15+ Top American Express competitors and Alternatives

The AMEX, or known as American Express Company, is an international installment card administration corporation.

Located at 200 Vesey Street in the Battery Park City neighborhood of New York City, this company has a valuation worth billions of dollars in the present times.

The firm has a notable mark in people’s lives for its secured checks, charge cards, and Mastercard.

As of 2021, the company generated nearly US$43.66 billion dollars with the aid and support of its reliable customer base and more than 63,700 employees.

American Express owns the world’s 23rd most important brand fame in Forbes in 2017. 

American Express’s Competitor list:


Mastercard Inc. is a New York-based international monetary administration company. O’Fallon, Missouri, is home to the Global Operations Headquarters, settled in St. Charles County. 

Its primary function is to acknowledge transactions between shipper banks and card-issuing banks or credit associations on behalf of buyers who use “Mastercard” brand charge, credit, and pre-loaded cards to make purchases globally.

Mastercard has been catering to the public worldwide since 2006. Before its inaugural stock sale, Mastercard was an association comprised of over 25,000 financial institutions that issued its branded cards.

Discover Financial Services

Discover Financial Services is another sustainable rival of American Express, providing personal loans, equity loans, saving account facilities, credit cards, etc.

The corporation owns Discover Bank, as suggests the name, and Diners Club International, plus administers the Discover and Pulse networks.

This American financial services company is the third-largest credit card provider brand with approx. 50 million cardholders. 

Situated in Riverwoods, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, DFS a 37 years vintage company that drives over billions of dollars each annual year (as of 2022, US$12.95 billion). 

JPMorgan Chase & Co

JPMorgan Chase and Co. is a New York City-based venture bank and monetary administration holding organization. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has spread its financial services and operates worldwide. 

It specializes in financial and investment banking. The firm provides an all-around range of asset management products and banking services across the international financial markets.

Community and Customer Banking, Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Corporate and Investment Banking, and Investment Management are the company’s prime segments.

Capital One Financial Corporation

Being another strong competitor of American Express, Capital One Financial Corporation runs millions worth of valuation. Settled in McLean, Virginia, this is an American bank holding company with a specialization in banking, auto loans, savings accounts, and credit cards.

Established in 1994, this corporation primarily operates in the United States with a major customer base. Being one of the largest financing organizations in the U.S.A.,

Capital One has reported driving US$26.033 billion in revenues in 2020, accounting for 75% of the company’s revenue.

Bank of America Corporation

Established in 1998, Bank of America Corporation is a worldwide sensation in the finance sector, holding immense capacity to rival American Express.

It’s an America-based international investment bank providing monetary administration and is the world’s eighth-biggest bank. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the company was started by Hugh McColl (NationsBank) and Amadeo Giannini (BankAmerica).

The bank has a worldwide serving area with approximately 16,200 ATMs and nearly 4,600 retail financial centers. This firm holds a massive financial administration in the financial industry, generating US$89.11 billion in revenues by 2021. 


Another popular and most reputed name in the financial industry is Visa – a rigid contender of American Express.

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This California-based company empowers electronic installment moves from one another side of the earth. This firm got the entire industry to rule by providing Visa-marked debit cards, Mastercard, Charge cards, pre-loaded cards, etc.

Undoubtedly, it’s the most powerful organization on the planet, making billions of profits each year with utmost customer satisfaction. The firm reported completing millions of transactions each year with substantial revenues. 


Citibank is the consumer business of Citigroup, a financial services conglomerate. The company started its journey as the City Bank of New York in 1812 and later modified its identity to First National City Bank of New York.

The bank currently operates in 19 major countries and 2,649 locations, including 1,494 in Mexico and 723 in the United States.

Being one of the most powerful and primary banking sources, Citibank competes with American Express extensively in customer service, satisfaction, amenities, and other features. 

Currently, Citibank operates in the 6 largest metropolitans – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Miami. 


Barclaycard is one of the leading banking solution providers in the United Kingdom. The company was commercialized to the public in 1966, almost 56 years ago established in London, UK.

Currently, the firm has become one of the most trusted brands for credit cards, including Contactless technology.

As documented in 2010, Barclays has earned an overwhelming customer base counting millions with notable success worldwide. 


Another competitor of American Express is the American multinational financial technology company – PayPal Holdings, Inc. 

PayPal generally operates an online payment system in almost every major country; however, PayPal credit cards are also popular and on demand. 

Founded in 1998 by a gigantic group of experts – Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, Yu Pan, and Russel Simmons, including Elon Musk, PayPal owns a total asset of US$75.803 Billion by 2021 end.

Now, the company has nearly 26,500 employees working and supporting the entire system for better experience and service.


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S., FIS operates in almost every country on this planet earth, especially in the United States. It’s totally an American multinational Fortune 500 corporation; founded in 1968 that owns assets worth US$82.93 billion as of 2021.

Also known as Fidelity National Information Services, FIS broadly provides financial technology solutions, financial management, fintech insurance, and payment solutions.

With 65,000+ employees, FIS annually generates almost US$13.88 billion from global market success. 

American Express Competitors

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