Top 10 Best Babysitting Apps/Websites in the USA

A baby in any family is undoubtedly its most prized possession and the nucleus of attraction whether it is a joint family or a nuclear family. A baby is the source of sheer joy not only for the parents but also for other family members specially the grandparents.

Unfortunately with the passage of time and circumstances that loom over, both the parents need to go out for job and situations may such happen that the grandparents are not around. It is here that the job a baby sitter becomes very indispensable for its total care.

A baby sitter needs to be kind, caring, patient and must possess understanding attitude as to what the little toddler requires.  

Best Babysitting apps/websites in the USA

10. Bubble

This baby sitting app helps the parents to connect themselves with the appropriate baby sitters that their friends, mutual friends and relatives vouch for.

Bubble also recommends baby sitters from childcare co operatives that are formed by mutual friends through the app. One can also  get the contacts through social media accounts like Face book.

An important emphasis of this app is that it is free to download and the antecedents of all the babysitters are carefully checked and then only enumerated. As an additional feature there is an option of vouching for a particular babysitter from a mutual friend in case one wants to double check.

9. Helpr

This app is specifically designed for working parents. The babysitters are generally KG school teachers, experienced nannies or young graduates getting through strict screening process. The baby sitters must have at least two years relevant experience.  

Three distinct advantages one can get by using this app are – one can get sitting service for even a very short period of time. The parents can have a test or trial run to see whether the baby sitter can handle their child or not by staying at home and observing.

In case of repeat requests for babysitting, the baby sitter who came previously will get preference if her performance is satisfactory and recorded officially.


The two distinct characteristics of this app is that that one can have a full time, part time, one time or even last minute baby sitter who will just be the preferred sitter as the client wants.

The background and the credence of the baby sitters is thoroughly checked by an external authorised private investigator before enrolment. One has the option of changing the baby sitter if the parents are not satisfied with her job. 


The app is exceptional for those nuclear family members the relatives of whom are not around or are staying quite far off.  No cash payment is involved for baby sitting services through this site. Parents are to co opt and switch roles amongst themselves and spend time babysitting each other’s kid. 

There is a unique point ranking system which the parents can earn by babysitting. These points can again be spent judiciously when another set of parents look after their child and the rankings they receive. 

Since no cash transaction system is there, all the parents and members involved get properly acquainted with each other as this is a co operative group. 

6. Zum

This website is distinctively different from others as this does not ensure full time babysitting as one understands in its strict sense.

Over here the parents are required to ensure that the caregiver takes full responsibility of transportation of their child to school or gym or any playground and returning the child safely back to his house. Additional time for about two hours before going and coming can also be booked for. 

The parents if using this website can be rest assured that their child can go to school or to any other places safely, as a responsible accompaniment is there. 

5. Sittercity

This baby sitting app is like a social media site and a portal where one can navigate through and get a complete picture of the potential baby sitters at the click of a mouse.

Complete details of each caregiver are mentioned along with the previous parental feedback which makes it easier to judge about the prospective babysitter. The database is very strictly created after thorough screening at all stages to be followed by one to one interview.  

As this app is interactive, one can post a baby sitter job that suits one self and also can search amongst a whole lot of profiles which is appropriate and suitable for the child. 

4. Urbansitter

The app has an exceptional feature of plugging the prospective customer to his social networking sites so that one can see the detailed and comprehensive views about the care giver from his mutual friends whom he can deem fit to be correct.

As a lot of groups are in social networking sites more detailed profile about the potential care giver can be seen if the parents add the groups with their own profile and watch the parental views of the sitters.

The app has a three stage process of posting the job, scheduling interviews and freezing on appointments. No wonder because of its popularity, the app is available in at least 60 cities of the country. 

3. Sitter

The app has all the basic features of other popular babysitting apps. Apart from that, one can set his location and can see the profiles of the sitters around so that it is convenient either way. One can interact with prospective baby sitters extensively through chat option. 

When a babysitter group is formed in this way, the better ones are earmarked so that in case of an urgent babysitting need at the eleventh hour, immediate notifications go to the favourite ones.  

2. Bambino

A popular babysitting app, the prospective babysitter has to log in through her Face book account so that she receives very popular recommendation from her community in which the potential client is also a member.

Very positive commendation and views help the parents immensely to select the best possible choice of the care giver for their child. 

Everything including payment, cost estimates, are routed through the app. No monthly amount is required to be paid if one gets the care giver through this app.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular websites and app, it operates in 20 countries other than the USA with a huge client base. The parents need to jot down a detailed option of the services they are looking at, be it special care, nanny, day and night or specifically night etc.

The app encourages parents to give a minute detailed job description as to what they are desiring   from their chosen baby sitter. As an incomparable feature, Carecom requires parents to even mention as to what type of baby sitter the child wants. 

All such exercises ultimately help the parents get the best possible baby sitter for their child.

Top Babysitting Apps Websites Usa

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