Top 10 Best Animal Health Companies in the USA

Animal health is as much necessary for mankind as it is for one’s own health. Ultimately better the health of the livestock and cattle , better will be the health of the people who are consuming the products be it milk, animal protein, mutton, chicken etc.

Better livestock and better poultry will ultimately benefit the end consumers only and also the betterment of the society at large.

Best Animal Health Companies in the USA

10. Covetrus Inc.

Headquartered at Portland, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of animal health services combining generation of prescriptions and its dispensing, regular involvement of farmers and practice  management software.

Innovations in the veterinary technology, enhancement of the quality of medicines and all round empowerment of animal health is one the company’s primary objectives.

Covetrus follows very innovative marketing strategies like word of mouth references, organising workshops and seminars for livestock and pet owners, better scheme of payments for lower income group and long term service packages for its customers. 

9. Idexx Laboratories Inc.

Another of the global animal healthcare companies based in Maine, Idexx is also covering almost the entire ambit of animal health care be it pets, livestock, equine, cattle  etc. Apart from serving and providing better animal health in America, Idexx also has substantial presence and marketing channels in Europe and other parts of the world.

Being a global leader in companion animal health care and technology, Idexx leaves no stone unturned to retain its leading position and also to scale new heights of achievements .

The company also continuously tries to augment pet human bonding which is very important in animal healthcare  .

8. Vetoquinol SA

Although it is one of the leading French Animal healthcare companies globally, the US operations are controlled from Fort Worth. Vetoquinol is one of the pioneers in Animal pharmaceuticals in Europe, Americas and Asia too.

In 2014 the US operations launched very effective animal healthcare products for the studs and the cattle in the country. These products were primarily focussed on immunity growth, behavioural pattern and calf care.

The marketing arm called Vet Solutions has as many as 28 representatives spread all over the country for more effective and strong network and cover up for  the territory. This will help in effective servicing of the clients. 

7. Virbac SA

Another of the giant French multinationals in the field of Animal healthcare, Vibrac is also based out of Fort Worth, USA. Specialising in the production of vaccines for companion animals and those which are for consumptions apart from specialized medicines, the company believes in overall growth of the animal health. 

Virbac has a very strategic tie up with Qbiotics which helps immensely in treating mastocytoma in canines through an injectable solution and the medicine is considered to be a breakthrough in its kind of treatment right now. 

6.Ceva Sante Animale

  The French seem to be one of the pioneers in animal health care organizations globally . Ceva Sante Animale although being a French multinational has its USA operations based at Lenexa in USA.

The organization constantly undertakes R & D, along with production and marketing of medicines, vaccines, Antibiotics, anti infective metabolic boosters for companion animals, poultry, and cattle. They are also having breakthrough products for animal reproductive healthcare. The company is based in 45 countries and works in 115 countries globally. 

The company has an unique sales enablement app called Micro Strategy, which operates both online and offline enabling the marketing representatives to perform their functions more effectively thus meeting the requirements of the consumers. 

5. Bayer

One of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical and pesticides industries worldwide, this German multinational giant is also a leader in its own right in the animal healthcare segment in the USA.

Called Bayer DVM in the USA, the animal health care wing has enough credibility just like its normal medicine and pesticides arms. The company has formulations both for the companion pets and the larger animals like livestock and cattle.

Bayer has a four pronged marketing strategy which has turned out to be very effective. They are – Laying more stress on innovation, integrated solutions to animal health, long term customer relations, understanding consumer needs and performing thereof.

4. Elanco Animal Health

Head quartered at Indiana, Elanco is the animal healthcare wing of the US pharmaceutical major Eli Lily and Company. Elanco is very reputed for its anti bacterial, Anticoccidials and vaccines and other products for the betterment of animal healthcare.

Highly  technology & innovation driven company, Elanco aims at creating better environment, better people, better livestock and animals and thus a better society at large. 

The strategy of Elanco is quite broad – it believes in healthier animals, healthier companion pets, healthier and happy people, and healthier world. Constant innovations and research enables Elanco to strive for a better world.

3. Merck Animal Health

This New Jersey based giant has specific wings for aquaculture, equine, canine, feline, cattle, poultry and swine. A truly diversified company with strong presence in prevention, treatment and control of diseases in both companion pets and large animals.

Merck has specific programmes for companion pets, cattle , swine and other animals.

As a part of its innovative marketing strategy, Merck has specialised tools like pet diabetes tracker, social media marketing library, my pet reminders, pet rescuers by home and so on and so forth.

2.Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health care

The gigantic health care giant from Germany is ranked amongst the first 20 health care mammoths of the globe. The company is family owned and harps strongly on the bond between the animals and the people. For more than 30 years now the company is doing extensive veterinary research in order to enhance its animal healthcare product efficacy. 

The global R&D team is constantly working for the betterment of animal healthcare products.

One of the path-breaking innovations that has definitely created a niche for itself is the development of parasiticides which has greatly helped the lives of the animals suffering from parasites infection.

1.Zoetis Inc.

The New Jersey based group is undoubtedly the world’s largest manufacturer of animal health care products. The company was at one time the subsidiary of US Drug heavyweight Pfizer, but as of now it is an independent company on its own.

The company firmly believes in online professional development and its staunch commitment to veterinary doctors and veterinary science. It has separate solutions for pets, cattle, horses, swine, sheep and poultry.

The company as its innovative marketing strategy has direct selling policy for all its customers so that they get a B2C view from the horse’s mouth. Secondly it ensures that its supply chain management is very strong so that there is no room for displeasure.

Thirdly the company strictly adheres to constant R & D at its facilities ensuring highly efficacious medicinal products for the animals and pets.

Top Animal Health Companies In Usa

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