5 Best Books Every Salesperson Should Read

Marketing is the process of acknowledging the target audience about the product or service offered along with the process of advertising and research. sometimes, it is not enough to reach the target defined, but the improvement can always be done with simple touches. marketing books will expand the knowledge of the sales person not only theoretically but it will add extra improvement in the practical cases also.

Marketing books that salesperson must need to follow and read are described below:

1.Non-Obvious: How To Think Different, Curate Ideas & Predict The Future

  • by Rohit Bhargava
best books for salesperson

It is the kind of book which will let a person re-think about things and learn how to predict future trends by observing present trends. The author has focused on the fact to learn from observing things that other people usually miss.

Book Highlights:

  • One problem of observing trend is that most of them are based on guesswork and lazy thinking which the author has referred to as obvious rather than non-obvious.
  • Learning to think differently, observing and curating ideas can give an overall understanding to the salespeople of why people will prefer to buy their goods and services and keep believing in them. So, identifying the important trend is said to be a key element to run a successful business.
  • Observing the obvious and surface level influence of trend can merely give the competitive advantage to the business where observing and curating ideas can discover a unique trend that other people hardly can identify, and thus leading the business to make more profit from upcoming opportunities.

2.What Customers Crave: How To Create Relevant And Memorable Experiences At Every Touch Point

  • by Nicholas J. Webb
best books for salesperson

In this book, it has been identified that how the expectations of the customers are changing in connection with the continuous changes in economic condition and what companies should do to remain in the top position. If any company can find the answers of what the customers and what the customers hate, the company can easily reach in the peak of success.

Book Highlights:

  • “What Customers Crave” will facilitate a salesman on a way to have interaction with the purchasers that may assist him/her to spot valuable insight concerning the purchasers, the kind of consumers and what they actually care about for.
  • Every step in the customer’s buying process (referred to as Touchpoint) has been scrutinized and tried to found out what needs to be done to improve each step of the process.
  • According to this book, by improving the touch points customer’s experience/value can be enhanced which is the key to holding the customer segment.

So, if customers are provided with what they actually want, then customers will not only buy the product/service, they will come along with their friends and relatives further.

3. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

  • by Gary Vaynerchuck
best books for salesperson

By reading this book, a salesperson can get the formula for success in social media which is crucial to keep pace with the modern technology-dependent business arena. Gary has put importance to get into touch with several social media otherwise business will going to lose. Nowadays it is too much difficult to find anyone who doesn’t use social media like Facebook, U-tube, Twitter, etc. and business people should be updated about where the attention is kept most by the people.

Book Highlights:

  • The author has emphasized on creating good content in social media which strengthens the image of the company to the people.
  • By creating a framework of a good story which will enhance the value of product/service and letting the users share this in the social media is a good technique to reach in a good number of people.
  • But before crafting the content some important things need to be considered. For massive engagement, the author also has mentioned about Instagram though not directly.

So, for getting information about social media to reach customers it will be a useful book.

4. The 10 Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences

  • by Matt Watkinson
best books for salesperson

Customer experience is a qualitative aspect that an individual possessed relating to the business, product or service and it cannot be measured quantitatively rather it is something that can only be perceived. As it is a psychological factor it is not wise to think that it can be confined within the time period or any defined relationship and customer experience is not just about product or service rather it is something than that.

Book Highlights:

  • Ten principles behind great customer experience have been mentioned in this book and these should be known by the salesperson as customer’s experience is an invaluable property for the business.
  • Among the 10 principles, one is that great experiences satisfy our higher objective which means getting the right experience from the product or service fulfills the objective.
  • For building a good relationship with the customer, customer interaction is essential and this is another principle called great experience leave nothing to chance.
  • In the principle-called great experience set and then meet expectations-it is said that great customers consider factors such as behaviors, associations to judge experience.
  • There are many other principles the author has mentioned in this book such as great experience is stress-free, great experiences are socially engaging, great experiences put the customer in control, great experiences consider the emotions etc.

Overall, this book will help salespeople to create a great customer experience and to read this book there is no need to have previous knowledge.

5. SPIN Selling

  • by Neil Rackham
best books for salesperson

Usually, people buy things when there is a need but sometimes people are not aware of there is a problem and to solve this problem they need to buy a specific thing. In that case, questions are the key to identify the problem and thus can make the decision to solve the problem by buying the product/service.

Book Highlights:

  • Through reading this book salespeople will be able to know what questions are to be asked and also the order of the questions asked.
  • The word SPIN stands for Situation questions, Problem questions, Implication questions, and Need-payoff questions and in this book, it has been articulated what questions are to be asked while moving to the sales process.
  • To know about a situation, situation questions are asked as background information.
  • Problem questions are asked to identify dissatisfactions, troubles or problems, implication questions are asked to get an idea about the consequence of the difficulties and need-payoff questions are asked about the usefulness of the solution.
  • After asking all of these questions the salesperson can move further to sell the product/service.

The list of books may find a neverending scrolling but based on the reviews and readers choice, these are the top five best marketing books that every salesperson should read at least once. by only reading books isn’t enough, because real-life implementation and use of theories mentioned in these books will enable growth in the sales and overall performance.

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