Top 10 Best Battery Companies in the USA

Battery suppliers and manufacturers produce batteries for various purposes whether batteries for small or large devices. Batteries are used in electric distribution and transmission.

There are generally two types of batteries generally Lithium-ion and Non-lithium batteries. Lithium ion batteries generally are made of lithium cobalt oxide which provides higher density of energy. The manufacturers are generally based in japan and China.

Batteries are both used for smaller applications like power transmission and also for larger applications. 

Best Battery Companies in the USA

F.W Webb:

It is an ISO 9002 certified company and specifies in various power related technologies like plumbing, heating, natural gas, mining and power transmission.  It is the largest supplier in the northeast region and is present over 80 locations.

They also have high level of experience in sand bursting, regulators, tools, pumping, automation systems, piping and different kinds of metal cutting services.

As part of their promotion they provide great home service for after sales and service. They use their high level of expertise in different fields to attract people for their services.

Due to their long expertise they have wide range of products which they display to the customers. 

Tripp Lite:

This organization is known for manufacturing UPS systems which are most suited for personal computers and surge suppressors.

Other products in their tally are UPS systems, PDUs, Power alert systems for various systems, different kinds of switches and cables, control systems, inverters and power equipment. 

They are very conscious about their marketing and promotion. They are known for high quality services which includes reliable solution at an affordable cost, power protection and supply and other equipment.

They have  a large variety to choose from which attracts a lot of customers .They provide high quality of customer services which makes it easier for the customers to remain in touch with the organization. their 80 year old history has provided them with lots of space for promotion.

Associated bag:

They are known for the manufacturing of equipment related to shipping, packaging and various products and equipment needed in the factories.

Their huge range of products is adhesives, anti-rust, bags, autoclaves, cartoons, glasses, propylene, strapping and staplers etc. They manufacture their products in the USA.

They depend on their suppliers for their production so they put lot of interests on their wellbeing as a result they get lot of promotion in doing so.

As they are in this industry for the last 80 years they have entered into the lives of the people very much making it very easy to attract people. As they are family owned business they had stayed with their tradition to maintain quality.

They also a 6 month quote guarantee which is unparalleled. 

Essentra componenets:

They produce and distribute finished products and are known for their quality products. Their products include pipes, caps, protection equipment, tube inserts and others.

They also produce manufacturing goods, power transmission, wire management systems, circuit board management and others. They are also into different kinds of factory equipment. 

Their marketing strategy includes providing customer with customized products at an affordable cost.

They providing shipping of products to the designated address and for small quantities they also ship the products in the same day. They also produce fiber optic components. 

Mouser Electronics:

They are one of the renowned manufactures and suppliers of batteries and other electronic components.

They are known for the production of large variety of products like circuit protectors, electrochemical hardware, LED lighting, various industrial components, sensors and others.  

As part of their marketing strategies they use their huge presence as a method to promote themselves. They provide semiconductor products and electronic products to more than 700 industrial entities.

The ability to innovate and produce new products has proved to be one of the biggest factor for their success. In the year 2007 they became a part of warren buffet Berkshire Hathaway family of companies making them known to large number of people. 

Power sonic corporation:

They are for the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries, power transmission and batteries, chargers, power equipment, various types of chargers, transformers and various industrial applications. Their systems are suitable for different types of purposes.

They have certification from CE and they are listed in the UI list.

 Their marketing strategy is to enter the lives of common people and make it change. 

As the consumption of electricity is going up they are producing more and more equipment for daily use which provide cost effective and affordable power solutions to the people. They are present in around 70 countries all over the world.

Scott’s emergency lighting and Power generation inc:

They are known for the manufacturing of inverters, lighting systems, switchgear, power solutions and exit signs. They are also into the manufacturing of different electrical equipment and components.

They manufacture charger and charging fields and looks into maintenance.  Their services are available for the government institutions, schools, hospitals, universities, healthcare facilities, residential complexes, colleges and factories. 

They are into the industry from 1971 which makes people know a lot about them and trust them. This increases the promotion of the company and makes them to reach more people.

Bisco Industries:

They are into distribution of various electronic components, fasteners and other hardware. Their list of products which are manufactured and distributed by them includes sensors, board hardware, heat management system, standoff, encoders, meters of different kinds and other equipment. 

They are into the business since 1973 making them pretty old organization and gathers the interests of the people due their experience. Their unique and high quality products are also the reason for greater promotion. 

Positive battery Co.:

They are known for their manufacturing and distribution of various electronic components like automotive systems, camcorder, farm marine, lead-acid batteries, cables and chargers.

They are also into the manufacturing of lead batteries, battery chargers and various other systems for power transmission. 

They have the ability to repair all types of damaged batteries and can make them run well, this unique factor has given them lot of opportunity. They have very proudly marketed the fact that they can recycle batteries thus reducing wastages.

Green rubber kenedy-ag, lp:

They are into the manufacturing of tanks adhesives, rubbers, and batteries of different kinds, manufacturing equipment, conveyer belts, pumps and motors, safety products for industries.

They are also into manufacturing items for food processing, transportation equipment and mining products.

They are into recycling products which gives them lot of promotion. They provide high class support and customer services which increases the interests of the customers.


All the above companies are known for their high quality products and services which makes one of a kind. All of them use various types of marketing strategies making them stand out in the market.

One commonly used strategy they use is that they make people know the experience they have in producing quality products raising the trust of the people. Some of them have the unique capability to recycle products which makes them stand out in the group.

They also provide customer support and services making them attractive to the people. But above all their ability to produce quality products has made them unique in their own way.

Top Battery Companies Usa

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