Autopilot Review (2023): Features, Pricing, Pros And Cons

Autopilot is one of the options in the market that companies can consider.

The software company was founded in 2012 in Sydney, Australia.

However, as compared to other options you get, Autopilot is quite new, and it becomes crucial to understand it before you go further and consider it for your business.

To know more,  here is a detailed review of Autopilot and what you can expect from this software.

What To Know About Autopilot?

Autopilot is one of the simple yet powerful options you get for marketing automation.

This one is designed to create personalized customer journeys.

Apart from that, it’s an easy-to-use solution that enables you to improve customer satisfaction.

You can get more leads by sending the letter to the people, SMS, and emails.

Here you get the comprehensive set of tools for marketing automation. This sets you free from getting hurdles you face through IT and allows the marketing and sales teams more flexibility to consider better approaches.

Autopilot has seamless integration with popular businesses like Twilio, Lob, Segment, and Salesforce applications and streamlines this to the customer’s journey.

Besides, Autopilot allows its users to track activities that are happening in real-time. This helps in making much better decisions and taking the steps that improve overall marketing automation. 

You can monitor the ROI campaigns; this improves the decisions making as you are informed and help in converting more sales.

What Are The Technical Specification And Main  Features Autopilot Offers?

Well, there are different things you should know that include technical specifications and features that you get. Autopilot has different technical specifications, where you get different options.

  • Devices Supported
  • Web-Based
  • Ios
  • Android
  • Customer Types
  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise
  • Support Types
  • Phone
  • Online

Autopilot offers different features; however, here are four key features you get.

Features In Autopilot

Marketing Automation

Autopilot offers marketing automation that allows you to put journeys based on who you are targeting and want to reach.

Here you get the convent workflow tool that can help you in determining the action that will happen based on a different stage of the journey,

For example, when the visitor subscribes to the email list etc.

The software has the creation of a dynamic audience that is based on the various parameters, then you get the trigger messages and engage automatically.

Multi-Channel Journey Setup

Autopilot offers the multi-channel journey set up to its users, so you can personalize the customer experience. 

Here you can send the targeted postcards, in-app messages, email, and SMS.

 Also, make sure to send at the right time when your customers are on their journey.

You can capture the data and forms from the websites, apps, and blogs using the tracking code that autopilot offers.

With their drag-and-drop canvas, here you are allowed to define the full-on workflows, including the contacts, opportunities, and leads to the salesforce CRM.

Activity Streams

With these features, Autopilot makes it simpler for you to easily start the streaming engagement activity of your customers.  It can go from autopilot to the third-party analyst application, and all happen in real-time analysis.

Activity streams also unlock locks to the data, and you get better customer engagement.

Here you get the visibility that is needed for taking data-driven actions across the customer lifecycle.

With a feature like this, you get less confusing setting up for the steam and enable for getting the benefit of the incoming data.

Performance Tracking

With Autopilot, you get the performance tracking feature which helps in tracking journeys.

This also gives a high-level view into the journey which are tending, and campaigns are converting as well as contribution sales.

You can consider the common drop-offs too, and where you need to have to make changes.

On top of that, autopilot provides an email report that can offer insights into delivery rates and time trends.

What More Are You Getting Using Autopilot In Detail?

There are a lot of points that you get when it considers the features, so it makes it more useful and worthy.

Here are some of the features you get when you are using autopilot.

Automation Templates

Autopilot has an innovative automation builder which makes it much easier and faster to order the builder sequences but also gives you the newly rolled out.

It gives you the feature promise that makes you automate much faster

The automation templates you get are in beta and offer you the pre-built automation sequences in hundreds of numbers.

For example, you get the automation email responses; however, you are getting new land or sentencing the connection to the users who signed up for the access.

They have hundreds of automation workflows that the business can benefit from.

Integration With Best Apps

Autopilot integrates with popular marketing as well as sales apps.

Including Trello, Google, Facebook, etc. Not just that, you get more than 800 apps.

The feature also helps you in linking with the existing apps through the Automator actions, in a similar way that Zaire offers.

With this, you get a huge space for the tasks which are relative, and automating it helps you in cutting down the marketing strategies.

Apart from this, you can spend less time in doing the copy and pasting data to the spreadsheets and more on getting the next strategy for the business.

Drag And Drop Email Builder

Autopilot offers you the drag and drops email builder that can help you in creating visual HTML emails.

Here you don’t need to have the coding as you can build the email from scratch with 100% control over what type of designs you have.

Not just that, you get the template and customize options to the premade options if you want to save time.

Autopilot email builder runs smoothly in the browser, so it was required to pull the elements from the drag and drop it where you want them. Also, you can customize the styles as it depends on how you want them.

Here you get the option that lets you preview the emails and see how they look on different devices.

Apart from this, you can fine-tune the design so you can be sure that it’s what you actually eat before you send it off.

The users are allowed to create the template on their own and save it for future use.

This helps you in saving much time and effort, along with maintaining the stylistic.

Email A/B Testing

Any successful strategy for email marketing requires some experimentation and testing to pinpoint the most effective message.

This means you are going to need solid A/B testing and their capabilities. And you get the Autopilot that offers, you can build the plans and use the software.

You can integrate the third-party A/B testing software. So it’s good for you if you are using the platform, and it can be good to see how natively marketing automation platforms are.

Autopilot makes it easy to test emails and provides features like em analysis that can compare and measure email opens, bounces, replies, unsubscribes, conversions, and bounces.

Guaranteed Of High Email Deliverability

For any email marketing platform and have the autopilot works, however, for this, you need the guarantee of high email delivery.

This helps you in getting the major’s ISP which maintains the reputation and maximizes the deliverability.

The company has proclaimed that it ensures responsible sending emails and a positive reputation, something that different users can benefit from.

You can take full control over delivery and build a  better reputation from the start.

You can use the dedicated IP address add ons

Lead Management

The primary role of having marketing automation which, in turn, leads to paying the customers and getting more growth without having any human input.

This also means managing the leads and guiding them along with the sales funnel.

You get until they commit to the purchase and nutrition into the repeat customers.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Automation platforms have the properties of their email marketing because of their owned channel.

You get to compile data for the individual products and targets along with the highly relevant messages.

Autopilot offers a multi-channel marketing platform along with that email is not the only strategy that you can automate.

Here they allow you to collect the data and set the automation triggers on your marketing channels across it.

How Much Does an Autopilot Cost, And What Are The Pricing Plans You Get?

Autopilot offers you different plans that fit your requirements, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise.

Here you get a free plan which includes up to 2 000 contacts and up to 8,000 emails per month.

Along with that, you get a single playbook for three different management activities for up to 15 audiences, email marketing automation, integration with google suite, APO, and knowledge-based.

In their paid tiers, you get three plans which are divided into Campaign, Pro, And Business.

Campaign Plan

The campaign plan costs you $29 per month; here, it includes all the features that you get in basic plans.

Including plus three playbooks, the ability to capture more than five widgets, geo-targeting, up to seats, email support, and audience retargeting.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan costs $99 per month, and it adds the features of advanced campaign management.

You get up to 5000 contacts and up to 20 000 emails per month.

Apart from that, here you get up to 15 playbooks, up to five engagement activities,  features for customizing a default footer and capturing up to 20 widgets.

Business Plan

The third plan costs $299 per month. And like other features, here, the contacts and emails are up to 20 000 and 80,000 per month.

Not just that, all the plans you get in the other three plans, which are in Basic, Campaign, and Pro, Business plan includes all of their features.

Here you get plus up to 20 playbooks, capturing the 40 widgets, outbound activity streams, a sandbox account, priority support, roles, and permission.

Not just that, you get the add-on features i.e.

  • Additional seats for $29
  • Per month increased audience limits are to 50 audiences, which cost $249 per month. However, this is only what you get if your business plan.
  • In addition, reports are $249 per month; this feature is also limited to business plans.
  • Up to 50 playbooks that cost $249 per month
  • Custom email IP that cost $149 per month
  • Additional Activity streams for $29 per activity.

What Are The Add-Ons Autopilot Offers?

While autopilot doesn’t respect the features when you get cheaper plans.

However, there are some of the features that have the form of add-ons if you are willing to pay more for extra services.

Expert Set Up And Training

This one cost you $1,699. With this add-on, you get expert training and have the implementation specialties which help you in configuring the account.

The service offers you help in building the first journey, and this one is totally optional.

VIP Support

This one charges 159 .20 per month; you get priority support on live chat and emails for 24 hours and 6 days per week. This improves if you are looking for better options in VIP support from the autopilot.

You get the email request and live chat which gets the answers first by the team.

This add-on also includes backup restoration along with accessing the highest level of support-related technical. They offer VIP support which makes it much better to work and improve it. 

Salesforce CRM Integration

You have the ad, which charges $159.20 per month.

Also, you unlock the marketing automation for the Salesforce that comes with Sales integration.

You get the selective sync, contacts, and leads. Apart from that, you can sign the new leads for sales, nurture the leads and not be ready to buy, update fields, assign tasks, and create new opportunities.

Custom IP

You have the additional one who is advanced, and that costs T 119.20 per month.

This helps you in controlling the invisible sender’s reputation with the add one. This includes the warm-up automation plan for building a positive reputation and helping the need from the expert email delivery team.

Activity Streams

The advance adds one, starting at $159.20 per month; it streams real-time activity data, which gives you the account for the data warehouse and favorite tools for analytics for more analysis.

You can get the pre-built connectors for Heap Analytics and segment sources.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Autopilot?

There are a lot of pros and cons that you can get while you are using Autopilot.

This can give you an idea about what you want and help in knowing your strength and weaknesses.

Here are some of the pros you get from using Autopilot

  • Here you get the excellent automation feature
  • This has the good usability
  • Also, autopilot offers you the automation templates
  • Apart from this, it gives you easy collaboration.
  • This gives you automated actions between apps, which are quite similar to Napier.

Here you get the strong integration option too.

  • Apart from the pros, you have the cons too that you should consider.
  • You get no built-in CRM
  • Here you have no cheaper options available
  • Autopilot has no room for more reporting and analytics.

What Are The Implementation Or Integration You Get?

Autopilot is cloud-based, and you get different benefits, such as fast automation.

Not just that, the company offers you the following support too :


Autopilot offers you the hub of customer journey marketing resources which is a library that consists of research, upcoming events, videos, tutorials, ebooks, etc., and everything is always the latest and for free.

Flight School

Autopilot light school has eight training courses that help users to become experts when it comes to customer journey marketers.

Apart from this, you have in-depth lessons on customer journey marketing, and you get the best practices that give you the understanding of acquiring and nurturing leads across the business lifespan.

Training Webinars

Autopilot offers you weekly demos and webinars for free. This helps you in getting new users acclimated to the platform and ensure they are getting the best out of the experience.

Guide Book

The guidebook offers the journey which is pre-configured and helps in crafting the expectational experiences depending on the best practices.

Apart from this, you can get access to the app for the Guide Book throughout the journey.

Journey Reviews

There is a business payment plan; here, you get the 1 click journey reviews by the experts of Autopilot‘s team.

This also helps you in optimizing the journey and maximize the results.

Autopilot integrates with several SaaS apps, including Segment, Twilio, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.

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