Top 10 Best Bail Bond Agencies in the USA

A bail bond is an exclusivity in the US legal system not found anywhere except in America and the Philippines.

A bail bond agent has to pledge a certain monetary value or property as bail to ensure the defendant in a certain legal suit appears in court.

In other words, he is a guarantor for the defendant to appear in court for hearings even if he is out on bail and doesn’t jump bail.

The bail bond industry is in rough weather, and the growth projected in the future is very marginal. There are no organized corporations as such in this industry. 

Best Bail Bond Agencies in the USA

10. Professional bail bonds –

Based in Texas, the bail bond agency operates in Beaumont and just across the Jefferson County Jail in Texas, making it very convenient for the people who require bail bond service to obtain their help.

The service of this agency is open 24×7 throughout the year to help the people lodged in jail to be released ASAP. Cash discounts are available if one wants their service.

The agency also provides good payment plans so no one can feel the pinch in their pockets at such trying times. 

9. Allied bail bonds

Operating from Texas for the last 28 years, this bail bond agency is family owned and near to Jefferson County jail. Open 24×7 throughout the years, the agency specializes in cases of driving intoxicated, drug theft, probation, etc.

The staff is very experienced and influenced all over the country. 

The agency accepts payment through all types of credit cards, cheques, and cash. The USP of the bail bond agency is that the prices are very competitive and suit every pocket. Easy credit terms that suit all are also offered.

The agency strives hard to ensure that jail inmates are reunited with their families fastest.  

8. Detroit bail bonds

The agency primarily serves in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana and specializes in court order bonds. The staff is very experienced, helpful, knowledgeable, and ready to handle any exigencies in the bond process.

As a part of its unique services, Detroit bail bonds provide free, confidential bond information over the phone. Operating 24x 7 round the year, the payments plans of the agency are such that it suits all pockets and are personalized. 

7. Savannah bail bonds

Founded in 1997 in Georgia, the agency has sufficient influence in Georgian courts to secure hassle-free bail bonds for its clients. Apart from Georgia, the agency has influences and tie-ups all over the country with fellow bail bond agencies.

The agency operates 24×7 round the year.

Savannah bail bonding has a professionally maintained customer care department. It protects the privacy of its clients, and strict confidentiality is maintained throughout. They offer free bond consultancy to people who are not even their clients.   

6. 2nd chance bail bond agency

Operating from Michigan, 2nd chance has a very different and professional setup offering confidential and prompt service and results. Available always, the agency operates a toll-free number apart from a regular landline Number.

It has considerable influence in the Michigan courts to get bails to move fastest for its clients and also in the courts at Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe and St; Claire, etc.

Some of the agency’s specialties that make it better are the toll-free telephone service; it has provided bail from as low as 500 dollars to about 2 million and above for certain clients.  

5. The Wayne county bail bond agency

Operating from Detroit, the Macomb County bail bond agency operates in a host of towns and counties, including the county jails at Macomb, Oakland, and Monroe. Apart from these places, the agency has tie-ups with several bail bond agents nationally to serve its clients.

The agency is family-owned, and all agents are family members or personal friends, lending a personal touch to the entire operations to ease things out. 

The agency sends quotes via SMS and is committed to providing stress-free services to its clients in all South-eastern Michigan Jails.  

4. The Macomb County Bail Bond Agency

Popularly known as the Bail Bond Agency, the organization has highly trained professionals to handle each and every case with compassion and solve specific issues.

Every agent is instructed to respect the clients and not look upon them as accused but with compassion.

The percentage of release programs is much higher than any other bail bonds agency, and the agents are located at all nearby police courts to ease the bond process 

3. Lodise Bail Bonds

One of Michigan’s oldest bail bond agencies with more than 60 years of fruitful experience, Lodise offers very competitive rates to its clients.

The services that the agency offers are Appearance bonds and misdemeanor bonds. Signature bonds, surety bonds, etc., apart from bail bonds and other allied services. 

The agency also provides free bail advice, approval over the phone, payments through cards, and discounted payments. As a mark of good gesture, the agency arranges finances for its clients too. The office remains open 24 x 7.  

2. Big Rob’s Bail Bond Agency

Based in Michigan, Big Rob’s is one of the most reputed bail bond agencies in the USA. Apart from the service made available 24 x 7, the agency offers very fast bond posting ASAP, the highest level of professional services, and very competitive rates for the benefit of its clients.

The agency offers service at very low rates of bail bonds also and can aeeabd Gail buds. What is very positive and intriguing about the service is that every client is treated as a VVIP and the only client.

The entire agency is geared up to treat that particular client only, and all efforts are focused on that particular client only.

1. Sanford Bail Bond Agency

Undoubtedly one of the highest-rated bail bond agencies in the USA, the Florida-based outfit is open 24 x 7 throughout the year and serves counties like Orange, Seminole, and Lake districts, amongst numerous others.

The agents have experienced varying from 15 to 25 years. 

Important notifications for bails are given over the phone. The agency claims they can arrange bail for any situation, however bad it may look.  

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