Amazon – History, Brand Value and Brand Strategy is an American global innovation organization situated in Seattle. It centers around online business, distributed computing, online streaming, and AI. It is one of the four large tech organizations, alongside Google, Apple, and Microsoft. It has been alluded to as one of the most powerful financial and social powers on the planet.

Amazon History

In 1994 Jeff Bezos, a previous Wall Street hedge fund official, joined, picking the name fundamentally because it started with the letter’s main letter set and in light of its relationship with the tremendous South American waterway. Based on the investigation he had directed;

Bezos reasoned that books would be the most sensible item at first to sell on the web. was not the main organization to do as such. 

A Silicon Valley book shop started offering books from its stock to its adroit clients in 1991. Be that as it may, the guarantee of was to convey any book to any buyer in any place. While broadly began as a book shop, Bezos battled from its beginning that the site was not just a retailer of customer items.

He contended that was an innovative organization whose business was improving on the web exchanges for customers. 

  • Amazon Was Founded by Jeff Bezos from His Garage in Bellevue, Washington, on July 5, 1994.

The slogan ‘Get Big Fast.

Bezos excused naysayers as not understanding the enormous development capability of the web. He contended that to prevail as an online retailer, an organization expected to “Get Big Fast,” a motto he had imprinted on representative shirts. Truth be told, grew quickly, arriving at 180,000 client accounts by December 1996, after its first entire year in activity, and not exactly a year later, in October 1997, it had one million client accounts.

Its income bounced from $15.7 million in 1996 to $150 million in 1997, trailed by $600 million in 1998.’s prosperity pushed its author to become Time magazine’s Man of the Year. 

Following Bezos’ underlying procedure, the organization immediately started selling more than books. Music and video deals began in 1998. That equivalent year it started worldwide tasks with obtaining online book shops in the UK and Germany. By 1999 the organization was selling customer hardware, computer games, programming, home-improvement things, toys and games, and significantly more. 

To continue that development, required more than private financial specialists to guarantee the extension. Thus, in May 1997, under two years in the wake of opening its virtual ways to purchasers and while never having made a benefit, turned into an open organization, raising $55 million on the NASDAQ showcase.

Notwithstanding the money, the organization had the option to utilize its high-flying stock to subsidize its forceful development and procurement system.

Amazon Brand Value

Amazon took the third spot behind tech mammoths like Google and Apple, yet is in front of individual internet business retailers, the Alibaba Group. Aside from consumer loyalty, a brand’s prosperity is additionally controlled by its financial worth, and Amazon’s income is a declaration of the equivalent.

Amazon’s worldwide income is comparable to its worldwide image esteem development. Amazon’s yearly net income rose by about $ 98 billion compared with 2016 and remained at around $ 235 billion in 2018 – the most noteworthy for the organization as of not long ago.

The brand’s wide scope of items from gadgets, nourishment, magnificence and membership benefits potentially adds to its consumer loyalty and use, reflected in its developing yearly deals in the U.S. and global fragments for as far back as 12 years.

The rise of Amazon

Amazon has become the world’s most important tech brand, with its worth flooding by 45% to $155 billion, as indicated by the most recent Brand Money Tech 100 report. Apple, which saw a rise of 38% to $147 billion, has held runner-up, and Google, which saw a rise by 12% to $121 billion, has tumbled to third place as both Amazon and Apple’s image esteem have quickened ahead.

The immense development in the brand estimation of Amazon originates from utilizing innovative aptitude to venture into numerous new territories over the more extensive tech area, including shrewd speakers, home amusement, web facilitating, cloud computing, music, cell phones, book recordings, online streaming, AI and home security.

As per 2019 reports, Amazon earned a revenue of $281 billion and has an operating income of $14.6 billion. The company has earned a net income of $11.2 billion and has total assets worth $226 billion. The brand has 8,00,000 employees working under its umbrella.

Amazon Brand Strategy

Amazon promoting technique coordinates variously focused on web-based showcasing stations, for example, partners program, supported hunt, social and internet publicizing, TV promoting, and different activities. For the most part, Amazon promotion technique depends on the accompanying standards: 

  • Amazon 7Ps of advertising: This strategy chiefly centres around item and spot components of the showcasing blend. The Amazon item run is the amplest among the web and disconnected retailers, offering a huge number of items in the USA alone. Besides, the organization can offer its items at serious costs because gigantic cost reserve funds depend on the online nature of business tasks. 
  • Segmentation & Targeting: Amazon’s segmentation and targeting strategy include actions related to focusing on the most stretched-out client portion. The retail mammoth does this using multi-section, versatile and expectant situating procedures. 
  • Amazon’s novel selling proposition: This strategy incorporates the amplest selection of items and administrations offered at serious costs, quick conveyance and extraordinary client support. The online business mammoth places these interesting selling suggestions at the centre of its advertising correspondence messages. 
  • Amazon marketing mix: This strategy coordinates print and media publicizing, deals advancements, occasions and encounters, advertising and direct promoting. The organization puts a specific spotlight on print and media publicizing and deals with advancements components of the showcasing correspondence channels.

The impact on eCommerce

Amazon utilizes a staggered web-based business technique. Amazon began by concentrating on business-to-purchaser connections among itself and its clients and business-to-business connections among itself and its providers and afterwards moved to encourage client-to-client with the Amazon commercial centre, which goes about as a middle person to encourage exchanges.

The organization lets anybody sell about anything utilizing its foundation. Notwithstanding a subsidiary program that lets anybody post Amazon interfaces and procure a commission on navigating deals, there is currently a program which lets those offshoots construct whole sites dependent on Amazon’s foundation. 

Amazon additionally utilizes the utilization of drop shippers or meta merchants. These are individuals or elements that publicize merchandise on Amazon who request these products direct from other contending sites but typically from other Amazon individuals.

These meta vendors may have a great many items recorded, have huge exchange numbers and are gathered close by different less productive individuals giving them believability as just somebody who has been doing business for quite a while.

  • Amazon’s Mission Statement Is to “Serve Consumers Through Online and Physical Stores and Focus on Selection, Price, and Convenience.


The inception of the Internet and its expanding use for web-based business during the 1990s brought about a progressive move in retailing ceaselessly from physical stores and toward web-based retailing, in which clients look for and buy stock through PCs, cell phones, or other web-associated gadgets.

Many set up retailers started selling stock online to clients who valued the accommodation of shopping from their homes, while new entirely online retailers and e-shopping destinations, driven by, delighted in dynamite development.

The future market has immense expectations from such a revolutionary brand, and hopefully, it will be able to make the markets more dynamic than ever.

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