there is also a satellite sales office in Detroit. 

The company is known to cover a vast range of industries consisting of plastics, rubber, paint, adhesives, and coatings.

Moreover, they also produce metal surface treatments, lubricants, fertilizer micronutrients, and so forth. They are known to provide excellent customer service and they market only top-quality items at affordable rates.

Their mission is to go on working tirelessly so as to enhance their partnerships with manufacturers represented by them and the customers. 

4. AEP Industries

AEP Industries has its headquarters located in New Jersey and is known to manufacture plastic packaging films. At present, it employs 2600 workers and is one of the premier chemical companies in the US at present.

AEP Industries provides bags, labels, sacks liners, and wrapping products for the automotive, beverage, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, agricultural, textile, and construction industries.

In excess of 1,500 products are included in the portfolio of the company which includes custom formulations. And the good thing is that everything is done by the company with the convenience of only one source of supply which is supported by their commitment to quality.

3. Triple S Chemical Products

This chemical manufacturer happens to be an independent and small company that is based in California and has been operating for more than 25 years.

The company specializes in patinas, concrete acid stains, and antiquing solutions. The stains of the company are able to get inside the pores in the concrete and react chemically with the minerals to produce a permanent and resilient color which is not going to peel flake or chip.

Various types of attractive shades will be able to provide the floating with an elegant appearance.

2. Vantage Oleochemicals

This chemical manufacturer can boast of having an experienced team that is accepted by our customers as the pioneers in the manufacturing segment of glycerin and maturity-derived fatty acids in the US. The company emphasizes natural chemistry platforms and their products are known for their value as well as quality.

They proudly produce glycerin and fatty acids which have their applications in day-to-day commodities and are back by some professional and experienced technicians as.

Apart from this, a top-quality control laboratory helps to certify the products as well. The mission of Vantage Oleochemicals is to provide affordable solutions to their customers out there.

1. Maclee Chemical

This chemical manufacturer is operating since 1987 and happens to be one of the leading chemical companies in the US at present. The headquarters of the company is located in a nice and has a 403932 yearly revenue while employing more than 10 workers.

The company has been founded depending on the formulations of tin and grain refiners. The processes are extremely simple to control, predictable, as well as economical.

Maclee Chemical maintains improvement on a continuous basis at all times with exceptional ductility, solidarity, grain size, appearance, and so on. The products are marketed in the US as well as overseas.

In the US, the customer list of the company includes automotive, electronics, and decorative industries. Prices are extremely affordable too. The distributors are provided with a substantial discount as well.

Top Chemical Companies Us

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