15+Top Balsamiq Alternatives And Competitors List 2023

HEADQUARTER: Sacramento, California, United States

Giacomo Guilizzoni founded the company Balsamiq in June 2008. He is the founder and C.E.O.The Company has its Headquarters in the European Union (E.U.). Balsamiq is an industry-leading wireframing program for an industry that lets users sketch and share mockups of user interfaces for desktop, web, and mobile apps.

The Company’s primary goal is to be focused on the process of creativity and to provide a simple tool that allows users to get immersed in the process and remain focused on the structure.

Balsamiq Alternatives and Competitors


  • Year founded: 2011
  • Headquarter: New York, United States

Clark Valberg is the Co-Founder and C.E.O. of InVision.The Headquarters of this Company is situated in New York and the United States.

InVision is the visual collaboration platform powering the world’s most innovative companies by providing digital transformation and innovation services.

An incision is a prototyping software designed for designers by designers, and it lets users quickly and effortlessly make interactive mockups of your ideas.

This software contains many salient features like Design Sharing and Presentation, Design Prototyping, Management for Designers, Real-Time Design Meetings, Whiteboarding, User Testing, Research, Design Organization, and Collaboration.


  • Year founded: 2012
  • Headquarter: San Francisco, U.S

Dylan Field and Evan Wallace are the founders of the Company. The Company’s Headquarters is situated in San Francisco, U.S. Figma is an effective tool for a design that allows you to design everything: applications, websites, logos, applications, and more.

Figma’s inherent cloud-like nature makes it simple and relaxing. Figma is the biggest alternative to Balsamiq.

The program allows multiple team members to work on one project in real time.

Figma has clickable prototyping features like Built-in Commenting, Developer Handoff, Version Control, Multiplayer Collaboration, Live share, Components, Constraints, Team Libraries, and bonuses. 

G2 Deals

  • Year founded: 2012
  • Headquarter: Chicago,U.S

G2 deals were created in the hands of Godard Abel, Mark Myers, Matt Gorniak, Mike Wheeler, and Tim Handorf.

The Company was founded on May 1, 2012. The Company’s headquarters is within Chicago, the U.S. It is known by G2 Crowd.

G2 is a platform for sharing business software reviews in real time. Features of the G2 Deal company are P.O.S., LE-Merchandising, Payment Gateways, Product Reviews, Subscription, Management, Brand Protection, Drop Shipping, and E-Commerce Personalization. 


  • Year founded: 2005
  • Headquarter: San Francisco, U.S

The founders of Gliffy are Chris Kohlhardt and Clint Dickson. Gliffy lets users export their diagrams in various formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

Gliffy software is for diagramming using an HTML5 cloud-based application. Gliffy is really a tough competitor of Balsamiq.

It can be used to make UML diagrams, floor plans, flowcharts, Venn diagrams, and various other charts online.

Features of this Company are Diagram Templates, Organizational Charting, Mind Map, FlowchartData, Import-Export, For Developers, Drag and Drop Multi-User Collaboration.

With more than 16 million active users, Gliffy’s professional-grade diagramming software lets teams of all kinds create diagrams and communicate visually.


  • Year founded: 2012
  • Headquarter: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

Adi Geana, Cornel Cozar, Dan Burzo, Emil Tamas, Flavius Matis and Sergiu Cociug developed Moqups.

Moqups is a user-friendly web application to create wireframes, sketches, and prototypes with clear SVG. Analysts in business, UX professionals, executives, and teams with cross-functional responsibilities make use of mockups.

Moqups is supported via Alchemist Accelerator. The ecosystem of Different Tools, Powerful, Flexible, Scalable Features, Accelerates Your Creativity, Work from Anywhere, Built-in Library for Icons and Stencils, Team Collaboration, and Communication are some of the features of the Company. 


  • Year founded: 2008
  • Headquarter: South Jordan, US

Darrell Swain founded Lucidchart. Ben Dilts is co-founder and chief technology officer, and Karl Sun is a co-founder.

Lucidchart is an innovative diagramming software that helps you understand the processes, people, and systems that propel the Company forward at its highest.

Quickly style shapes, Create clean diagrams, Work faster with keyboard shortcuts, Expand your canvas, Organize your charts with containers, Include links and layers for easy-to-read graphs, Collaborate without leaving Lucidchart, Add necessary context, and Present and publish your diagram are some features of the Company. 

Axure RP

  • Year founded: 2002
  • Headquarter: California, United States

Axure RP was Founded in 2002 by Victor Hsu ( President and co-founder) and Martin Smith (Chief financial officer and co-founder).

The Company’s office is in California, United States. AxureRP is the industry-standard software for prototyping software and provides you with the ability to deliver quickly and effectively.

Key features of this Company are Check-In/Check-Out System, Animation, Adaptive Views, Annotate Prototypes and Diagrams, Dynamic Content, Data-Driven, Create Wireframes, Match Functions, Organize Notes, Publish To Axure Share. 


  • Year founded: 2008
  • Headquarter: New York, United States

MockFlow was released on November 10, 2008. Mockflow is an online wireframe program to create mockups of user interfaces for websites and software.

MockFlow utilizes nine technologies and services, including HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery, as stated by G2 Stack.

MockFlow is currently using 58 technologies on the website and it’s balsamiq free alternative.

MockFlow is actively using 58 technologies for its website. Some features are built with WireframePro, DesignCollab, StyleGuide, WebsitePro, SiteMap, BannerPro, and annotate.

Mockflow is an efficient, cost-free, and simple-to-use whiteboard online that lets users collaborate with other people at any time, anywhere.


  • Year founded: 2001
  • Headquarter: Blakeley St, Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Richard Zipes is the C.E.O. of this Company, and George Knox is the president. Omni is an American technology-based rental and storage company that is on demand.

OmniGraffle is a tool for creating gorgeous, precise graphic designs like wireframes for websites. OmniGraffle is an industry-standard tool to help with the design of User Experience design.

The program comes with a variety of tools for design, as well as an interface that can be dragged and dropped to create the WYSIWYG notes feature that allows you to note down and generate specification documentation for mockups and prototypes.

Wireframe. Cc

  • Year founded: 2008
  • Headquarter: Romania

Wireframe CC Wireframe CC is software for creating wireframes with which users can effectively convert their wireframes into appealing prototypes.

All they have to do is link their pages and their projects. The program lets users effectively collaborate within teams.

Separating a wireframe layout’s functions allows users to concentrate on the site’s core first.

Users can suggest how they would like it to work before becoming distracted by how they would like it to appear.


  • Year founded: 2013
  • Headquarter: Florida, United States

Daniel Sanchez founded the Company NinjaMock. The Company was founded in the year 2013, and the Company is headquartered in Florida, United States.

NinjaMock offers wireframing, free-hand Prototyping, and rapid mockups for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Microsoft Surface, and on websites.

The beneficial features of the Company are Drag & Drop, Drag & Drop Editor, Feedback Management, Image, Library, Interactive Elements, Mobile Interface, Mockup Creation, Project Templates, Projection, Real-Time Notifications, Real-time Updates, Third-Party Integrations, and Wireframe Creation.

Balsamiq Alternatives

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