Top 10 Best Aluminium Fabrication Companies in the USA

It is generally taken for granted  that the real progress of any country is in direct proportion to the production of steel and aluminium annually and the degree of independence of media present.

The position of the USA in aluminum production is amongst the first ten countries always. Primary aluminium is generally used for heavy and capital intensive industries.   

Best Aluminium Fabrication Companies in the USA

10. Metal Associates

Based at New Jersey the company started operation in 1983. Apart from aluminium production, the company also deals in copper, brass and bronze and is a reliable producer of ferrous and non ferrous metals. The company specialises in speciality materials and is a solutions provider to its customers.

The USP of the organization is that they are reliable people for scarce items in the metals industry. No matter whatever is the value of order, each order is highly important for them.

Being an ISO certified organisation, the standards and the quality of products are distinctively  high.

 9. Metalmen Sales

The Long Island New York Based Company was incorporated in 1986. The company as a mark of expertise is certified by QQ Specifications, MIL, ASTM and AMS. Metalmen also specialises in speciality metals which are hard to find.

The production process is also very detailed and meticulously planned to give the best possible final products to the end consumer.

The company has a unique Fishbowl technique in which the concepts and the thinking process of every staff members at all levels are put together for bringing out the best solutions of any issue which in turn leads to the betterment for the company.

The inventory management of nonstandard metals, as well as the delivery period of its products ASAP, is exemplary. The company takes pride in serving various projects of NASA, the US Army and the best US universities.   

8. C – KOE Metals

C-KOE Metals, the Texas based group is one of the pioneers and leaders of high purity aluminium pellets, 5 Pound notch bar, granules, shots, peas and particle ingots. Particularly for pellets the company is the industry leader.

Customized products as per customer choice can be made available.

As a unique packaging strategy, the company has adopted four alternative packaging solutions to meet customers’ requirements however small or large it may be. Exemplary customer service is also a strong point of the company.  

7. Logan Aluminium

Based at Kentucky, Logan is a joint venture of two companies, Novelis and Tri – Arrows Aluminium which got off in 1985,  the with a vast sprawling area of 10000+ area, Logan has the largest aluminum can sheet facility in America and meets almost half of the aluminum can market. The company has won many accolades and trophies for peak performances in the aluminium trade.

A big supplier to the beverage can market, State of the art techniques are followed where production exceeding target is almost natural phenomenon . 

The company is very conscious about environmental safety and air pollution control.  Having an energy reduction task force the task is to minimize plant energy. The organization has a very strong CSR activity. 

6. Tri Arrows Aluminium

The Company is owned as a consortium between Sumitomo, Itochu Metal Corporation, Itochu Corporation and UACJ Corporation. On the other hand Logan Aluminium is a joint venture between Tri Arrows and Novelis.

Considered as one of the top notch companies of the world, Tri- Arrows is one of the major suppliers in the beverage can and automotive sheet market. 

One of the main strategies the company deftly follows is flexibility as per the customer and market requirements. Continuous R and D, employee training and innovations is at the core of the company.    

5. JW Aluminium

The South Carolina based company is now one of the main producers of building and distributor sheets, cable wrap, auto and aluminium foil. One of the main usages of the finished stocks is in air conditioner, heating, ventilation and other heat transfer applications.

Other usages are in the building industry like roofing, window framing, door framing etc. 

An encouraging strategy the company follows is the WIN strategy where all employees in all departments are mentally geared up to give their very best.

Firmly believing on the cultural values and the company principles to march ahead in attaining the goals.   

4. Kaiser Aluminium

Founded in 1946 at Washington, the company is now California based. Currently the company owns 12 fabricating plants and also has a 49% stake in a major  UK based company. 

“Best In class” is a motto that the company employees follow which is a hit strategy for the company. The company strictly ensures to follow that superior quality products are produced for the most complex of market demands. Delivery at least one day earlier is strictly ensured.  

3. Aleris Rolled Products

Founded in 2004 at Cleveland, the company was formed as a merger between IMCO Recycling and Commonwealth Industries. Again in 2—6 the internationally famous Corus group was acquired which helped Aleris make giant strides forward.

In the same year the company was acquired by TPG or Texas Pacific group.

Aleris has manufacturing facilities at USA, China and Europe and Innovation Centres or Rand D facilities at many places including China. These innovation centres are centres par  excellence and one of the finest in the world.       

2. Century Aluminium

One of the biggest aluminium producing companies in the world and headquartered at Chicago is a globally acclaimed leader of primary aluminium product.

Century has three aluminium smelters in the USA and one in Iceland. The company also owns a carbon anode production facility at the Netherlands. 

The company follows a three pronged strategy of expanding the primary aluminium business and follow strictest anti pollution and safety norms in its facilities. Another strategy is to increase its investment in bauxite mining and alumina refining. 

1. Alcoa

Undoubtedly USA’s number one and the world’s sixth largest producer of aluminium, Alcoa is Pittsburgh based. The pioneer in aluminium, alumina and bauxite, Alcoa was formed in 1888.

The company has a gigantic bauxite manufacturing facility coupled with phenomenal alumina refining system and aluminium smelting. Alcoa firmly believes in the dictum customer is the boss. 

As a leader and innovator, Alcoa has a code of conduct, human rights policy, a policy for adhering to Cultural values. Anti corruption, trade compliance are the other two. Alcoa has a 24×7 helpline for external as well as internal communication

Top Aluminium Fabrication Co In Usa

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