9+ Best Apple Mail Alternatives for iPhone and Mac

Many easy and more convenient ways to communicate have been developed since the time email was invented.

But yet, we continue to use mail for office use or any other purpose. An email has set its standard and importance despite these different inventions.

Electronic mail (email) was first introduced in the year 1971 by Ray Tomlinson.

When we have to talk on an urgent or live basis, we mostly prefer apps like WhatsApp or Telegram; but when there is a need for applications or complaints, you will mostly be directed towards emailing a certain person.

Mails can be replied to at your convenience. They can also work as proof which can be used later, and also are very secure.

Year Founded: 19 September 2019
Headquarters: N.A.

Developer-Apple Inc

Operating system– Mac OS, iOS, watchOS and iPadOS 

NeXT developed Apple Mail as NeXTMail. Apple Mail uses SMTP for sending messages. It works with other email services like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Outlook. 

Which are the best email Apps for Mac?

Microsoft Outlook 

Year Founded: Jan 16, 1997
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, United States

Developer– Microsoft Corporation 

Microsoft Outlook provides you top-notch mailing experience as a paid service. It can be used on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

This has a Microsoft interface and various other useful features. The Add-ins option will help you to add more functions if required.

This app has functions like taking notes, task managing, contact managing, etc. The operating system is Microsoft Windows.

Pros- Good interface, easy to use, change the look of your interface.

Cons-  Runs with full efficiency only with Microsoft operating systems, costly to use.


Year Founded: 2019
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States

Developer– Benny Neilson

This app is available on Mac devices only. It is also a paid app. This app has a feature wherein mail headers can be clicked.

By clicking them, you get a list of all the emails of that particular subject or person. It has a small user base. Provides us with a more simple interface and stylish looks that are a bit compromised.

Pros- Excellent search features, keyboard shortcuts can be used, performance is very good, support markdown.

Cons- only available on Mac devices, a little costly.

Canary Mail

Year Founded: Oct 2017
Headquarters: Sans Francisco, California  

Developer – Sohail Sanghani

Canary Mail is available for iOS and Mac. This app provides good security with encryption. So you can send any sensitive content without any fear.

And its security also helps to block scammers. Besides, it helps us to manage our important emails first and focus on what is more important. With the option of unsubscribing, this app easily takes care of junk and useless files.

Pros- Easy to use, Very good encryption, faster.

Cons- Not user-friendly.


Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand

Founder– Matei Zaharia

Spark is a very user-friendly app. It comes with a free version as well as a premium version. It has good efficiency and can be used for free on Mac, iOS, and Android.

This app helps you separate the emails which you have not read from the ones you have already read. Also, it helps you find the most important messages promptly.

It has a snooze option to avoid the messages you want to deal with later and also helps you reply quickly. You can also add a time and date for an email to be sent.

Pros- User-friendly, easy to learn, good user interface.

Cons- Sometimes difficult to use the software, a mobile app is unavailable, and history cannot be seen for a particular user.

eM Client

Year Founded: 27 Nov 2007
Headquarters: Sans Francisco, California, United States

Developer-eM Client Inc.

This app provides a paid service and is available for Windows and Mac. It has a modern interface. You can use folders, tags, and flags to manage your messages.

This app also has good encryption for your emails to prevent you from spam. Snooze Email and Watch for replies options are available for further assistance.

Pros- Can be used free, provides security.

Cons- Not completely bug-free, free version have some limitation, mobile app not available.

Post Box

Year Founded: Sept 9, 2008
Headquarters: Sans Francisco, California, United States

Developer– PostBox.Inc

Post Box is not very easy to use comparatively, but it has many options which are not available in the other alternatives on the list.

It can be used on Mac and Windows. Encryption of emails is present in this software. You can open multiple emails at the same time.

The Quick bar is present for quick solutions. Marking the folders a favorite is possible. Templates give a rapid head start for constructing new mail. Installing this software is quite typical as it requires several steps.

Pros- Easy to use, good interface, sometimes categorized mail is put in junk.

Cons- Paid service, some bugs not fixed, customer support not that good.

Uni Box

Year Founded: 1990
Headquarters: Munchen, Germany, Bayern 

Developers -Lasse Jansen, Philip Sebial

Uni Box has a list of the people in its interface and not a list of emails. It has a very different interface compared to other email clients.

One can read and write an email in a single window. There is a list of people on the left which shows their avatars, which is arranged according to the date of the last conversation. Uni Box also supports IMPA protocol.

Uni Box is almost like a messaging app. We can share attachments also, and Uni Box provides us with 2 views, the iconic view in the form of a grid and the list view, which gives information about the files; when you want to see the current chat click on the avatars and click on the bottom for email.

Pros- The user Interface is good and easy to use.

Cons- Blank emails and send them to people most of the time, sometimes emails don’t reach the receiver.


Year Founded: Aug 18, 2022
Headquarters: New York, United States 

Developed by -Bloop, SRL 

Airmail is paid and available for Mac and iOS. It comes with various actions like swipe, snooze, and sends it later. It looks great but also has some very annoying options. Airmail has won the Apple Design Award three times.

Pros- Adding an email account is easy; the Interface is very good, can arrange emails like tasks.

Cons- Layout designs can be better, and searching is difficult sometimes.


Year Founded: Nov 4, 2022
Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona

Thumbnail is a free alternative available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It provides encryption for emails to prevent fraud and scams.

The Moza foundation develops Thunderbird. This project was decided after the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Pros- It is a free alternative and provides encryption to emails and faster search.

Cons- The calendar is unavailable, and the user interface is old.

Apple Mail Alternatives


After how much time does Apple Mail delete the messages?

Apple Mail keeps messages for 7 days without deleting them.

How much does Apple mail cost to add an account for Apple users?

Apple Mail is free for all Apple users

What are the benefits of Apple Mail?

Apple Mail is a very good email application, and it combines very well with Apple users. You can also use it offline, and it also sends you notifications.

What encryption does Apple Mail use?

Apple Mail is encrypted with S/MMIE.

What are the rules in Apple Mail?

You can create rules in Apple mail, like sending a reply or deleting a message. You can highlight emails from a particular person or send emails from your inbox to other emails.

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