Top 10 Best Advertising Companies in the USA

At any point of time the U.S. is the biggest advertising hub globally and around 120000 advertising agencies are listed officially in the US making it the largest advertising fraternity.

All the advertising majors and most of the advertising agencies’ global headquarters are based in the U.S. On a ballpark estimate the total advertising spend in the U.S. last year  is expected to be closely around 241 million US$.

Out of this amount the major chunk will clearly be advertising spend in visual medium like TV and digital medium, the internet and various social media platforms like FaceBook, WhatsApp etc. 

Best Advertising Companies in the USA

10. Leo Burnett

The company was founded in 1935 by Leo Burnett himself at Chicago Illinois, Since 2002 Publicis is the mother organisation of Leo Burnett. Among the leading clients of Leo Burnett are Fiat, Coca Cola, Procter and Gamble, Pfizer, Kellogg’s and Samsung.  

Leo Burnett uses a marketing environment that is omnichannel in nature. It uses strong strategies and the consumers are continuously inundated with several marketing messages.

Leo Burnett uses constructive strategies and crafting insight into the marketing planning process. The marketing approach helps in serving the true needs of human.  

9. Publicis

Part of the internationally famed WPP Group, the global headquarters of Publicis is in Paris , whilst their US headquarters are situated at  Broadway, New York.

Apart from the above the line advertisement in print, visual and audio media, Publicis is also a big player in Digital medium, data analytics and a brand consultant 

Publicis has a team of seasoned strategic planners and experienced creative team that helps in coming up with impactful marketing strategies. Every client looks into the strategies of the brand. Publicis analyses the changing marketing approach in the world and design strategies that can leverage and capture the marketing essence.

It creates powerful ideas and marketing strategies that can make a brand irreplaceable, unique and in control. 


Based at Madison Avenue, New York, TBWA is a part of the Omnicom group operating from 307 offices in as many as 114 countries. Originally incorporated in France in the year 1970, TBWA has received accolades as Global agency of the year previously .

The Clients list of TBWA worldwide is who’s who of the industry giants. Some of the names are — Apple, Hilton Hotels. Macdonald’s, Nissan, Henkel and Singapore Airlines. 

TBWA uses some award-winning strategies and has experience in marketing, disruptive brand development, creative communication etc. By utilising digital campaigns it has helped several brands in the global market. 

TBWA has diverse marketing strategies that help in targeting the right consumer. Different marketing strategies are considered and evolution is done in order to find the right approach. 

7. Wunderman Thompson

Part of the WPP Group , Wunderman Thompson was earlier known as J Walter Thompson with their US Head quarters in the upmarket Lexington Avenue in New York. After their transformation from JWT or J Walter Thompson , they call themselves as a new and revamped  creative agency with solid back up of data and technology totally driven for the growth of their client’s overall business.

Creativity of Wunderman Thompson is eulogised globally. Some of the best known global business leaders are their clients. Operating from 90 countries with a solid work force of more than 20000 professionals, the agency’s campaigns continue to enthral the target audience. 

Wunderman Thompson helps the brand to implement smart automation marketing strategies. It maximizes the marketing opportunity by utilising product data, E-Commerce strategies, customer insight, leading-edge technology and other factors that can boost the brand’s visibility or conversion. 

Powerful brand engagement and strategies are designed and implemented by using digital platforms. Wunderman Thompson has a dynamic, young and international marketing team that can help a brand to grow professionally. 

6. Ogilvy

Founded by the legendary advertising icon and one of the pillars of modern day advertising ,  David Ogilvy in 1948, the agency was initially known as Ogilvy Benson & Mather to be transformed to O & M – Ogilvy & Mather and now  Ogilvy.

David Ogilvy himself was a pioneer and giant in the advertising fraternity globally and no wonder his advertising agency created some of the award winning top creative campaigns internationally . It still has some of the best creative minds in the industry.

Some of the Ogilvy clients are Caterpillar, Cogeco, CDW, and Coca Cola . Ogilvy right now is an important  part of the WPP Stable . 

Ogilvy uses one of the fine marketing strategies. They focus more on the digital platform. Ogilvy believes that if you provide free actionable, practical and useful information to the consumer then they will easily trust you or collaborate with you. Ogilvy uses simple and plain headlines that can sell easily. 

Ogilvy believes that advertising is a form of information and not just pure entertainment. Marketing strategies always need remarkable impact. Every advertising approach must have a huge idea behind it in order to attract the consumer.

5. Saatchi & Saatchi Group

The agency was founded in 1970 by two brothers Maurice and Charles in London. At present they have 114 branches in as many as 67 countries. The client’s list include HSBC, Visa , Toyota, Lexus , Glaxo Smithkline Beecham , Procter & Gamble  Expedia and General Mills. 

Saatchi & Saatchi Group is continuously setting new business strategies in their development and research lab. Each of the strategies begins with creativity and work in a manner that will help in improving the consumer and clients relationship.

They provide a specialist range of several marketing solutions along with data analytics, digital strategy, content and creativity. 

4. BBDO Group 

Formed in 1928 with the merger of two groups BDO and George Batten , the full form of the agency is Batten Burton Durstine and Osborne . Headquartered in New York with 289 offices in 80 countries, it has around 15000 top notch advertising professionals in its fold.

Awarded several times for its creative talent and bagging agency of the year awards , BBDO is a part of the Omnicom group. Like other top end agencies BBDO also has separate divisions to handle Digital advertising, PR ,branding, strategies  etc.  

BBDO Group is one of the most creative and strategic marketing agency. It utilizes a unique tool for new strategies that can help in solving complex problems. They start every project with the comprehensive analysis of competitive offers, market and audience. 

3. Omnicom Group

The group known as Omnicom media group is based out of Broadway in New York. As like WPP and The McCann group,  it also has multiple advertising agencies under its fold where each one of them are grade one agencies in their own rights .

Awarded several times in the Cannes Lion festival , the group has won 11 times in a row accolades for the best media agency. BBDO ,  Leo Burnett, Publicis TBWA , DDB to name a few are a part of the Omnicom group globally . 

Omnicom Group utilizes innovative, iconic and successful marketing strategies. It believes in empowering the brand’s creative identity. By utilising communication and marketing it has maintained profitability, culture and financial discipline.

It increases the engagement of the customers and boosts sales growth. Its marketing strategy includes media planning, promotional marketing, interactive marketing and public relations. 

2. McCann Erickson Group 

Part of the McCann world group with the parent company – Interpublic the agency was formed in 1930 with the merger of two companies Erickson and H K McCann The agency has branches in 120 countries globally with separate divisions handling healthcare, PR, Digital marketing, branding and strategic communications.

The motto of the group is — We help Brands play a meaningful role  To name a few the clients they handle are GM, Nestle, Coca Cola , Microsoft, MasterCard, Verizon, Cigna amongst other important Blue Chip companies .

McCann Erickson Group is leading in the field of the advertising agency. The company believes that a consumer must know the truth in order to build a long-lasting relationship with the brand.

Their marketing strategy includes engaging with consumers on a daily purpose in order to help the brand grow popular in different countries of the world. 

The company helps several brands to become popular through media platforms, disciplines, language, technology, geographical boundaries etc. Truth is used as a catalyst for generating impactful marketing ideas.

1. WPP Group

Although headquartered in London and executive office in Dublin Ireland WPP is the biggest advertising company in the world. It is the holding company of a host of top notch agencies worldwide like Wunderman Thompson, Grey, Ogilvy & Mather , Group M, Young & Rubicam, Gorilla, AKQA  , Hill and Knowlton, IMRB. VMLY&R to name a few from its rich stable .

Each and every of the group companies are masters in their own rights and in their respective domain. The group was incorporated in 1971 as Wire and Plastic Products PLC. The group also has separate divisions to look after each and every aspect of advertising PR  functions and branding exercises.

Most of the WPP clients are in Fortune 5OO list as also in the top ten lists of Dow Jones and NASDAQ. 

WPP Group’s marketing strategy focuses on radical evolution. WPP leads in technology and creativity. One can expect to see organic growth by using the opportunities that can help in changing the industry. Their marketing strategy revolves around identity, purpose and vision in order to create transformation in the company. It brings together expertise and creativity. 

In order to ensure the success of modern clients, experience, communication, technology and commerce are utilised. It helps in serving the constantly changing marketplace. 

Top Advertising Companies In Usa

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