Top 10 Best Business Schools in the US

It is definitely a good idea to graduate from one of the leading business schools in the US with an MBA degree. However, the question is which school will be appropriate for you. MIT offers technology plus operations management courses; however, it might not be appropriate in case you’re interested in corporate social responsibility.

In the same way, promising entrepreneurs will find Babson College’s Olin Graduate School of Business to be ideal for them; however, those individuals who happen to be banking-oriented will not find the school to be perfect.

It is essential for the candidates to evaluate their interests and skills before applying to the leading business schools providing specialization matching their career objectives. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 10 business schools in the US at present.

Best Business Schools in the US:

10. University of California – Berkeley – Haas School of Business

Different types of degree options ranging from MBA programs to Ph.D. education, are offered by this particular business school in the US. Apart from the conventional two-year program, weekend and evening programs are also available. An innovative Strategic Business Plan was adopted by Berkeley Haas in the year 2015, which is actually a 5-year roadmap for furthering the mission of the school. 

This plan has been designed to convert the strategies into actions and is actually based on a core financial model, which will help to make sure that the school remains competitive and operationally strong. It actually builds on deep assets, namely, individuals, culture, and place.

9. Dartmouth College – Tuck Business School

The Tuck Business School can boast of having a “learn by doing” philosophy which will ensure a hands-on experience for everybody. While the first year of the school’s MBA program emphasizes general management, the second year will help the students to personalize their program and select from more than 50 elective courses.

Tuck emphasizes areas of excellence that happen to be the core of an unrivaled MBA program and is distinctly connected, transformative, and personal. Enhanced success in cultivating all these values will help to improve the desire for innovative and bold actions, which will help to shape decisive and sensible leaders.

As many as six strategic pillars help to ground all these core values as well as the learning community that helps to make this business school so reputable at present.

8. Columbia Business School

Although the programs at this school do strongly focus on international and finance management, the Columbia Business School is reputed for churning out many graduates in other specialization fields as well. The location of this school in New York helps to place the students just in the middle of the business world, which might not be available with the other schools out there. 

The first year in this school helps to provide the students with an extensive overview of the major business areas. Different courses are offered, including management, finance, and accounting.

For instance, a marketing course might consist of pricing, communications, segmentation, product-line planning, as well as implementation. The school will also help the students to take electives providing a more narrow focus.

7. University of Chicago – Booth School of Business

This is yet another business school whose MBA programs are quite flexible, and also the instructions are provided by a top-notch faculty. The students will be able to get their MBA on the weekends and evenings as well. Comprehensive education is provided for the students and executives too.

The Booth School of Business empowers inquisitive minds and bold thinkers to shape the future and discover more. They help to bring together individuals from different backgrounds as well as perspectives in the pursuit of deeper comprehension. Students will be able to get the tools as well as analytical frameworks for turning concepts into impact.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management

The MBA program provides a broad range of electives, and the students can likewise select from a number of specialized master’s programs as well.

The Sloan School of Management has come up with an innovative way of covering the fundamentals while integrating the main courses into a single learning experience which might likewise consist of sessions on subjects like ethics, globalization, and managing diversity. These courses are usually taught by professors of the highest level.

5. The University of Michigan – Ross School of Business

This is s reputed business school, and the entire world knows about it. The Ross School of Business helps students to comprehend the decision-making process perfectly. It is a fact that the 1st year of business school can be really daunting.

Fortunately, this particular school recognizes how difficult this part of your education can be. It will enable you to take most of your classes along with your section mates, which will help in making a large program feel quite small in the long run.

4. Stanford Graduate School of Business

The school’s MBA program has been built upon important general management skills. The school also provides a 1-year MSc program for seasoned managers and leaders. The offerings are rounded out by Ph.D. programs and executive education programs.

3. Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management

This particular business school in the US is known for its unique ever-evolving curriculum. As a result, it is rightly found a place in this comprehensive list.

The school provides 4 full-time MBA programs, which can result in a Master’s degree in the long run. The students will also be able to complete executive education, undertake doctoral education, or get an MS in finance.

2. University of Pennsylvania – Wharton

The University of Pennsylvania – Wharton can be regarded as one business school in the US which can boast of having the most cited and largest faculty on the planet.

It allows the students admitted to the MBA program to select from a comprehensive range of classes, and they will also have the ability to create their personal individualized major. 

1. Harvard Business School

This is the best and most reputed school for business studies in the States and the world. This school is responsible for offering a 2-year business studies course.

Amongst the other graduate offerings, mention may be made of DBA or Ph.D. degree programs and executive education programs as well.

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