Top 10 Home Appliances Companies in The USA

In today’s jet-setting life, where everyone in the nuclear family, as is the trend now, is busy right since morning, little do they have time to look after their daily household chores as in yesteryears.

Home appliances thus play a very important part in meeting the daily requirements of a household right from daybreak till the family members go to bed. The appliances that are necessary for an American family are primarily.

Small appliances like juicer mixer grinders, dishwasher, Cooking range, ovens and grillers, cook top, refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, blenders, etc.

No wonder the list shows how much appliances are firmly ensconced in the US family lifestyle. 

Best Home Appliances Companies in the USA

10. Lennox

Headquartered in Texas, Lennox is a more than a century-old company with a transnational presence.

The company’s flagship division is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning items. During the 1960s, the company also ventured into tractors and mowers.

Since 1973 Lennox is also into the refrigeration division, which now forms the main three of its core business. 

Lennox created a unique marketing campaign to diminish the gap between end users and the service dealers under the cooling division by describing product attributes that paid the company very rich dividends.

9. Magic Chef

Originally started off as American Stove Company in 1867 from St. Louis, Magic Chef is now owned by CNA International. It produces appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, beverage coolers, cooktops, ice makers, etc.

It also manufactures items for commercial uses like bar equipment, merchandisers, and commercial cooking.

As its strategy, Magic Chef banks on its reliable customer base and meticulously follows its tag lines – accessible customer service, everyday dependability, and Everything easy.

8. Westinghouse

Originally named Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Initially, they were a big name in turbines, generators, switchgear and motors. From 1999 to 2006, it was Viacom, and since 2019 again, it has been known by the same name.

Currently, it manufactures and markets blenders, juicers, muffin pans, cake pans, electric kettles, rice cookers, pressure cookers, ceiling fans, irons, and a host of other utensils.  

The company has an impressive marketing strategy through which it plans to enter every household as it caters to all types of appliances meant for every chore at home.

7. Bosch

One of the greatest companies ever, Bosch is primarily known for the amazing services provided.

The company has a whole range of items like dishwashers of various control mechanisms, refrigerators, induction, electric and gas cooktops, and Ovens, including wall ovens, combo type, steam ovens, etc. No wonder their tagline claims – invented for life. 

Bosch has a solid dealer distribution set up as the company boasts of excellent before and after sales consumer services.

They have launched black stainless steel kitchen accessories and counter-depth refrigerators to make a dent in the market.  

6. Dyson

Earlier headquartered in Wiltshire, England, Dyson is a British company successfully manufacturing and marketing vacuum cleaners, hand and hair dryers, air purifiers, bladeless fans, heaters, special types of contra rotator washing machines, and lighting equipment.

Since early 2019 the Headquarters has shifted to Singapore, and factories have been set up in Malaysia and Singapore.  Dyson vacuum cleaners are supposed to be among the best in the market. 

As its marketing strategy, Dyson plans to reinforce E-marketing and superstores. It plans to address the younger buyers who prefer performance over price and, separately, the older generation who opt for energy efficiency. 

5. Frigidaire

The company is the US Arm of the European appliances giant Electrolux, and it is known more for its range of refrigerators.

Apart from refrigerators, the company produces various types of cooking ranges and stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, cooktops, freezers, air conditioners, washing machines, water filters, ovens, ventilation, etc.

The company also manufactures specialized ovens called gallery ovens which are much more energy efficient. 

Frigidaire has been very successful in containing the onslaught from its four main competitors: Whirlpool, GE, Amana and Maytag. 

4. Maytag

Another century-old company, Maytag, is part of Whirlpool after its acquisition in 2006. Initially known as the Maytag washing machine Company, it owns several well-known sub-brands like Amana, Caloric, Admiral, Jenn Air, Norge, and Magic Chef.

The company has many dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, cooktops, floor care items, etc. 

Maytag’s positioning strategy for marketing, which has paid them back well for over 35 years, has been the reliability and confidence factor that the end consumers have in the brand.   Added to that has been the positive spillover from the company’s co-brands.

3. Kenmore

Another century-plus brand headquartered in Chicago, Kenmore has probably in its stable any appliances you name it under the sun.

Broadly it has refrigeration, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, small appliances, floor care, air treatment and purifiers, grills, and garbage disposal items. Kenmore has its own branded super outlet or hub called “Livermore.”

The brand’s amazing and highly trustworthy performance has helped the company bag several consumer-validated awards. 

Initially, the cost cutting strategy of the mother company of Kenmore failed substantially  resulting in the marketing position slipping out of Kenmore’s hands.

But later on with the sub brands become separate SBUs in their own rights, Kenmore has been able to reorganize its market ranks to a large extent.

2. Kitchen Aid

A brand owned right now by the gigantic Whirlpool Corporation, Kitchenaid is just about a century old . One of the pioneers to have made the stand mixers at the beginning of last century.

The company still makes and sells stand mixers even now and as such, has a whole lot of them. Besides mixers, the company also has blenders, kettles, refrigerators, dishwashers, cook tops, food processors and a host of other appliances. 

Being a part of Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid has launched its international marketing campaign targeting the maker –  of specialty food items at home. 

1. Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool is a Michigan-based giant conglomerate, one of the world’s biggest multinational appliances companies manufacturing and marketing home appliances.

The company is a Fortune 500 company, with a work strength of about 92000 and factories worldwide.

It also has some of the best-known sub-brands under it, which are giants in their rights.

Manufacturer of almost every type of appliance under the sun, Whirlpool has to its credit of having made freeze-dried ice creams for NASA under its moon landing missions in the 1960s and 1970s. 

The strategies of Whirlpool are mainly based on the market’s price sensitivity. A very competitive pricing strategy is followed for making deep inroads to facilitate deeper market penetration.  

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