Top 10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

Backpacks are one of the most important things in our life and one of the easiest things to carry our luggage for a trip or work. They can act as the primary piece of luggage or entertainment bags during long trips.

Some of the most quality backpacks are manufactured by some of the most known brands which have a huge presence in the market. Almost all brands give the choice from different colour and sizes. The designs are known for their stylish looks and portability which makes them very handy.

Best Backpack Brands in the USA

Herschel Supply Co. Classic:

This is one of the top manufacturers of backpacks which were started in the year 2009. Their speciality and the most popular product is their classic backpacks which has given them a name. Their products are both stylish and functional which helps to carry them easily and look good. They are very sophisticated both for going to work and for light travelling endeavour. 

Their designs make a lot of promotion for them. Their large range makes them one of the loved brands. Their affordable prices make it possible for people of all section to purchase it. 

Fjallraven Kanken:

This is one top brand for backpack designing and manufacturing. Their backpacks are known for their durability and the safety of the electronic devices which are generally kept inside the bags. Their speciality is the designing of the super durable EDC backpacks mostly for the electronic devices. The first backpack came in the market 1978 when there was no such electronic devices which could have carried in a bag. But in the newest models they the compartment for electronic items.

Their backpacks are good for both school and travelling. Their backpacks are equally good for both male and female due to their design. They have high quality of materials and design.

MIS Mil-Spec 30L:

They are one of the top manufacturers of backpacks which are known for their quality. They are a high quality manufacturer of military approved bags. . They are designed to be of high quality and stylish at the same time. Their backpacks are known for their durability which is made of heavy duty zippers and overhang which keeps the zipper from damage. 

The backpacks are known for their durability and their water resistant property. Their internal section for storage is also an added point. Their heavy duty zippers are also very uncommon.

Topo Designs:

The Togo designed backpacks are ideal and one of the most chosen one in the market. They have been able to make people fall for their design and stylish looks but at the same they are also durable and tough. They can be sued both log trips or for regular use. The materials which are used for the manufacturing of the backpacks increase the longevity. 

Their products are of the most stylish backpacks. Their laptop sleeve is of a different kind making the backpack different from others. They are made of heavy-duty plastic hardware which increases the lifetime.

Chrome Unisex:

They are one of the top backpack manufacturers in the country and one of the great choices. They are very stylish as well as durable. They are capable to provide safety to any devices and also look great. They have the facility to put electronic devices and liquids in two separate compartments. Though for this backpacks it is recommended to carry cover for electronic devices as they do not have an inbuilt cover. 

They have high quality of water proof capability with 600 denier military grade truck tarpaulin liner. They provide space for up to 34L of storage.  

Nike SB RPB Skateboarding:

Nike is one of top companies for manufacturing of sportswear and their backpacks have also made their mark. Their backpacks generally have everything that one can expect from EDC backpack. The synthetic materials that are used for the manufacturing makes the bag very durable and increases the longevity. There are also lots of compartments and spaces where items can be kept and can be pulled out at will.

Their stylish design along with durability has made them one of the top choices. Their another feature is the excellent water bottle holder and high quality finish.

Under Armour:

This is one of the top backpack manufacturer which known for their quality products and stylish products. The backpacks has an under armour logo which gives extra support to the backpack. Their products generally have thick straps which increases the longevity of the backpack. They have extra bottle holder which provides easy access to water during hiking, long walks or camping away from home. There are various features which makes the backpacks very strong and useful.

Their newly designed soft lined laptop sleeve provides great support. They are also perect for school uses.  There is plenty of room for many things and belongings.

North Face:

This is one of the top brands for manufacturing of backpacks which are both stylish and durable. The backpack is perfect for hiking, camping, school, biking, adventure and long walks. These backpacks provide an easy way to carry belongings. They have huge range which lets people to choose their preferred colour and type. The straps are very strong which makes it both durable and stylish.

Their quality of products and design capability is something which makes people attract to the brand. Fleece-lined tablet sleeve which makes it very easy to use.

Burton Tinder pack:

This is one of the top backpack which has made a lot of name for itself. The backpack provides great option which provides style along with durability. The backpack provides every facility that a EDC backpack can provide. They have large options which include many colours and styles.

The backpack is a versatile bag for hiking, camping or for any other adventurous tours. They can also be used as a school backpacks. There are various backpacks which can be used for both girls and boys.

Timbuk2 Parker:

This is one of the futuristic, stylish and durable backpack which can be used for both camping and regular use. The storage model makes the backpacks more space efficient. There are various compartments which can be used for different purposes. 

They have adjustable magnetic sternum straps which make them very durable. Their quality is of top quality. Their use of reflective material makes it better than others.


There are many backpack companies which manufacture and sell their products in the market. The companies know it very well that to get in touch with the people it is very important to carry out marketing.

The companies use different kinds of marketing strategies to promote their brands. Most of the companies use their brand and product quality to attract people towards them. Their durability and the stylish looks of the products makes most of the people gets attracted to.

Top Backpack Brands Usa

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