24+ Effective Barber Shop Marketing Ideas

Marketing is an essential part of any business, whether it is a small or a big one. It helps your business grow by enticing a greater number of customers. If you are the owner of a barber shop, then you must have sound marketing strategies to promote your services among customers.

How to promote your Barbershop?

  • Place a signboard, standee, and past posters nearby the premised to attract the local public.
  • Take your business online through a professional website and start door-to-door services for the clients.
  • Network with relevant business partners and give them a group discount offer.
  • Make sure to list your shop in business directories and Google Maps.

Don’t stick to a few marketing ideas, be creative in implementing new ones. Here are few examples of marketing ideas for a barber shop.

Your Brand Identity

It is important to create a brand identity that depicts the style and values of your business. The physical appearance of your store, the dress code of your employees, and the products you use all represent your brand identity.

The specialty of your shop will help you to stand out in the competitive market and attract customers.

Offering Extras

You can go beyond your customers’ expectations by offering them extras like a body massage or shampoo along with a haircut.

This can help create a good impression among your customers. It is more likely that they will refer your shop to their friends and family members.  

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Keep certain things in your shop, like newspapers, magazines, and a TV, that allows your customers to stay engaged while they await their turn.

You must also care for non-customers, such as kids coming with their parents. Make your customers feel comfortable when they visit your store.

Upload Photos and Videos

Upload photos of different types of haircuts on your website and in social media on a daily basis.

Post online videos that illustrate your unique style of hair cutting, trimming, and shaving. This will influence potential customers to visit your shop to try out something new.

Maintain a Stylish Look

Try to maintain a stylish appearance with a trendy haircut to connect with customers belonging to the young age group.


Start a blog and post informative content in it regarding hairstyles, share tips on hair care, and review new products.

Customers should find your articles to be interesting and valuable. Also, share the content on social media to make your shop popular.

Stay Updated

You should stay updated with the new and trending hairstyles. If you stick to old ones, customers will choose other shops offering new styles and products. Always try something new to allure customers.

Organize Promotional Events

Hire a stall at local events or festivals, offer haircuts for free to visitors, and request them to visit your store next time. Distribute business cards and fliers in those events.

Provide your services in community events like marriages; for example, look after the hairstyle of the bridegroom and his friends. This will help your shop gain more leverage and popularity among local customers.

Send Personalized Messages

Consider sending personalized messages to your customers through e-mails and text messages.

Request your customers to share their e-mail id and mobile number with you. Send messages to them frequently regarding appointments and update them about exciting deals and products, new hairstyles, beauty tips, etc.

Open a Website

Invest in opening a professional website for your business. The website is an online marketing tool for you. With the help of your website, you can target a huge number of customers even if they stay far away from your locality.

Upload photos of your special haircuts, facial packages, and products on the website. Also, let your customers book appointments through the website.

Social Media

Social media is an important marketing tool for any business. Use it intelligently to promote your shop and brand identity.

You can interact with young customers in social media and tell them about your shop and the kinds of services you offer. Post photos and videos, and content on social media websites.


Make more people aware of your shop through advertisements. Advertise your shop in local newspapers and TV ads. Put up hoardings and billboards in your area. Sponsor events in your locality by purchasing the advertisement spaces.

Tie up with Photographers

Photographers require hairdressers and stylists when they are organizing a photo shoot for a model or celebrity.

You can provide your services to them in return for payment and also acquire credits when the photos get published. This will make your services popular among those who come across the photographs.

Take the Opinion of Customers

It is very important to take your customers’ opinions when cutting their hair or trimming their beards. Don’t try and do something that the customers won’t be satisfied with.

Tell your staff to ask appropriate questions to customers and customize their haircuts in the way they want. This will let the customers know that you respect their opinion.


Offering discounts is a traditional way of promoting your business. Reward your regular customers with discounts like getting two haircuts and the third one free or a shaving cream free after your fourth shaving of the month. All these offers will help you retain your loyal customers and attract new ones.

Ask for referrals and Recommendations.

Your loyal customers can promote your store through referrals and recommendations. Ask them to refer your shop to their friends and family members and reward them for each successful referral.

Keep your Business Registered

Register your business with offline and online directories. People will learn about your shop when they search online or offline directories. Take SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seriously.

When people are searching for a barber shop online with keywords like the “best barber shop”, or “cheapest barber shop,” the name of your shop should feature in that list.

Offer services at a Cheap Rate in the Beginning

Research the market before you start and find out how much your competitors charge for a haircut or a shave.

You should initially charge less than them to attract customers and continue to do so until you have established your brand identity.

How to drive sales to your Barbershop?

  • Update all social media pages with the latest shop activities, offers, news, or pictures.
  • Entertain customers by creating compelling videos and posting them on social media pages and YouTube.
  • Start loyalty programs for regular clients and reward them with coupons or deals.
  • Provide free haircuts to local photographers and ask them to credit you for photographs.
  • Connect with existing clients through Blogging.
  • Hold a referral contest and reward them with free products or gift cards.
  • Request customers to write positive reviews on your website or Facebook page.
  • Distribute pamphlets or fliers in community areas or nearby places.
  • Ask personalities or influencers to post ‘before and after pictures with some appreciation texts for your services. Tell them to promote your brand name through the Instagram hashtag.

FAQs about Barber Shop to grow your Business

What is the target market for your Barbershop?

Your customers are primarily males. You’ll have a little boy who wants a haircut from time to time. Your customer base is made up of people who appreciate the art of the quality barber and appreciate the companionship and social atmosphere of a barbershop.

How can you make your business more profitable?

The owners of the Barbershop propose the following annual benefit rises strategies:
-Offers more services, including ears, hair coloring, and haircuts for personalized fashion.
-Have a shop area that includes hair care, razors, and brushes.
-Providing a handheld barber service

How to keep the customers coming back to your Barbershop?

Word of mouth is also the best marketing tool in the service sector. Seek to provide every customer with excellent customer service. Encourage the employers to offer a referral discount to their mates. Many barbershops have kept customers effectively with daily membership or discount days.

What experience and skills are required to build a successful barber shop?

You must attend barber school and receive the certification required before starting. Additionally, barbers need a range of training hours from 800 to 2000 hours to be logged in many States. It is a highly social profession, and you will interact with people from all backgrounds with customers. It’s just as necessary to listen as to chat. As a shareholder, it will also benefit from a good business sense. Try taking a simple business course or hiring a consultant if you are short on this matter.

How can you promote your Barbershop and achieve great success?

Try holding a grand opening celebration in order to welcome you to the community. Drop flyers in the surrounding areas for businesses and houses. Always a perfect outlet for publicity is community magazines, local TV stations, and radio. Announce the event well in advance and offer exclusive offers to those who mention your flier. Your marketing plan will include a simple website and a social media presence. Posts your customer can read and post on these pages.

Here is one more infographic which will give you more insight about Barber History. Read Below

barbering history

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