Top 10 Best Auto Repairing Shops in the USA

No other country in the world can boast of manufacturing some of the best automobile brands as like the USA. Brands like Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Buick, Plymouth and Dodge are at any time the proud possessions of their owners.

When such outstanding car brands are there, auto-repairing shops can also not be far behind as this forms a part of the auto ancillary industry. Expertise, punctuality, quality of exemplary service, cost effectiveness and above all customer care are some of the important benchmarks on which the auto repairing organizations in the USA are operating today. 

Best Auto Repairing Shops in the USA

10. Brentwood automotive – Baltimore

Serving the greater Baltimore region, Brentwood has a host of services for its customers, which covers A to Z of car repair services. They have a computerised engine and performance check. 

The company also has highly trained ASE certified master technicians who can also handle European and Asian made cars apart from American cars as well. State of the art technology is used on all vehicles that they handle. As a part of their corporate strategy, they have incorporated TPMS or Tyre pressure Monitoring system, which is extremely advanced, technology-wise.

9. TJ’s Auto body 2 LLC – Connecticut

Having two offices in Connecticut, the company can boast of exceptionally good testimonials because of its near accurate job  estimates which can suit every pocket.

Specializing in collision and dent repair with expert paint technology which can be customised, they also are experts in Tyre rotation and replacements. 

As a marketing strategy the company gives on site detailing for those customers with a tight schedule and special services for car fleet owners who are utilising them commercially.

8. ATC Auto Centre- Augusta

ATC which means At the Centre spells everything that this organization stands for. The company says centre means trust, talent truth, teamwork and transmission, which is the motto and the core value of the company.

Giving almost every type of service that a car can require, ATC also offers guarantee on labour and spare parts on every service work done at their garage. 

As a part of consumer service, they provide car care tips also. The company has fleet services for multiple business cars and arranges shuttle services for its customers. 

7. Finn Mototech – Colorado

The Company apart from imparting the usual services of car care also offers full system diagnostics, customized services to its customers, re programming of systems etc. Most of the company’s technicians are ASE certified which makes them doubly efficient in handling critical car care cases. 

As a part of customer support strategy, Finn Mototech offers financing facilities and extend the warranty period up to 24000 miles or two years warranty. As a good gesture to the elderly people they have specialised services for the senior citizens. 

6. American Tire and Auto – New Jersey

Operating out of seven strategic locations in New Jersey as well as in Alaska, the company offers factory scheduled maintenance for its cars and customers.

Apart from computer diagnostics and TPMS Service they also offer financing facilities. Providing free job estimates online as well as offline, the company also has all automotive services readily available at their disposal. 

The company can also handle all types of vehicles including heavy trucks too.

5.Windham Tire and Auto repair- Alabama

Serving areas like as in Birmingham, Chelsea , Greystone and the vast surrounding areas, it offers very modest and personalized service to its customers. As it is family owned much more personal touch is there.

The company also offers TPMS service and has strategic business relationships with the best known brands in the automobile industry like Michelin, Goodrich Nitto and General Tyres.

As a good strategy the company offers coupon to its customers as a money saving offer.

4. Asmar’s Auto Care

The California based company offers full service car care with utmost meticulousness. They have a unique system of offering 3 years or 36 miles warranty for spare parts as well as labour.

There is a shuttle service for customers and the service technicians check the cars thoroughly giving the customers a complete feedback and start servicing only after getting the final nod from them.  The company offers discount coupons, special offers for its customers as a novel strategy. 

3. Johnson Paul Garage – Arizona

The service people here offer full systems diagnostics before embarking on the job. They offer car care to both American and non American cars and both domestic vehicles and trucks also.

The company apart from English offers services in Spanish too. The company enjoys a very high brand value and brand salience amongst its customers. 

2. Malibu Auto Repair – Brooklyn, New York

The Company is fully family owned and offers personal care and strives to give more focussed attention towards car care which naturally results in excellence. It is an A to Z one stop service centre for car care. It maintains a pre planned schedule of services for privately owned cars, fleet as well as trucks of all sizes.

The company also offers towing services for break down vehicles and also specialises in both American as well as non American cars by using state of the art technology and equipments. 

1. DI Auto services – Nevada

By far one of the biggest organizations in the auto car care and repairing industry, DI Auto Services has computerised car diagnostics system apart from complete auto maintenance service. Job estimates are generated free of charge and free towing services are provided to each and every car repaired at the company’s factory.

The company offers custom packages for 30000, 60000 and 90000 miles as well as a two year warranty. The service facilities are available for both petroleom as well as diesel run vehicle be it cars, light trucks or heavy trucks. Optional financing facilities are offered for the consumers too who require them.

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