Top 10 Best Book Publishing Companies in the USA

There are large numbers of publishers in the country and to figure out which one of them is the biggest is a very hard job to do. Majority of the publishers is a part of the bigger media conglomerate and they have huge brand name behind their book publishing.

This report will be looking into the matter the biggest book publishers of the country and what their marketing strategy has been. Many of the publishers are also into researching and they have created some fabulous works which has given them worldwide fame.

There are large numbers of books store who keep the books of the publishers. Getting the best out of all the big publishers is a hard job to do so many angels has been considered to decide the biggest book publishers.

Best Book Publishing Companies in the USA

Penguin random house:

This publisher was set up in the year 2013 and has a total revenue of around 3.3 billion dollars and also is one of the members of the big 5 publishers.

The publisher is owned by two big MNC Pearson PLC and Bertelsmann. The publisher forms a substantial part of their total earning. 

Their notable imprints like Knopf Doubleday, crown publishing and Viking Press has good name and carries out the promotion for the publishing house.  They have published many notable work which has given them name.

Hatchette  Livre:

This book publisher is originally from France but has been in business in the US market. This is another publisher of the five big houses.

They are one of the most prominent book houses in Europe. The publisher is owned by the Lagardere Group and has over 150 imprints. The publisher was formed in the year and has been in business since then.

They have many imprints which carries put the marketing strategy and they had been part of some notable works like talking to strangers, Little weirds which has given them lot of fame.

Harper Collins:

This is another member of the big 5 house and was created in the year 1989 and is in business since then. This publisher had published many favorite books in the year 2018 making it one of the best known publishing houses.

Their notable works includes the woman in the window and I’ll be gone w2hich has given them lot of fame and name.

Macmillan publishers:

This publishing house is subsidiary of the Holtzbrink publishing group and came to its current form after a merger in the year 2015.  Although the assets it owns has remained same since 2015. It is also one of the members of Big 5 publishing house.

They have a great history and they are in publishing since 1843 making it one of the largest and oldest too.

As they are very old they easily gets promotion and marketing is done using this view. They had been associated with many famous names like Rudyard Kipling, W.B Yeats and Lewis Carroll.

Simon & Schuster:

This is the last of the big 5 publishing houses and they have earned total revenue of around 830 million dollars. The organization was formed in the year 1924 and is owned by the CBS Corporation.

They were the original publisher of the Lost generation authors. They had been a part of many historic events and had published many notable books. 

The organization releases around 2000 titles every year. Many of its 2018 published books had been the best of the year. This increases the people following the book publisher and get lot of promotion.

McGraw-Hill Education:

This one of the biggest publisher and has been in business for many years. Most American school books are from this organization. they are one of the big five educational publisher.

They had been one of the players to provide all textbooks and materials for the K-12 set. Now days they are more interested in learning solutions and technological solutions. 

They have been part of the American education and school systems for much long time and as a result has been known by the people for a longtime. Their revenue stands at 1.7 billion dollars. Their notable wortks includes Glenco/Mc-Graw hill and Mc-Graw hill education.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt:

This organization was formed in the year 2007 after a merger between Houghton Mifflin and karcourt. They are the second in line of the big 5 educational publishing houses.

They have been one of the key players of the American school system by providing textbooks and materials. Their revenue had been 1.4 billion dollars.  

Their notable works has been their biggest marketing and promotion strategy. They had ben asscociated with the American school system making them known to the people.

Pearson Education:

This organization owns many famous publishing houses like Penguin Random House, Pearson education. They associated with the American textbooks and school materials. They are one of the big 5 educational publishing houses.

They have generated revenue of around 1 billion and has been associated with textbooks.

As a part of their marketing they have partnered with DuoLingo which will help to reach more people. It is also carrying out their promotion through their websites online. They had been associated with American school textbooks very well.


They are one of the big 5 educational Publishing house and had been in business since 1920 and had been able to stay intact to their place.

They are not owned by group of companies like other publishing houses. They are the largest and biggest publisher of children’s books all over the world. Many of the most prominent children books were published by this organization.

They have earned revenue of around 2 billion dollars. As t5hey had been part of many famous children books they get promoted very easily and gets known by the people.

Cengage Learning:

It is one of the most recent publishers which are on the rise after their recent report. Their products include textbooks and materials of schools all over the US. They are mostly linked to the library divison publishing.

They are into research which gives them a name for it and makes them stand out. They provide through online resource which makes them unique.


As mentioned above most of the publishers are subsidiaries of big media houses which give them lot of name for themselves.

They are also good in their own field and are known for their books. Book publishers have their share of notable works which provides them with the fame and respect from the people.  Every publisher has created their own image by creating their master piece.

The educational publishers are well associated with the schools making very easy to know.

Top Book Publishing Companies Usa

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