Top 10 Best Blood Banks in the USA

Almost every hospital in the US has a blood bank attached to it which provides blood to the patients and transfusion services.

The blood banks are generally divided into two categories which are national organizations and regional organizations. 

The blood banks carry out services that benefit people when needed and need blood for treatment.

The blood banks also carry out various research and tests of blood samples and provide greater idea about the blood samples and the treatment of the people.

The blood banks collect their blood from different blood donation centers where they preserve their blood samples at a respective setup where the blood will remain absolutely ok and can be used later when someone needs them.

Best Blood Donation Organizations in The US

American Blood centers:

It is a non-profit organization that caters to the need for blood to treat people. It forms an integral part of the healthcare system of the country.

They serve the country’s entire population and are situated all over the USA.

Their marketing strategies include very easy to connect with the organization, whether for the first-timer or someone who has been there before.

Their service can be booked online, and the subscribers get their booking information online.

They have a large network platform of the members of the organization and their benchmark studies.

American Red Cross

It is a national organization that caters to the needs of patients related to blood all over the country. It is associated with humanitarian works and also deals with blood donations. 

The organization supplies more than 40% of the donated blood in the USA through its various suppliers and distributors. It is one of the most known blood banks in the USA.

The marketing strategies include using its name and brand, which gives it an extra advantage as it is associated with every type of humanitarian work in the US. They even carried out camps for blood donation to reach more customers. 


This is non-profit organization that was established in the year 1943 with the name of Salt River valley Blood Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. They are now present in 40 states, and the number of donation camps has reached 127.

They collected around 1.8 million donations every year. They have tied up with around 1000 hospitals all over the US.

As a part of their marketing strategies, they have opened donation centers at some of the most important points, which gives them a huge promotion.

Some of their important blood centers include the Blood center of the Pacific, Bonfils blood centers, etc.

Community Blood service of Illinois

This blood center is located in Urbana, Illinois, and has been providing services to the people for more than 25 years. 

The organizations also comprise the American Association of Blood Banks and America’s Blood Centers.

As a part of its marketing strategy, they participate in the national marrow Donor program, informing people about its work. As the organization is a member of various renowned organizations, it provides extra promotion.

Memorial Blood Centers

This blood bank is located in Minnesota and is also a part of Innovative Blood Resources, which is known for supplying blood to various hospitals, blood centers, biotechnology companies, and other research institutes. The organization was formed in the year 2010 and had been working since then.

They are part of America’s Blood Centers and the American Association of Blood Banks, so they have a great opportunity to get known to the people.

Along with being a part of the New York Blood Center, they get easy access to blood donors and customers in the Midwestern US.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood center

This is an independent, non-profit blood donation center and a blood bank that helps people with blood-related services like a blood bank, transfusion, and blood components.

They are associated with around 170 centers, mostly in the Texas gulf Coast, Brazos valley, and East Texas areas.

As a part of their marketing strategy, they launched the Commit for Life Program in a partnership between the blood centers of gulf coast regions and the communities.

Through these methods, they changed their way of doing business by assessing the number of lives saved per day.

Life South Community Blood Centers

This organization is a non-profit blood bank situated in Florida and has tied up with more than 100 hospitals in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.  The organization has been serving the people since 1974. 

As a part of their marketing strategy, they have started the Five Points of Life Foundation to support the community through this non-profit organization.

They also have started a non-profit organization called LifeCord to help people with stem cells. These steps give the organization huge success in reaching the people.

Carter Blood care

This organization is a non-profit organization with a presence in 50 counties of Texas. The organization is a part of the Wadley Institute of Medicine and has a brand name that has served people very well. 

As the American Association of Blood Banks has accredited this organization, they are known for their efficiency, giving them an extra advantage in the promotion.

As the only surviving entity of the Wadley Research & institute and Blood center, their name gets known by people easily.

 Bloodworks Northwest

This organization serves around 90 hospitals in western Washington and Oregon, and the headquarter is in Oregon. The organization has been serving the people since 1944.

As it has been a very long time since it started, it has become very well-known, making people know it very easily. 

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded it, making it another big name and known face in the industry.

Apart from that, they operate many other institutes, giving a lot of room for promotion and making people aware of this organization and their services.


Alphacord has been helping people with blood and stem cells to treat babies for over two decades.

They are known for their high standard of customer service and high-quality laboratories, which makes them well-equipped to tackle any situation.

As a part of their marketing strategy, they provide 24/7 customer service, thus making people know about the services.

They try to carry out the entire process at an affordable price, making them known to the people.

Blood banks form one of the most important parts of the healthcare system, and their contribution is highly important. 

Most of the blood banks are operated by non-profit organizations, and they are more into social work, helping people with affordable facilities. T

he blood banks use every various types of marketing strategies to attract people and avail their services. 

The blood banks generally get associated with various kinds of social programs, which makes them known to the people easily and creates a path for promotion with thin the people. But above all, the organization is not all about promotion and business.

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