6+ Best Aston Martin Competitors to Watch Out!

When one thinks about English manufacturers of luxurious cars, Aston Martin is the name that rings the bell for most. The company officially goes by the name Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLS and completely deals with building the best super sports car the world gets to see. Making the company 109 years old today, Aston Martin was established in the early days of 1913.  

Year Founded: 1913
Headquarters: Gaydon, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom

Founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in the United Kingdom, today, the company serves its products worldwide, but the sports car is not the only thing this company manufactures; Grand tourers competes in the second position.

The company gained loads of success during its beginning and even starred in movies like James Bond and Goldfinger. 

Today, the company has over 150 dealerships in over 50 countries. This car company is one of the first ever to receive a Royal Warrant. It was the year 2003 when the company received its Queen’s Award for Enterprise because of its success in trade and commerce for the nation.

List of Top Aston Martin Competitors

Even though Aston Martin has forever made headlines for being the best in business, one must not feel limited when it comes to trying out other companies that provide superior features. Here is a list of top Aston Martin competitors that one can opt for when it comes to buying a sports car that meets their needs.

Bayeirsche Motoren Werke AG (BMW)

Year Founded: 1916
Headquarters: Munich, Germany

One of the highest-performance luxury cars and motorbikes, BMW was established in the year 1916, making it 106 years old today. What makes the production stand out since day one is the fact that the mechanism was built by manufacturers of aircraft. BMW has its headquarters in Munich, Germany.

The motorbikes of this company fall under the category of BMW Motorrad. It is also remarkable how BMW was among the top fifteen producers of motorbikes in the year 2017, with around two million vehicles produced.

The company sells its products worldwide and is very famous in India, China, the United Kingdom, United States, apart from Germany.

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Year Founded: 1939
Headquarters: Modena, Italy

This Italian Sports Car company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in the year 1939. The company has forever owned the market in manufacturing racing cars and has won racing championships throughout the years. Back in those days, the cars by Ferrari were known as the cars of the future because of their power.

The company started testing cars soon after the First World War. Slowly but surely, the company started earning massive respect worldwide.

The company has keenly participated in the Formula One Racing Championships and has been declared the most successful and loyal team in the game. 2014 was the year when Ferrari was stated as the most powerful car manufacturing brand


Year Founded: 1963
Headquarters: Maranello, Italy

Another Italian car manufacturing company stealing the hearts of customers is Lamborghini. This 59-year-old company has received as much respect as its competitors, who have been in the market for about a decade.

One fact that has received a lot of interest is the story of how Lamborghini, as a car manufacturing company, came into existence. 

In 1963, Lamborghini was born only for the sole reason of competing against Ferrari. It was the first time in history that a company used a rear-wheel drive layout in their cars.

Not just cars but the manufacturers have also included the production of V12 engines for powerboat racing in their books. Lamborghini is one of the biggest competitors of Aston Martin currently.

Mercedes Benz

Year Founded: 1926
Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

Often called Benz or just Mercedes, this company is one of the most luxurious German-made automobiles. Introduced in 1926, the company originates from Karl Benz, who was the creator of the first ever internal combustion engine for cars. The first Mercedes vehicle was bought into the market in the year 1901. 

Even though the company has origins in Germany, it has managed to own the markets of about 50 countries with its production lines.

Mercedes has gained its reputation repeatedly for its cars’ durability. Apart from luxury cars, the company also participates in the production of vans, buses, and trucks.

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Year Founded: 1909
Headquarters: Ingolstadt, Germany

Audi is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group and is known for creating the best luxury cars in the world. This company gives neck-to-neck competition to Aston Martin with the number of locations from which it functions. Having a customer base from around the world, Audi has created a massive reputation for itself time and again. 

One interesting thing to notice is its name. The name has got its origins in the direct translation of its founder’s last name, which in Latin means “listen.”

The story behind its logo, the four rings, is also pretty interesting. Each of its logo’s rings represents the companies that joined hands together to form the Audi that we know today.

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Jaguar Land Rover

Year Founded: 1935
Headquarters: Whiteley, Coventry, England

Jaguar Land Rover is a British company famous for its luxury and sports utility vehicles. People can never stop talking about luxury cars’ sleek designs and their features alongside their prices. Before merging with Land Rover, Jaguar and the former company had a long hold on the car manufacturing industry. 

The company has over five research assemblies in the United Kingdom and India. What makes its models stand out is how all of its cars since the year 2020 have an all-electric option making them eco-friendly as well.

The Jaguar Land Rover company also claims to go all the way electric by the 2030s, which would impact the emission percentage.

Aston Martin Competitors

FAQs for Top Aston Martin Competitors

What Does “HWM” Mean?

“HWM” stands for Hersham and Walton Motors.

Does HWM Have a Dealership With Aston Martin?

Yes, HWM does have a dealership with Aston Martin. The company has been with Aston Martin since 1951, which makes it the most loyal and oldest dealership that Aston Martin has to date.

Can the Aston Martin Sports Cars Be Serviced at Home?

Yes, all the Aston Martin cars can be serviced at domestic premises once every year. To do the same, one will need to call the company’s customer service team up and ask about the procedures that may apply to their state.

What About the Extended Warranty?

It’s easy for buyers to extend their car warranties. The company has great sets of trained individuals who will guide its customers through the process of extension in warranty.

Which Model Is the Best When It Comes to a Good Boot Space?

Most of Aston Martin cars have a good boot space, but talking about the best, The Vantage is the best option in the market currently. Alongside, Rapide and DBX offer good models for boot space too.

How Can One Reserve an Aston Martin Car?

If one wishes to reserve a specific car model, one will need to check on its availability. If available, the customer will have to pay a reservation fee.

Which Is the Fastest Aston Martin Car?

The Fastest Model Is the Aston Martin One 77, Which Has Been Recorded to Go Up to the Speed of 220 Mph

Which Is the Most Powerful Aston Martin Sports Car?

With 1,160 horsepower, Aston Martin Valkyrie is the most powerful model.

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