Top 10 Best Antique stores in the US

Antique stores are retails stores which deals in buying and selling of antique things. With the advent of internet antique stores are now available both online and offline. America has one of the largest numbers of antique stores and all major cities in the US have antique stores.

Keeping in line with time most Americans now avail the service of the online antique stores. The antique and collectible sells have seen tremendous growth in the last five years. The antique shopping industry is very volatile to as it depends very much on the disposable income of the people. 

The industry has seen a growth of 4.3% which is a good sign taking the total revenue to 1.5 billion dollars in the year 2019. 

Best Antique stores in the US

Syl-Lee Antiques

  They are one of the best organizations which evaluate the products well and provide best price for the product.  One of the best features of these organizations is that they put the client’s interests first than their own. There are also facilities to make the business deals easier for the client. 

The organization provides free advice to the clients like evaluations and also free visits. They have team of specialists which advises clients to identify rare antiques. They provide free advises which makes it very excited and interesting for the client to do business.

Churchill gates LLC

This organization deals in fine antiques, accessories, furniture and others. They are in the business for 37 years making it a old and trusted name in this sector.

The organization takes its marketing very seriously as policy for the expansion of its business. They organize auctions at different events to make the people realize their services and products.  The environment of the deals and auctions are made very easy and friendly to make the clients comfortable.

D&G Antique & Restoration

This retails antique store is situated in the Corona del Mar, California and also other places. The organization also operates retails showrooms, restorations and projects stores.  They deals in buying properties in Europe and also buys properties of the private estates .

The organization is in this business for the last 25 years making it one of the trusted brands in this sector upholding the legacy of trust.

Their marketing strategies includes carrying different kinds of products which range from small to large products, clocks, accessories  and other properties. They offer advices and assurances regarding the products making the deals easier.

The restoration work done by the organization is another great move which attracts clients.

7 continents Art & Antiques

This organization collects artifacts and antiques from the entire world and makes public auctions for the public to come and take part. They deal in paintings, artifacts and other rare artifacts. They sell those artifacts at the auctions to their clients. 

Their marketing strategy includes their inventory which includes all types of artifact s from all over the world. Their options include sporting items, arts and statues, wooden sculptors, metal products and others.

Time travellers Antiques House & Estate cleanouts & repairs: 

This organization deals in products like old artifacts, jewelries, accessories, metal product and others. They also have their share of business in property dealings and repairs and restorations. 

Their marketing strategies includes picking up garbage and old stuffs from garages and houses directly to make it easier  for the clients to do business. They provide instructions and advices which gives the clients ideas about the true value of the artifacts. 

Unique 7 Antique traders

The organizations deals in furniture of different kinds like American, Europeans, Mexicans and others.  They also deals in other things like accessories making it pretty diverse. 

Their marketing strategies include the various services which makes it very attractive for the clients. The different services include antique dressers and wooden furniture, home furniture which used in room. 


The store deals in pottery, furniture, metal products, electronics and electrical products and collects products from all over the country.  Art and sculptures from America and Europe are also collected.

As a part of their marketing strategy they do research and brokerage about the art and sculptors, acting as consultant to the clients making it better for the deals. They provide great services making it one of the trusted brands in this field.

The website of the store provides lots of information regarding the store making it well known to the people.

Lavender Antiques and Books

The organization deals with antiques and books and had been in the business for more than 24 years, making it a very trusted brand. 

The store operates in the area of Harwinton. Their range includes variety of artifacts and antiques which makes it a lucrative option for the people. They also deal in jewelries, furniture and other artifacts. 

The organization uses various kinds of marketing strategies to make it remain one of the foremost and trusted brands in antique selling. They give the chance of visiting their shops and outlets to the clients so that they can have an idea about their operation and their range of items.

Antiques & Vintage gallery sat Durham

The organization makes it possible to sell and purchase antiques and artifacts at a reasonable price.  The store is located at the heart in Durham. The range of artifacts that the organization deals with is furniture, paintings, electric and electronics and other things.

The organization also specializes on various house items and rare artifacts. 

The marketing strategies of the organization offer services to provide great opportunities to the house directly to the client’s house. 

They have their own website where they have been reviewed by many of their clients which helps to get lot of promotion and making it knowing to many other people.

Full Circle Antiques

  the organization deals in variety of artifacts and antiques from porcelain to glass, from furniture to antiques. They are in this business for over 20 years and have become a very trusted brand when it comes to this industry. 

They are very much in selling their products online since 2012 and have gained lot of fame in this sector. 

Their marketing is based on the stand that their ultimate goal is the kind of services that are being provided to their clients. Their commitment to the clients is one of their top priorities. They are also providing customer services to help the clients at any stage.

Another fact that makes clients attracted is their timely commitment as they respond to the client within 24 hours. 


Antique industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. The industry is showing positive signs of growth and has earned a lot of revenues. The antique organizations carry out their own marketing strategies which will take their stores forward.

The most common marketing strategies, which the stores use, is that they provide direct home advices to the clients and making the clients aware of their facilities. 

Other strategies include online advertising through various websites and their own. Providing of customer services also adds to marketing strategies making the strategy stronger. The antiques are located in various cities all over the US.

The place where the stores are situated also makes it attractive to the clients.

Top Antique Stores In Us

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