20 Best Amazon Keyword Tools That Every FBA Seller Need

Amazon is no doubt one of the biggest platforms for sellers. But the competition in this eCommerce site is not hidden either.  The work does not end with finding the right product and posting it.

To improve your sales, you need research. The best you do, the better results you will get. It starts with finding the right keywords first. 

This helps in targeting the right customer and appearing in their searches. And for that finding suitable keywords is of utmost importance. 

Thankfully, you got tools that will help in finding those keywords. To know which keyword tool can help you the best, here is the list that you can consider. 

amazon keyword tools

1. Viral Launch 

Well, Viral Launch is a popular name when it comes to Amazon keyword tools. This market intelligence tool can help in gathering the important data related to amazon analytics. 

You can use this tool to find the products which can be profitable for you. With this, not just you get better opportunities to sell but also it can enhance the ability to find the right customer. 

Along with that, you can get the trending products, revenue statistics, monthly sales, and pricing history.

You just require a plugin and it will help in getting better access to your amazon web platform and the related information. 

2. Helium 10 

Another tool that is suitable for Amazon FBA sellers, Helium 10 Magnet 2 upgrades the idea of keyword search to another level. 

You get the simplified design that comes with an interface which makes this tool more unique and listed as a top choice for Amazon sellers. 

This one is an effective tool for keyword research. Not just that, the use of this tool is simple and it finds the keywords which have high volume and relevancy to the seller’s listings. 

With the keywords from here, you can increase the organic traffic that leads to maximizing the sales. 

There is no doubt that having an effective keyword tool can affect the sales of your products and potential revenue

3. MerchantWords

MerchantWords is one of the reliable keyword tools that is tried and tested for sellers. 

They also claim to have a huge database that contains related keywords for the shoppers. Recently they updated their tool which improved the overall look and feel

4. Jungle Scout 

Another keyword tool that you can use, Jungle Scout is ideal for you as it provides impressive keyword research.

For product sellers, the keyword tool is extremely helpful as it helps in understanding more about general market characteristics that you will get on amazon.

With this one, you can easily find the high-quality keywords that you can use for the product listing page. The tool is helpful as it uses millions of data points that become important for keyword search team reports. 

5. WordTree

Wordtree is a free keyword research tool for amazon sellers.

With this tool, you can check what keyboard does your product indexed or which one does not.

You need to use ASIN, a site along with a keyword. And you will get the result.

6. Ubersuggest

This one is a web utility that is specialized in web ranking and SEO. Ubersuggest can do impressive work as you can use this tool for gaining the access to search volume data.

Even though not all keyword tools can be as useful for the Amazon FBA sellers, you can try Ubersuggest.

This tool is useful and you can start noticing the positive benefits too.

7. Sonar

sonarqube amazon keyword tool

This one can help you in improving your performance and marketing on Amazon.

You just need to follow their basic three steps and you are all done. You can also purchase the sonar and get access to a list of useful keywords.

Use the keywords to your amazon product listing and it will help in improving the visibility.

Also, you can publish and start the tracking again.

Here you will get the information that can be useful and you can see the performance of the keywords.

8. AMZ One

This one is everything that the amazon FBA seller might need. Here they offer everything from keyword research to rank tracking.

With AMZ One, you can do the tracking, analyzing as well as optimize the keywords.

They offer a free trial but it’s not time-based. You can use it for once, trying the keyword, sale tracking, etc for free.

9. SellerApp

This one is designed as one of the amazing chrome extensions to supercharge your sales.

Not just SellerApp is popular but also it has the most particular plugin. Well, you get the specific analytics that connects to the search traffic on the web.

You can use this plugin to get the trends and historical attributes that are going popular.

Along with useful tools and features, there is one more thing you get i.e. Profit calculator.

With this calculator, you can get a better understanding of the margins as well as profit potentials.

10. Keyword Inspector

If you are looking for a tool that can get you profitable keywords, cutting the fluff, and something that can help you in real. This is one for you.

Here you get over 600 million keywords along with the ability that allows the reverse ASIN research. Apart from this, you are getting the database as well as reports which are country-specific.

Before choosing their plans, you can try their free 3 days. Here you get the search tools to check before you commit.

11. Amazon Keyword Tool

amazon keyword tool for fba seller
Amazon Keyword Tool

If you are looking for a free option, the Amazon Keyword tool is suitable for you.

Also even though it’s free of cost, you are still getting the large list that contains all keywords suggestions that are popular.

Using these keyword suggestions can help you in enhancing your overall performance and improve the product listing.

Also here the keywords are tracked through the product search engine of Amazon. And then it gets translated to the Amazon FBA sellers.

12. Ahrefs

Ahrefs offer a database that contains more than 7 billion keywords that are released every month. The data includes around 171 countries.

They offer SERP or advanced metrics that help you in getting access to a deeper search.

Here you get the monthly plans which depend on the use.  If you are signing for annual billing, Ahrefs offers two months for free.

You can check the work for 7 days as it’s free of cost for trial. Along with that, you get customer support and a private community on social media like Facebook.

13.Scientific Seller

This one is easy to use and claims to eliminate the hard work for the amazon seller.

Apart from being easy, it’s also free which adds the benefit for those who don’t want to invest but want a good service and tool.

You can get accurate buyer keyword information from Amazon. However, this one can be a bit slower but you get the relevant as well as quality keyword data.

14. SEMrush

Well on SEMrush you get the monthly service plans.

The tool is helpful for getting the keyword analytics related to the Amazon marketplace, historical keyword data, traffic analytic, etc. 

The SEMrush pricing plans include other different but useful attributes.

You can find some of the amazing features that are offered as premium features with their monthly services.

15.Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner offers the simplest and most in-depth accessibility.

You just need to type the keyword, and you will get a response from Google. Here you get the average monthly searches,  competition level, page bid ( low and high both), etc.

However, you can make your search broaden, use the keywords that are suggested.

Along with that, you get tips and ideas from Google.  Also, it’s free of cost.

But make sure you check the algorithm of Google with Amazon, as both have different settings.

16. Amazon Autofill

amazon keyword tool for fba seller
Amazon Autofill

If you want to learn more about keywords, Amazon Autofill should be something you can consider.

This also helps you in understanding how the recommendations for users work in the marketplace.

You get the features especially it’s interesting for you to learn how you can chain the keywords together.

Learn about imperative market intelligence to find the right source.

17. Answer The Public

This one is a visualized tool that can help you in finding keywords and recommendations in search.

Unlike any other tools, Answer the public is extremely different.

Even with its hard-to-understand display, the tool is helpful and you can get lots of important as well as useful data.

The drawback you get here is its visualization can be confusing, it’s better to learn more about this tool and it’s recommended to try the official website

18. Keywords Everywhere

This one comes with an excellent reputation and five rating stars that are given from more than 5000 users over different places.

This chrome plugin offers the easiest, simple, and fast results along with outstanding services that impressed the users.

You can purchase the paid services that they offer. This will help you in accessing their special features such as monthly search volumes,  competitive product data as well as additional access.

19. Soovle

soovle amazon keyword tool

Soovle allows you to get fast and immediate access to the web tool.  

With this, you can find the informative keywords and recommendations along with popular keywords that are in use.

Soovle offers ten compatible and different search engines. It includes some of the extremely popular ones such as Yahoo, eBay, and Youtube.

As for the Amazon FBA sellers, you can find the keywords that are popular in the Amazon marketplace.

You can get the benefits from it as Soovle will help you in finding the right keywords to make your product ranking improve on SEO.

20. Keyword Tool

keywordtools.io amazon keyword tool
Keyword Tool

Well, one of the amazing alternatives for you if you are using or consider using google keyword planner.

You can use the free version, with that you can generate more than 750 long tail suggestions for each search term.

You can jump to google and amazon with their tabs and this will help you in getting ideal keywords.

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