Top 10 Amazon Web Services Competitors Dominance in the Cloud Industry

AWS is a mixture of Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a service specially designed to allow applications providers, ISV, and vendors to quickly and securely host your apps. ?

The world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform offers scalable and cost-effective cloud computing and on-demand operations like database storage, content delivery, etc, thus helping corporates scale and grow. ?

Amazon Web Service(AWS)

Amazon Web Service(AWS)

Year Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Washington, United States.
CEO: Adam Selipsky

Pros And Cons Of Amazon Web Service(AWS)

-Easy to use -A bit complicated tech support 
-Reliable  -User interfaces for some services like ECS can be improved 
-Cost-effective-Billing doesn’t include all the information you need

Key Features: ?️

-Powerful data and relationship management.

-Flexible schema management.

-Fully-managed infrastructure.

-Built-in data encryption.

Pricing info: ?

AWS is a paid software on which you can sign up for free. It is a pay-as-you-go software, and you need to pay for only the resources you use. 

Top 10 Amazon Web Services Competitors

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Red Hat Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Net App Cloud Services
  • Gcore Cloud
  • Dream Host Cloud
  • Edge Cloud

Must-Know Amazon Web Services (AWS) competitors

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Year Founded: 1975
Headquarters: Redmond
CEO: Satya Narayana Nadella

Microsoft Azure is a fully managed, cloud-native web app that combines Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), capable of hosting many services. ?

It is a highly secure app that helps you secure remote access to your virtual machines and is specially designed to bring new solutions to life that will solve today’s challenges and the future. 

Microsoft Azure has much more functionality than AWS and is simpler to use since it uses technology that the users are already used to. 

Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Azure

-Scalable and reliable computing power-Free training could ensure higher adoptions 
-Secure integrations between platform and apps -Availability of zones for all the regions
-Digital transformation with AI-Needs more stability and easy analytics solutions

Key Features:?️

-Strong support in analytics

-Enhance existing IT support

-Enhanced flexibility 

-Enhance scalability

Pricing info: ?

Microsoft Azure is a paid software with a free trial. It has 4 pricing editions from 29 to 1000 USD per month. 

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States.
CEO: Thomas Kurian

Google never remains behind in any field. That said, Google Cloud is a highly available and integrated object storage offering hardware assets and virtual machines. ?

Just like expected from Google, it doesn’t fall short regarding services. It has almost all the services you would possibly need. 

Combining the above with the fact that it is more cost-effective since it does the billing per second, unlike AWS, makes it a considerable AWS competitor.

It also provides discounts for long-term users and has no upfront costs too. ?

Pros And Cons Of Google Cloud

-Secure -Pricing  
-Easy access  -Learning curve
-Flexibility -Less integration

Key Features:?️

-Resources pooling

-Automatic system  

-Cloud Security 

-Pay as you go 

Pricing info: ?

Google Cloud is also a paid software that offers a free 300$ trial. It is also a pay-as-you-go software that allows you to choose the plan that meets your needs, costing from 130 to 650 rupees per month. 

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

Year Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, USA.
CEO: Arvind Krishna

IBM Cloud is an on-premises master solution to cloud storage that provides an integrated experience by combining Software as a service(SaaS) with Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) and offers a set of cloud computing services and solutions that enables a higher level of compliance, security, and management. ?

It includes 50+ products containing every possible thing a user would need. 

Pros And Cons Of IBM Cloud

-Easy to use -Upload/Downloads can be difficult sometimes
-Secure -Limited storage. 
-Excellent speed of data migration 

Key Features:?️


-Activity dashboard 

-Reporting and statistics  

-Real-time monitoring 

Pricing info: ?

IBM Cloud is another pay-as-you-go software that does offer a free trial. Its subscription is available on a per month year and 3-year basis. 

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Year Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Redwood Shores, California.
CEO: Clay Magouyrk

Based in California, Oracle Cloud is an on-command cloud computing service designed to help you deliver robust business outcomes as you rethink your data center needs and offers servers, storage, network, applications, and services. ?

Oracle Cloud is a blend of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Database as a Service (DaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that helps build, redistribute, integrate, and extend Oracle applications.

Oracle Cloud has a 2-5x performance advantage over AWS in the end-to-end workload performance, which is a point to be considered when choosing the best for you. 

Pros And Cons Of Oracle Cloud

-Optimized for Oracle workloads  -Location-based access control
-Strong IAM policies-Scalability 
-CASB -Fewer products compared to other AWS competitors. 

Key features:?️

-High performance and predictability

-Simple APIs  

-Data security 

-Acid-compliant transaction 

-JSON data support 

Pricing info: ?

Like any other software on the list, Oracle Cloud is paid software. It has both a free and a premium version. The subscription cost is based on your needs and can cost anywhere between 1307-6537 rupees. 

Red Hat Cloud

Red Hat Cloud

Year Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina.
CEO: Matt Hicks

Built on massively scalable cloud infrastructure, Red Hat Cloud is an enterprise open-source software solution that includes Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes. ?

It has reduced complexity and faster app velocity and offers cost-effective service.

It has enhanced security and compliance across operating environments and facilitates its users with tools that help them deliver applications quickly. 

With Red Hat Cloud, you can adapt quickly and focus on innovation. Comparatively, it is cost-effective, reduces downtime, and has a simple environment.

All this combined makes it a considerable Amazon Web Services competitor.? 

Pros And Cons Of Red Hat Cloud

-Helps expedite the development and deployment process -Disaster recovery 
-Easy to monitor and troubleshoot the issues -Monitoring network traffic across components
-ACM and ACS let you control your environment -Documents and tech support can be improved

Key Features:?️

-Enhanced developer experience 

-Automated installation and upgrades   

-Advanced security and compliance 

-Robust ecosystem

Pricing info: ?

Red Hat Cloud offers a free trial, and its premium version starts at 0.076 USD per hour. 

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Year Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Hangzhou, China
Ceo: Daniel Zhang

Alibaba Cloud is a pay-as-you-go cloud service currently serving around 11000 partners worldwide, including Salesforce, Fortinet, etc. ?

Just like AWS, Alibaba offers three-tier storage that is standard, infrequent access, and the archive but unlike AWS, its prices are slightly lower.

It provides some really useful features like anti-DDoS protection and content delivery network(CDN). Arguably, it is one of the largest, if not the largest, cloud computing company in China or maybe in the Asia Pacific. 

As mentioned above, Alibaba Cloud had the same three-tier structure as AWS, but its prices are slightly lower, making it preferable for those with a low budget.

Unlike AWS, it also has anti-DDoS protection, which plays a major role in protecting your data. ?

Pros And Cons Of Alibaba Cloud

-Many location options -Availability 
-Well documented-Tech support

Key Features:?️

-Third-party integrations

-Reporting /analytics 


-Reporting and statistics 

Pricing info: ?

Alibaba Cloud is another paid software that offers a free trial. As mentioned, it has a three-tier subscription plan starting from 19 USD per month. 

Net App Cloud Services

Net App Cloud Services

Year Founded: 1992
Headquarters: San Jose, California
CEO: George Kurian 

Net App Cloud is a software-defined storage offering tool that delivers advanced data management for file and block workloads that are perfect for storing and sharing large amounts of digital data across physical and hybrid cloud environments. ?

It has enhanced data protection, security, and compliance and an AI algorithm that simplifies discovery classification and labeling with powerful automation. 

Net app cloud services and AWS are not rivals. Since 2012, these have been working together to help their customers build solutions, reduce costs and innovate faster in the cloud.

But still, the Net App cloud has a huge advantage over AWS regarding data management capabilities. If you’re looking for that, then Net App is a considerable AWS alternative. ?

Pros And Cons Of Net App Cloud Services

-Simplicity and performance-Expanded capabilities 
-Flexibility and scalability-Tighter integration with third-party (non-storage) monitoring tools 
-Cost-effective -Integration with Azure and GCP is behind compared to AWS. 
-Easy to set up and configure 

Key Features:?️




-Data tiering 

Pricing info: ?

Net App Cloud is a three-tier paid service offering a free trial. Its subscription is available in three variants starting from 0.64 USD per hour. You can also buy a license for yourself. 

Gcore Cloud

Gcore Cloud

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Luxembourg, Europe
CEO: Andre Reitenbach

Based in Europe, Gcore Cloud is a powerful cloud platform with the possibility of disaster recovery. ⭐

It is a multi-functional data center with many configurations, nice prices, and a quick setup. It offers reliable services, extensive customization options, low latency, and high bandwidth.

Gcore is arguably the global leader in security solutions, hosting, public cloud and edge computing, and content delivery. 

AWS and Gcore both have very similar ratings. Gcore almost has every feature that you would need. However, Gore has the advantage over AWS regarding pricing and support teams. ?

Pros And Cons Of Gcore Cloud

-Fast-The learning curve for newbies
-Solves all problems with caching and content delivery 
-Free support for HTTP/2 protocol

Key Features:?️

-Conversion Rate Optimization.

-Customer Data Platform (CDP)

-Demand Generation.

-Digital Analytics.

Pricing info: ?

Gcore is a paid software with a free trial and version. It has subscription plans; you have to choose the best for you. Its cheapest plan starts from 0.04080€ per hour. 

Dream Host Cloud

Dream Host Cloud

Year Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Brea, California, US
CEO: Simon Anderson 

Dream Host Cloud is the only service on the list with a 100% uptime guarantee. It is a web hosting company that facilitates shared hosting and dedicated server hosting and has a full suite of solutions for web development. ?

It has over 100,000 customers, over 75,000 WordPress installations, and servers of more than 1.5 million websites. 

Dream Host Cloud and AWS have tied in many aspects when comparing them.

However, Dream Host Cloud is better than AWS regarding price, speed, and value for money. ?

Pros And Cons Of Dream Host Cloud

-100% uptime guarantee -Data centers are only in the US
-Easy to use-The control panel has a learning curve 
-Secure-Some features are expensive

Key Features:?️

-PHP 7.4 FastCGI

-Cloudflare Integration


-Uptime & Reliability

Pricing info: ?

Dream Host Cloud is also a paid software; its cheapest plan starts from 2.59$ per month. 

Edge Cloud

Year Founded: 2018
Headquarters: Eschborn, near Frankfurt, am Main
CEO: Mark Thiele

The youngest in this domain is Edge Cloud. This interchangeable cloud ecosystem provides a distributed computing paradigm, bringing computation and data storage closer to data sources. ?

Its reduced bandwidth reduces the transmission cost, and its reduced latency accelerates service creation at the edges of your network. 

If you’re tight on budget and still want features like smart data transfer, high data protection, and improved performance, you would surely want to consider Edge Cloud over AWS. 

Pros And Cons Of Edge Cloud

-Speed-Incomplete data
-Security -Investment cost 
-Reliable-Low storage 
-Lost of data with potential energy

Key Features:?️

-Ultra-high network performance.

-Deployment flexibility.

-Integrated virtual probe and real-time analytics.


Pricing info: ?

Edge Cloud is also a paid service like any other software on the list. Its cheapest plan can cost something around 0.0075 USD per hour. Visit the website for more information. 

Concluding paragraph

⭐From the article mentioned above, we can conclude that nothing is perfect; everything has pros and cons. ?

Therefore, no certain software would be best for you; you’ll have to choose the best option according to your needs.?

FAQs for Amazon Web Services Competitors

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an on-demand, subscription-based cloud computing service. It offers individuals, businesses, and organizations access to various virtual products and services.

What are the most popular AWS Services?

The following are considered some of the most widely used AWS services:
Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
Amazon SNS
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Lambda

What do Amazon Web Services include?

Ans: AWS provides servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security.

How much does AWS cost?

Ans: AWS offers over 100 pay-as-you-go cloud-based services. Amazon Web Service subscribers can secure on-demand services with no flat rate fees or long-term contract requirements.

How to sign up for AWS?

To sign up for AWS, visit the AWS website and create an account. Creating an account is free.

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