Top 10 Best Bicycle Rental Companies in the USA

Bicycle riding has become a new norm worldwide after the serious awareness relating to climate change increased.

Bicycle riding is low-cost and environmentally friendly, making it one of the best choices for commuters today.

In the USA, there has been a serious surge of people taking bicycle rides to their places in the last few years.

The business has changed rapidly over the years, and as the urge for bicycle riding has grown over the years, business organizations have taken up this opportunity. There is a large number of registered bicycle rental companies in the USA.

As the popularity of bicycle renting is going up, rental organizations are spreading their business.  Rental companies use various types of marketing strategies to increase their business.

Best Bicycle Rental Companies in the USA

City Bikes:

This is an app-based bicycle rental company situated in New York City and was established in the year 2013. The bicycles can be unlocked using a code given after obtaining membership which costs $12 a day,$24 for 3 days, and $155 per year. 

Their biggest marketing strategy has been their associations with many big investors in New York City. Another big point is that they are the subsidiary of Citi Bank, a famous name in the financial sector.

They also have kept their fares affordable, encouraging many people to take up riding.

Jump Bikes:

It is an electric bicycle rental platform that allows people to register and rent a bicycle through the app and use it.

The app allows them to ride their bicycle and park and lock it in any registered location.

Their bicycles use a GPS system, payments can be made online, and the bicycles use a pin that can is used to unlock the bikes. 

The organization is situated in Brooklyn and was established in the year 2010. Their big investors like Menlo ventures, SineWave ventures, SOSV ventures, and others give the organization the required marketing they need.


 This app-based bicycle rental company started in the year 2007 in Boston. They have received funding of around 39 million dollars. The organization is a complete package ranging from designing, bicycle sharing, sharing technology, and different marketing technologies.

The users can register and check their status with their app and rent their bicycles. 

Their biggest marketing is their association with big investor houses, making them stand out in the market.

They especially provide their service in colleges, universities, corporates, and hotels, giving them huge marketing strategies and making them known to the people.


Lime is a bicycle renting company based in San Mateo, California. Their motto is to improve the world by reducing the carbon footprint. They make commuting easier and affordable through easy bicycle renting policies.

They received huge funding of around 765 million dollars. Through their bicycle renting, they make people move around cities in an affordable, convenient, and efficient way. 

They are registered with 8 trademarks, making them one of the most popular brands. They plan to spend $260.7k on IT to get extra promotions online. They are using technologies to carry out online promotion on various devices.


The organization aims to provide bicycles when the distance is too short to drive and for someone who likes riding.

The organization is located in Oxnard, California. The organization was established in 2016 and offered management, ride-sharing, transportation, and last-mile commuting services.

They always look for innovation and bring new ideas into transportation and reducing vehicle carbon emissions. 

They have received around 5 million dollars in funding, making them one of the known companies.

They also have taken over many startups, making it known to people in the industry and boosting their marketing.

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This app-based bicycle renting organization provides easy, fast transit options affordably. They are situated in Miami Beach, Florida. They are known for their products, which allow people to travel in an affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly way.

Their services are available around the areas of Los Angeles County, Vancouver, Atlanta, Orlando, and many other cities. 

They use different technologies in their websites which helps them promote their organization. They are into various events, giving them huge opportunities to promote. 


This is a New York City-based bicycle rental company that was established in the year 2009. They had acquired funding of $250 million.

The company is owned by Lyft, one of Uber’s rivals. They are one of the most innovative companies in this sphere.

They offer their services across many cities and work for environmentally friendly traveling. 

They are one of the big house traveling company’s subsidiaries, providing them with a lot of promotion and marketing.

They have created various beneficial and social events with local governments and organizations, which make them known to people.

These relations with governments and organizations give them an advantage over competitors and keep their business growing.

Zyp bikeshare

This organization was launched in 2015 and obtained a commitment from their investors, and they provide great bicycle rental. In the last five years, their business has increased many folds.

Their user numbers reached 43k, 218k rides, and 252k miles have been registered. Their services are obtained in corporates and other campuses, giving huge advantages in ridership. 

Due to their huge investors, they get a lot of successful promotions and get their business successfully on track.

Simsbury bike:

Simsbury Bike is a bicycle Rental Company that allows people to take up riding in an environmentally friendly way. They organize regular events that make people aware of the benefits of riding and using a bicycle in their daily lives.

They are into many social events, which gives them a lot of promotion. They organize the bike riding month, which makes people aware of the company.

They also organize national bike challenges and other events. They have set up a friendly bicycle community which serves as its base to gather more support from the people.

Golden Bike library

Golden bike library is a bicycle rental company in Washington. They provide bikes for sharing, renting, and participating in various events. The library is known for renting people bikes with customized bikes for their traveling.

The subscriptions are for a limited time period, and they can be used around the city. 

They provide various kinds of waivers for participants at events. They provide customized bikes to customers.

Top Bicycle Rental Companies In Usa


All the above companies are big names in the sector of bicycle renting and the companies are finding different ways to increase their promotion. A vast majority of the companies organize events and rallies to makes their customers and other people know about the brands.

Associating with other organizations is also something these organizations do to increase their marketing power. The organizations do a lot to increase the social awareness against the pollution and environmental friendly commuting. They make the people realize that riding bicycle is not just good for the environment but it has lot of health benefits.

The increased awareness about the environmental awareness has increased the business opportunity of these companies.

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