Top 10 Accounting Firms in The Us for Your Business Growth!

Accounting forms one of the major cruces of running any successful business enterprise, and business organizations in the U.S. are no exception.

Unlike the United Kingdom or India, where the Chartered Accountants Institute is the mother organization, The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants [ AICPA ] is the regulatory body of the Accountants as they are called in the U.S. They cover A to Z of financial planning services that can be availed of. 

Largest Accounting Firms in the Us


Headquartered in Cleveland, the organization started operations in 2003, having offices at multiple locations.

CBIZ MHM LLC has hired an excellent team that helps provide various business challenges and creative solutions.

The marketing plans are implemented strategically and are refined to communicate the messages that the brand wants to convey. The marketing plan includes awareness and lead generation.

CBIZ MHM LLC utilizes different concepts, tools, and skills in order to build a healthy relationship and business.


Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company is also known as Crowe Horwath and part of the Crowe Global Group.

Crowe has a global presence in at least 130 countries with multiple clients across the planet, effectively servicing them through 200 network companies. 

As people say, Crowe is one of the best companies to work within the U.S. Apart from the usual accounting services like audit and tax planning, Crowe also gives tailor-made strategy consultations and advice to its clients from all types of industries. 

They put a lot of effort into digital marketing as it helps to connect to a large media. All the data is analyzed, organized, and optimized for strategic implementation.

People working under this brand work on different business components to coordinate the resources and develop marketing strategies that help strengthen the brand, drive revenue, and support the development of new products. 

8. CLA 

Headquartered in Minneapolis, formed in 2012 with the merger of Clifton Gunderson LLP and Larson Allen LLP. The company’s full name is Clifton Larsen Allen LLP.

Operating from at least 120 U.S locations and having a global network CLA acts as a consultant working on manpower benefit plans, tax planning, and education, risk management, cybersecurity, business transition, apart from its core business of audit, financial planning, and assurance. 

Clifton Larsen Allen LLP has interesting marketing strategies that will help build better plans with a practical approach.

Their dedicated team implements a marketing strategy that is based on different perspectives and beliefs. CLA has a deep insight into the industry. They encourage new challenges and ideas.

7. BDO US 

Headquartered in Chicago, BDO US is part of BDO International, the famous accounting conglomerate.

BDO Alliance USA is the largest association of CPA and other allied accounting and financial services in that country.

It offers audit, assurance, financial planning, cyber security, tax planning, and other accounting-related services.

BDO’s US marketing strategy includes valuing the professionals, their work, and their relationship. People working here deeply understand the industry and have a cohesive global network. 

6. Grant Thorton 

Formed in 1924 in Chicago. Grant Thorton LLP is a member of the global accounting and financial planning giant Grant Thorton International, which is the 7th largest accounting firm globally. 

Grant Thorton understands the importance of the right strategy. One cannot negotiate when it comes to the impact that a strategy can provide. Their business strategy revolves around the places where there are opportunities.

They clearly understand addressable markets, purchase decisions, and customer segmentation. 

5. RSM US 

Another accounting firm established last century in 1926, RSM US, better known as RSM US LLP, is also headquartered in Chicago and has a subsidiary called RSM McGladrey Business Services.

Having offices at multiple locations, the USP that this company propagates is that they help middle-market leaders to reach unassailable heights in terms of business gains, Financial and risk planning, and outsourcing, apart from the usual audit and tax planning services. 

RSM US uses a structured approach that helps align the firm’s capabilities with that of the business strategies.

This is used for targeting the opportunities that help in a stronger business. Collaborative working with the team helps RSM US to deliver excellence at each step. 

4. KPMG 

Unlike other accounting companies in the US, KPMG is headquartered in Amstelveen, Netherlands, and is an international co-operative or network of accounting firms in 164 countries of the globe and has gigantic employees and associate strength of more than two lakhs.

The company was formed in 1987 by merging KMG and Peat Marwick.  

KPMG US is an independent company but fully associated with KPMG International. KPMG has strategic alliances with top industry leaders, to name a few — Microsoft, Amazon, Blackberry, Oracle, Google, IBM, 

KPMG uses the marketing mix strategy and covers the 4Ps: product, place, price, and promotion. The price will depend on the project duration. KPMG is a business-to-business market. 

3. E&Y 

Ernst & Young Global Limitedin short E & Yis a London-based accounting firm with offices in multiple U.S. locations.

The U.S. office is situated at Times Square, New York, and globally this giant employs around 2.7 lakh people as of last year.

Globally it is acknowledged as one of the largest accounting and professional services organizations. It has a whopping 700 offices in as many as 150 countries.

Formed out of the merger between two firms, Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young and Company in 1989. 

EY was coined in 2013, although the two companies were originally incorporated around 1903 and 1906 as Ernst & Ernst and Arthur Young and Company, respectively. 

The marketing strategy includes transformative steps like redefining the organization’s purpose, embarking the digital transformation, and optimizing and pursuing strategies for inorganic growth, disruptive innovations, and market dynamics.

2. PwC 

PwC, or Price Waterhouse Coopers as the company is known, had started as Coopers and Lybrand in 1854.

Another company Price Waterhouse started in 1849. Both these companies merged in 1998, and thus Price Waterhouse Coopers or PwC, came into being.

The tagline of PwC says it all – Working together to deliver value to our business, with a combined workforce of a massive 2.76 lakhs in as many as 157 countries. 

PwC is also one of the most sought-after companies, both from the client and employee sides. Apart from the usual core services offered that of, audit, tax planning, and assurance. 

PwC utilizes unique marketing strategies, which involve placing the brand in the market through the best advertisements.

It accordingly analyses the price, product, promotion, and place before implementing distribution and advertising strategies.



Undoubtedly the top of all the accounting firms in the U.S., the company’s full name is Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, with its global headquarters in London and its US headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

The organization started its operation way back in 1845 and has a highly specialized qualified workforce strength of 3.12 lakhs globally. 

DELOITTE’s marketing and customer strategy include executive strategies that help create value, grow, differentiation, disruption, and portfolio optimization. They help their client to achieve customer-centered and organic growth. 

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