Top 10 Best Bicycle Manufacturers in the USA

Bicycle is one of the cost-saving methods of transportation which is also good for health and environment friendly. There are around 214 bicycle manufacturing companies in the US.

Most of them manufacture bicycles in the country, and some other import it from other countries and then assemble in the country.

Recently there has been a surge in the number of people using bicycles due to the increased awareness related environment hazard.

The American government has enacted several laws for bicycle commutes, giving them the right to ride on the roads.

Many multinational companies have also taken up the cause of encouraging their employees to use bicycle for their commute. The list includes a few of the most important bicycle companies in the USA. 

Best Bicycle Companies in the USA

Alchemy Bicycle Co.

This organization is known for designing, building, engineering, and hand-crafting bicycles and their parts like frames with care and passion. Their bicycles are a sign of the craftsmanship and dedication that the company gives to producing a quality product.

They are considered to use the best material for making bicycles, giving the products a long lifetime.

As a part of their marketing strategy, they provide free shipping for all bikes. They also provide the facility to exchange the bikes within two weeks if the customer is unsatisfied with the purchased model. 

American Artisan Bicycle Inc

this organization is a non-profit organization that builds great bicycles at an affordable cost and aims to make American-manufactured bicycles better daily.

They are also associated with much social work, and their top priority is to provide better-paying jobs to the people. 

As a part of their marketing strategy, they provide the facility to sell and purchase old bikes. They also sell used bikes, giving them the promotion they need for their business.

American Bicycle Group

Through its various subsidiaries, it is well into the business of designing and manufacturing bikes.  They are mostly known for the production of titanium bike. 

As they are known for developing and manufacturing titanium bicycles, people know their organization very easily. 

Anderson Customs Bicycle

It is a unique kind of company that designs and manufactures bicycles that are suited to the rider. The riders can customize their bikes according to their needs, whether riding style, wishes, and other specifications. They are known for designing the cycle cross and 4seasons of all kinds of bikes.

They market the unique design of their bicycles as a part of their marketing style. The stainless steel design gives them an extra advantage compared to other brands.

The customization, which they are so good at, also provides them an extra advantage and creates promotion for the company. 

Bicycle Corporation of America

This organization was founded in the year 2014 when Walmart promised to sell products manufactured in America. They were the first company to start mass production of bikes in the US after a time of around 15 years. 

They have a plant of around 20000 sq feet in manning, South Carolina. Kent International Inc wholly owns the organization. 

The organization created the first mass-production of bicycle in US after 15 years, giving them huge promotions and has made them a player in the industry.

Their products are sold by big brands like Walmart, Amazon, and others, making it known to millions of customer of the big brands.

Breadwinner Bicycle

The organization is known to produce strong and high-quality bicycles used for everyday rough rides.

They have known for manufacturing bikes with steel, TIG, brazed, gravel grinder, Portland, and custom. The organization is situated in Portland, Oregon.

The organizations help the customer with any kind of information they need for that purchase. This makes the customers feel free to go ahead. They help the customer to choose the paint and parts for the bicycle. 

Detroit bikes

The Company has an area of around 50000sq feet for its manufacturing facilities in Detroit, where it manufactures parts and other components of the bikes. They made around 8000 bikes in the year 2016.

The manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce 50000 to 10000 bikes annually. They employ large number of employees which provides the people with a source of income.

They are one of the USA’s largest companies, making it easily known to the people. They also have the ability to produce a large number of bicycles which makes them a known company.

Elite bicycles

The organization manufactures bicycles from pure American-made components, Ultra light and Easton scandium tubing, and other American-made components mostly from the world’s highest-rated light weight aluminum.

Every bicycle is tested in the wind tunnel to make it of the highest quality and make it effective for maximum performance.

They also customize bikes according to the need of the customers and various designs are made available to the customers.

They have promoted the usage of lightweight aluminum in their bikes very well which gives them an advantage for their marketing.

As they use mostly American-made parts making people feel attached to their bicycles. 

Eugin cycles

The organization is known for making bicycles customized for its customers. Every bicycle they make is unique and suited best to the customer.

They produce various bicycles ranging from tig welded to fitted brazed. These bicycles are known to ride every day and at every terrain.

They market their use of CNC components which are used in the bicycle. They are also known for their masterful construction with titanium frames and get many promotions for these unique features. 

Gunnar Cycles USA

This is a known American steel bike manufacturer who are known for manufacturing bicycles from air-hardening steel. The alloys that are being used are the best in quality and have been tested to give maximum performance.

The company also determines every component well so that the bicycle can have the right balance and produce optimal performance. 

The marketing strategy includes in making people realize that they produce their bicycles from American-made components. The riders are given all details, and the riders can choose the right kind of specification for the bicycle. 


All above mentioned bicycle companies are some of the best in their category and are known to produce high quality products for their customers. But still they need to carry out marketing and promotion to make their organization known to the people.

The most common strategy they use is that make people know they mostly use American-made parts. After that every company has their own strengths to talk about. All the bicycle companies are present online where they run their promotion through social media and other platforms. 

Another common strategy they use is that they allow riders to choose their specifications and customize their bikes.

Many companies have a feature to sign up on their website which provides valuable data to the customers, and the companies can count the number of people showing interests in their bicycles.

The bicycle companies are known for the quality of their products and they work hard to keep that trust alive.

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