Top 10 Best Car Rentals Companies in the US

The US happens to be a big and diverse country, and no two states resemble each other. This is fantastic because we have the opportunity of discovering new locations while residing in the same nation. Nevertheless, we often find it quite tough to move between the states because of their long distances, particularly by our own vehicles.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to know where to find the best car rentals in the country, which will make our traveling much easier. Here, we have talked about the top 10 car rentals in the US at present.

Best Car Rentals Companies in the US

10. Dollar

The dollar is definitely amongst the best car rentals in the US, even though it is somewhat smaller as compared to the other rentals in the country. In spite of this, this is big enough to be taken into consideration. 

Although the daily rentals with this company aren’t the lowest out there, they are usually lower than the average.

On the other hand, the weekly rental situation is far more positive, and their weekly rental rates are amongst the lowest in the country.

The dollar also offers a rewards program that is amongst the best at present since you will not need many points to redeem free rentals in the long run.

9. National

Although there might be mixed opinions about the popularity of this car rental company, its positive sides far outweigh the negative aspects in general.

Nonetheless, it happens to be a car rental company that has been operating for quite some time, and many customers have been satisfied by using its services.

National offers a special rental plan which offers the benefit of contracted rates that helps to make sure that the prices remain the same irrespective of the time when you are booking the vehicle.

Another significant advantage is the number of vehicles owned by this company, and they have vans and trucks as well apart from cars out there. The good thing is that all these are available at reasonable prices. 

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8. Avis

While renting a vehicle, it is always essential to come across the cheapest deals on the market. Although Avis does not offer the best rates at all times, they are nevertheless the well-known car rental company that you might like to consider.  

Even though the rates for the daily rentals tend to be somewhat high when it comes to Avis, you will be able to get better rates in case you book in advance with this company.

Moreover, rates are going to become better in case you book the vehicle for several days instead of just one day.

Apart from this, Avis has got locations available all over the country plus other parts of the planet as well.

You will also find offices outside the airports much to your own convenience.

7. Alamo

This one happens to be a well-known car rental company in the US and has been operating for quite some time now.

In case you want to rent cars, then it is one of those car rental companies you should go for.

The positive thing about Alamo is the fact that the prices are amongst the lowest in the country, if not the cheapest ones on the market.

However, if you book the cars well in advance, then you will get lots of rebates in the long run.

The rebates program offered by this company provides a 5% discount to every single member, and it is completely free to join as well. 

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6. Budget

Budget is yet another car rental organization in the US that has got a long history and also a good reputation as well. 

Even though it might not provide the cheapest rates on the market, it is definitely better than the average prices, and you will get better rates in case you book well in advance.

One good thing about this company is that they have got offices throughout the country, which makes it easy for you to book their cars from virtually any location in the US.

They also have offices outside the airports, which tend to be less expensive as compared to the other offices.

5. Hertz

In case you are trying to come across a car rental company with a good reputation, then this will be the one to go for.

Hertz is quite popular amongst travelers in the country, along with those people who need to rent cars quite frequently.

This company has got a varied range of vehicles in its fleet, with options for virtually every sort of client. Here you will come across simple vehicles in good running condition as well as fast sports cars too.

Although the prices might be somewhat high in the case of daily rentals, you will get lower prices if you rent the cars for several days instead of one.

You will also get lower rates if you book the cars well in advance plus if you go for longer rentals. 

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4. Enterprise

This car rental company is probably the most well-known company in the US in terms of popularity and efficiency. According to many people, Enterprise happens to be the best car rental in the country, and there are many reasons for that as well.

Firstly, the car fleet of Enterprise has got some of the most recent vehicles on the market at present. In fact, some of the oldest vehicles are only six months old, which you will find in any other company in the US.

The daily car rental prices of this company are one of the most affordable as well, and this makes it one of the better options for those who like to rent cars for just a single day.

Moreover, prices will become even lower in case you book well in advance. 

3. Thrifty

This one is a car rental company in the US offering really inexpensive car deals out there. The fleet of cars includes the likes of Nissan, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Kia, Buick, and Ford.

All of these cars are less than three years old and have run less than 40,000 miles as well. 

You will come across in excess of 300 conveniently positioned car rental sites of this company across the country and many of these are positioned outside the airports where the price happens to be on the lower side.

Thrifty happens to be Hertz Corporation’s subsidiary at present. 

2.  AAMCAR Discount car rental

This car rental company is known to cater to the residents of Manhattan in particular. The office of the company is located in Washington Heights. 

 AAMCAR Discount car rental is not going to have any concealed charges, and you are going to be quoted for what you are paying. You will have the facility to select from SUVs, minivans, passenger vans, and sedans.

This company is reputed for being one of the most inexpensive rentals in the country and mainly concentrates on maintaining their present customers properly.

1. Empire Rent A Car

This car rental company is based in New York and has been functioning for more than five decades since it came into operation. Moreover, the company happens to be a family-owned business.

There are different types of vans, sprinters, SUVs, trucks, and trailers in their fleet of vehicles, and you will never run out of choice.

The beginning rate for a compact class is going to be $70 every day. The company provides lots of benefits for the customers, including the “Google review discount” plus a 5% rebate during the month you were born.

Top Car Rentals Companies

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