Top 10 Best Balloon Companies in the USA

A balloon is an inflatable and flexible material resembling a bag made from latex, rubber, or polychloroprene.

Balloons have varied applications, like decorations or as children’s playmates and as entertainment like joy rides.

The balloons are filled with gases like hydrogen, nitrous oxide, and helium and then inflated.  Other applications are for meteorology and in surgery and medical equipment.

They are also used in advertising and publicity as an effective mass communication tool and for aerial photography. 

Top balloon manufacturers in the USA:

10. Apex Balloons

Based in New Mexico, Apex balloons manufactures tailor-made lightweight, and ultra-light hot air balloons of different shapes and airships as the consumer requires.

The owner has rich experience of more than 20 years in designing, constructing, and maintaining hot air balloons.

The company provides balloon repairs in collaboration with   US Government authorized body in Phoenix. 

Specializing in hot air balloon repairs, joyrides, designing, and inspection, the company also offers consultancy services in 3D CAD designs and animation. It also conducts balloon rides in New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.    

9. Cameron balloons

Head office in Bristol, Cameron balloons will touch 50 years soon. During the 1990s, it went for acquisitions helping further to expand the company.

Today it is one of the most reputed brands worldwide, manufacturing hot air balloons and lighter than aircraft.

Having had massive experience in balloon fabrication, its products are used for joy rides, as advertising mediums, and for use by government bodies for surveying and other such allied activities.

That the company enjoys an excellent brand image is obvious from the fact that Universal Pictures used a lot of its inflatable to promote some of its popular movies

8. Head Balloons

The unique feature of this Georgia-based company is that each balloon is handcrafted and customized according to the customer’s needs. The rugged materials used in making the balloons are extremely reliable and safe.

The shape and the design of the balloons are such that they have a very aesthetic get-up, and thereby the cost of maintenance also comes down. 

Head Balloons have an FAA Supplement type certificate, thus enabling other manufacturers to use its envelope and basket.

The four pillars of the company’s success, as the company believes, are ruggedness, reliability, quality, and hand-crafted items.  

7. Avian Balloon corporation

This Washington state-based company which will be 50 in a couple of years, is one of the very few who still have the same name and management team of running the show since inception.

They primarily manufacture six types of hot air balloons for joy rides and advertising balloons under four FAA-type certificates. 

The company’s larger-than-life image is further strengthened by the superior performance of their burners with superior fuel flow, rhino tough tear fabric, which cannot be destructed, and the basket made of the best available material.   

6. Aerostar Balloons

Aerostar International is one of the most reputed manufacturers of high-altitude and scientific research balloons, specialized parachutes, etc. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raven Inc.

Originating from South Dakota, some of the most reputed clients of Aerostar and Raven have been the US Navy, US Air force, and Office of the Naval Research under the US Administration.

Raven Inc’s mighty experience in the field is a big advantage for Aerostar.

It has the rare distinction of successfully launching a stratospheric airship in collaboration with the US Air force and beating the endurance record of flights during Antarctic campaigns a few years back. 

5. Firefly balloons

Headquartered in North Carolina, Firefly specializes in producing balloons for joy rides, ballooning sports and as a media vehicle for advertising and mass communication.

The envelopes, the wicker, and the rattan carriage are very carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of safety and endurance.

Firefly balloons are good value for money, economical to maintain, and easy to operate, making it very customer friendly coupled with their stunning designs. 

4. Ultramagic balloons

The Spanish-based group has been in the trade since 1978 and in 1980, was actively a part of an expedition in Africa consisting of 40 flights in 11 months. Even now, Ultramagic is considered to be an expert for balloon expeditions in Africa.

Now almost the lion’s share of its production is meant for exports to the Americas, Japan and parts of Europe. The company also manufactures envelopes, baskets, burners, and other ancillary products. 

The company specializes in balloons made of special and different shapes and sizes, ultra-light balloons and balloons for solo flight. It is now into the production of cold air inflatable balloons.

3. Kubicek balloons

The Czech Republic-based balloon company is a major marketer in the USA also. Undoubtedly one of the largest manufacturers in Central and Western Europe, Kubicek is one of the giant manufacturers of balloons globally.

The company’s state-of-the-art factory is in Brno, one of the world’s finest balloons manufacturing units.

 Kubicek produces 47 different types of envelopes apart from making burners and baskets. EASA the parent body, has certified the quality, design, and maintenance of Kubicek balloons.

It is the only major balloon manufacturing company in Europe using highly persistent polyester as its main raw material.  

2. Lindstrand balloons USA

The Illinois-based manufacturer is a major player in balloon making. Specializing in balloons for joy rides, sports, and advertising purposes, the production unit consists of outstanding experts who are constantly doing R&D, searching for something new and innovative.

Highest level of craftsmanship is thoroughly maintained, ensuring first-class quality.

Apart from producing balloons for joy rides etc. The company produces specialized high-caliber balloons like the A series, X Series, and E Series, which are incredibly versatile in their own right. 

1. Cameron balloons

The Company is by and large considered to be amongst the first five balloon manufacturers in the world.

Cameron’s range of products consists of hot air balloons, airships, captive balloons, accessories, and apparel, a unique item.

Its balloons are used for joy rides, flying competitions, and for product promotional purposes. It also produces baskets, burners, and other accessories.

Cameron has the rarest distinction of making the Spirit of Freedom balloon, the first solo flight balloon around the earth.  It has also made Breitling Orbiter III the first balloon to fly worldwide. 

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