Top 10 Best Baby Garment Brands in the US

Who does not love kids! Kids are the cutest creatures that have ever been created. One look at their innocent smile is enough to make the day good for anyone. To make the little babies look even cuter and adorable, many companies spend a great deal of time and energy.

Their main objective is to make those kids look like little princes and princesses. So, in this article, we will be looking at 10 of the best brands currently operating in the US, and their main goal is to make the little angels look even cuter.

Best Baby Garment brands in the US

10. Gymboree:

The Gymboree company works on manufacturing the best quality clothes for your kids. They operate only in selective stores and provide quality accessories and clothing for children. Under their company, they have a number of other companies, namely, Crazy 8, Janie and Jack and Gymboree.

Since the commencement of the company in 1976 they started providing clothes for moms and kids, they have grown multiple folds. Currently, they have around 900 stores operating mainly in the US and Canada and also all over the world.

Gymboree has employed a very good team who provides a wide range innovative solutions to any problems. The plans are implemented in a way that helps to convey the message of the company.

9. Sawyer Kid Co.:

In today’s digital and modern world, it is very important for kids to spend more time outside, in the arms of nature than being cooped up inside. This is the main Moto of this clothing company. They make their products keeping this in mind, so the clothes feel comfortable when the kids wear them and go outside.

This company is inspired by the children’s novel, “The adventures of Tom Sawyer”. From this, they are inspired to make outside friendly clothes for children.

Awareness and generating publicity is the main goal of their marketing strategies. Sawyer Kid Co. uses a multiple number of tolls and ways to create a proper relationship with their customers.

8. Rockets of Awesome:

The founder of this band is Rachel Blumenthal. She created this company in 2015 and she lives in Manhattan. This company provides one of the best services that are available in today’s market.

The company Rockets of Awesome provides a very rare experience for the customers. They provide a subscription service. The customers are required to visit the online store, fill out a form where they mention their choices of colour, the patterns they prefer among other preferences.

Then they are shown certain reference photos which makes their task of choosing easier. The brand will then use the provided information and put them in an intricately made algorithm and will make an entire basket for you. The package will be delivered to you in a couple of days and it will contain about 8 items of clothing. You can then choose the ones you like and pay the required amount for them, and return the ones that you do not like.

 Rockets of Awesome has made their branding and marketing strategies for the local and nearby destinations. They have built some very good strategies by colluding with several stakeholders.

7. Lil’lemons:

Best friends can make the best of things. Such a thing happened in 2011 when Laura Hall and Gillian Rose Kern founded this company.

The name of the company has been derived from the first company they started together as kids, which was a Lemon Stand. They make their selection with extreme care. They have personally picked the fabrics and also the patterns are carefully designed by hand. Then the clothing designs are put together with the utmost care.

Their process of creation is very attention-grabbing and the clothes they produce are just fabulous.

Lil’lemons have a lot of mind-boggling marketing plans in which they make plans which have proper practical outreach.

6. Tiny Cottons:

In December of 2012, Gerard Lazcano and Barb Bruno came together to found this company. The company is based in Barcelona, Spain but all of their products are made all across Europe. In the Winter of 2013, they made their first set of clothes public.

They have creatively included books and travel as a part of their creative process. Kids who fall in the range of 6 months to almost 4 years are the main targets of Tiny Cottons. The clothing they provide are made to have a very distinct look. They have a delicate and cute appeal to the eyes.

The people who work under Tiny Cottons, work on a lot of different options so that they can properly sync the resources available to them. They develop the marketing strategies that help their growth.

5. Huxbaby:

Huxbaby is a company based in Australia. They focus on minimum fashion and they make their designs keeping the style of adults in mind. The clothes they make have a pleasant feeling on the eyes, their clothes can be worn by both girls and boys.

Most importantly, they use soft organic cotton to make their clothes as they want their clothes to be comfortable for the little kids.

Huxbaby has done a lot of work for their digital marketing as it enables them to connect with a lot of people. All the data that is available to them are analysed tactically, then optimised and organised for proper implementation of the strategy.

4. Meme:

By concentrating on mixing patterns, textures, shapes, its range, Meme blends and combines from one collection to another, which facilitates the dress and increases the longevity of the dresses. In a world divided by pinks and blues, Meme looks to make clothes that both brothers and sisters can wear and that can also be given to other young people.

The clothes are bold and fresh, with a unique appearance, despite being gender-neutral and monochromatic, something that all brands of children’s clothing are focusing on today. 

The hardworking team of Meme implements proper marketing strategy that takes into consideration the various beliefs and perspectives of their potential clients.

3. The Mini Classy:

Executive co-directors and top designers, Andrea Dotzauer and Michelle Lopez launched their first streetwear brand for children on the map with their exclusive harem pants and have kept on expanding. Now they make everything from shirts to jackets for children, from toddler to big kids.

The brand has already been seen on Today Show, Ellen DeGeneres Show and also the Fox 6 Wake Up Show. They have also got fame on The Huffington Post, Star Magazine and Daily Mail UK.

They mostly use cotton blend fabrics and eco-friendly bamboo to make their highly comfortable clothes.

The people at The Mini Classy have a vast range of experience and knowledge about their industry and they have a very good and well functioning network.

2. Indikidual:

To commemorate the birth of her baby, Syreeta Johnson started Indikidual which is a British / Swedish clothing brand.

She thought about this when she was not satisfied with the clothes available for her daughter and wanted something more fun. They make their perfect collections by mixing up different styles and matching them with their contrasting patterns. This lets the kids get accustomed to their fun sides.

These clothes are made by using organic cotton which gives the clothes a bit more style and is made keeping in mind that children can wear them no matter what.

Indikidual has very deep knowledge about the working of the industry. They always try to encourage new thoughts and challenges.

1.Aquarium Kidz:

Aquarium Kidz  is a brand that makes handmade collections which makes their clothes different from the others available in the market. Eco- friendly and organic textiles are used to make these clothes. Each of these unique clothes is made with the utmost care.

Aquarium Kidz value professional opinion while creating their marketing strategy and work towards a proper relationship.

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