Top 10 Best Archery Companies in the USA

The history of archery dates back to the history of modern civilization. When early human beings used to live in jungles, the use of bows and arrows was very much prevalent for various purposes for their sustenance.

Of course, archery equipment at that time was very crude. Archery was an Olympic sport in 1900 for four consecutive games and was once again re-introduced in the 1972 Olympics and has continued since then.

Many countries in the world are more and more participating in sports, and the USA is no exception.

Today archery equipment would mean not only bows and arrows but also other gear too. On a rough estimate, the US archery equipment industry is forecasted to grow at around 9% up to 2022.

Best Archery Companies in the USA

10 Bowtech

This Eugene, Oregon-based organization strives hard to produce the country’s most advanced types of archery equipment.

It also specializes in customized bows and arrows per the orders’ specific requirements.

Besides having in-house string facilities, Bowtech has one of the finest customer care departments.  

The company’s marketing wing has concrete policies for brand awareness, market analytics, profitability, marketing research, etc.   

9. Predator Bows

The organization started in the 1980s and initially used to be the supplier of spare parts for its customers.

Later on, the company went on to make extremely good quality recurve bows as they got unparallel expertise from some of the renowned bowers of the country.

The bows are hand built to maintain speed, balance, and accuracy combined with top-level engineering excellence. The materials they use are by far the best in the industry.

The company has created a niche for itself by creating and producing recurve bows of the highest quality.

8. Black Widow Bows

This Missouri-based organization started in 1957, and the company is best known for its customized recurve bows. Their bows are really very complex to make, and in some cases, they use as many as 37 glue lines and as many hours to make a single bow.

The quality of string that the company uses is also of exceptional quality. Black Widow can truly boast of the level of customer satisfaction it enjoys and how its customers vouch for the unmatched quality of the bows. 

As a novel strategy, the company allows the archer to go for a test drive before he goes for the final purchase.

7. Southwest Archery

The California-based company has been in operation for the last 21 years and specializes in both recurve bow and takedown bow, in which not many people were specializing at that time.

To cap it all, Southwest bows and archery equipment are very pocket-friendly and affordable.

The quality bows that the company produces are used by Olympians, professional archers, hunters, or persons who want to take up archery just as a recreation. They also specialize in making archery equipment for youth and beginners.

Pocket-friendly products are indeed a novel strategy that the company encompasses. One of their hot-selling products is the Spyder takedown bow which can be used for archers at any level, from grassroots to senior, and is affordable.

6. Great Plains Traditional Bow Company

The company is Kansas based, and the owner himself takes utmost care to look after the manufacturing process and final products painstakingly.

The organization offers a full range of traditional bows meticulously done with standards kept at the highest level.

Every step in the manufacturing process, right from the procurement of wood for production to the last step, is dutifully taken care of.

Since the owner himself lends his personal touch, every product is practically faultless.  Apart from the speed, efficiency, and balance, some of the bows also have a great aesthetic get-up.

The fact that the owner himself is fully involved in the manufacturing process is a great boost and a USP of the manufacturer.

5. Samick Sports

The Company is Korean-based but is one of the brand leaders in the USA also. Founded in 1975, the company produces a whole range of bows, including recurve types, hunting bows, and archery equipment. Undoubtedly, the brand is the natural choice of archery champions worldwide.

The company’s bows, made with high carbon technology and aluminum made items lend speed, balance, stability, smoothness, and lightweight, much favored by the competitors 

4. PSE Archery

Founded in 1970 in Illinois and now headquartered in Arizona, the company, also known as Precision Engineering Equipment, is one of the most reputed and one of the largest privately owned archery companies manufacturers of archery equipment in the USA. 

The company is one of the pioneers of compound bows in the country, which has given them international fame. At the same time, they are still manufacturing traditional recurve bows too. 

The company is one of the foremost to make lightweight bows and has around 20+ patents for archery equipment.  

3. Hoyt

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company was founded in 1931 and has now been acquired by Jas D Easton Inc.

One of the most reputed companies for producing and manufacturing competitive recurve bows, it has to its credit the fact that all gold medal winners in the archery events in 2012 used Hoyt equipment.

In the reputed Hollywood movie Avengers, one of the characters also used a Hoyt bow. Hoyt bows are available only at Pro shops and are meant for sportsmen, archers, and kids.

The company uses State of the art technology to manufacture its products, including its highly superior quality string.

2. Martin Archery

Formed in 1951 by the Martin couple in Walla Walla, Washington, they were the first in the industry to make the compound bow called one cam bow featuring a full string system.

Over the years, because of their superior technology, the brand name was a favorite among the archery champions.

It was a matter of great pride for the company that Martin Mamba’s recurve bow was used to ignite the torch at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Today some of the finest archery brands worldwide are from the Martin stable.

1. Bear Archery

Founded in 1933 and now headquartered in Florida, the company was initially an advertising support organization till in 1940, the full-fledged archery business started.

Manufacturer of the compound, recurve and hunting bows the brand is one of the first choices of sportsmen and adventure lovers.

The products are of unmatched quality and at point of time, the first choice of the users. In 2003, the Escalade Sports group acquired the company and is now one of the top players in archery equipment industry.    

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