151+ Amazing Online Marketing Ideas for Business

One of the core aspects of every business is marketing because the success of a business lies in the reach that is garnered by the business. Every business needs to gain profits in order to sustain it. Profits are garnered with sales and a business can only get sales if it is well marketed among the target group.

There are plenty of costs that come with a business and keeping up with all of them is essential to enable its growth and dominance in the domain it serves.

The cost that is revived from the market is the sole factor that fuels a business. A business needs to be properly positioned in order to rake in customers. It should cater to any such service or industry that is unique and in its own way and has a demand in the market.


How to promote your small business?

  • Design a beautiful logo which constitutes an essential part of the brand name to attract the attraction of customers.
  • Put hoardings or banners that display the name and services you provide in your business.
  • Make sure to get registered and licensed by authorities to become a trustworthy  business among customers , clients and other related businesses.
  • Shake hands with related businesses, marts and companies to take your business to the upper scale 
  • Create a business website and post specific information about your services.
  • Do not forget to work, inspire and appreciate feedback from your trustworthy and long term clients.
  • Do not forget to host events, parties, games, and give gift certificates to visitors and participants to attract more clients.  

To get this right, it is essential that business owners develop a business plan and then try and market the content accordingly. The online arena is huge and probably the best way to promote a business and reach out to the target consumers.

List of Online Marketing Ideas for Small business

Marketing plan

Create a marketing plan that lists your business goals and properly mentions the investments and profits that you plan to make from the business. Goal setting is the first and foremost part.

Market research

Who are the people that will buy your products? Is there a relevant need for it in the market? Try and find the gap in the market and then operate accordingly!

Create a USP (Unique selling proposition)

Your business needs to have something unique so that people have the reasons to visit the store. Create a USP and market it in the target group to get the best response from them.

 Create an online focus group

A Focus group is a bunch of people who are your prospective buyers. Create such a group online and interact with them to know their perspective and real-time feedback about your business.

 Evolve constantly

Upgrade your business plan and constantly because the demand of the market keeps changing from time to time. Keep maneuvering your niche to suit the market in the best way.

 Update your stock

Keep trending products of your domain to attract more and more consumers. Updated stocks and such posts over the internet can benefit you directly as people shall flock into your store in numbers!

 Local search marketing

It is important for you to optimize your business listing when it comes to local searches. Local search optimizing will help the business to come to the forefront whenever there is a search on the related services that you offer. Your presence in the listing will allow more people to come to your for the service.

 Digital brochure

With people looking for services and products online, you must create a digital version of the brochure and stock it on the internet so that people can get to know you better and connect with you.

 Marketing calendar

Plan well in advance regarding the various marketing steps you want to take. Gradually work on them according to this calendar, it will provide a flow to the promotions. This will leave a positive image on the customers who follow you on the internet.

 Digital business card

Your business card should have a digital version that can be circulated online to the people who are in need of relevant services or products. It can be mailed as a response and also added to any written communication that is done online. It adds value to a mailer and acts as an authentication.

 Design your website

The website of a business is its representation on the internet. Design a website that is appealing and leaves a maximum impact on the audience. It should be easy to use so that more people visit it and know about your business.

 Online Contests

Create unique promotional content and organize an online contest. Give away the products as a prize for the winners of the contest. It will enhance your brand reputation and create goodwill among the people.

 Elevator pitch

Create a proper elevator pitch to put it up on the website you have. It shall inform the people what your business is all about and define the brand very quickly!

 Partner with online brands

Partner with other online brands and websites through which you can promote your website. You need to partner with those websites that have a larger number of visitors so that you get portrayed at the right place and grab attention.

 Online product or offer launch

If you are planning to start a new product that you want to sell in your own business or have an offer upcoming for the customers, it is best to announce these over the internet so that people can get to know you.

You can go LIVE and announce offers or new products to catch the attention of those who are online.

 Online trade display

Work with various online websites and social media pages through which you can display your products to the customers and reach out to a wider set of audience. Display your products through them to gain orders.

 Website optimization

People these days have shorter attention hence your website should have a call to action feature for immediate action on the page.

It should be optimized for mobile viewing due to the popularity of mobile internet. If not optimized for mobile, Google shall penalize you for that.

 Direct mail

Send promotional material directly to a list of email addresses either consumers or businesses. This will allow them to know about the offer and feed them with information regarding your small business!

 Call to action

Every mail that you send out should have an enticing call to action so that people can be lead directly to your business. It should be prominent for a person to notice when they open the mail.

 Design your emails

Tear cards, interesting props, and enticing envelopes should be used to decorate the email digitally so that people find it attractive when they open it in their mailboxes.

 Incentives to ex-customers

Email special offers to your ex-customers so that they come back to you and shop for their required products or services. This will lead to consumer retention for a longer period of time.

 Social media

Create social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your business so that you can achieve followers and communicate with them directly.

 Personal FB account

Make sure that you connect your personal FB account to the business’s profile on FB so that people can get to know the owner. This helps in adding credibility and trust to the entire set up.

 Go Live

Go for Live Streaming from your Facebook or Instagram profiles to show your business to the people who follow your profiles. Various events that you conduct in the business place can be live-streamed online to gain popularity.

 Linked IN

Linked IN is essential to communicate professionally with other business owners and their brands. Create a profile and build strong connections with others in the domain so that you get identified with them!

 Ad space

Go on the lookout for a proper website 0where you can get an Ad space to put up your promotional content. Such ads can market your business with amazing results due to the popularity of the host website.  

 Paid promotions (Facebook)

Pay and promote your posts on FB to increase the reach of your content to more people. If more people are stuffed with your posts then you can expect more reaction from them and an increase in the overall business.

Engage in building quality links so that Google recognizes your business properly. Get local businesses and bloggers to link relevant content so that you get promoted and get high-quality links.


What better than engaging your consumers in a webinar where they can learn more about the products and raise their queries to the forum of experts! An open discussion always helps in enhancing the trust and transparency of the business.


Ask your past customers to share the website link and digital business card to their acquaintances to get business from them. Share special emails with them with such requests! They work wonders, trust me!

 Advertorial video

Shoot a professional ad video of your service and products. Put it up on various social media platforms to promote the business. You can also boost the post by paying money. Make sure the video is has your aim and objective clearly stated and crisp in duration!


Create a Twitter with a handle of the business name. Regularly re-tweet and reply to tweets to be amongst the consumer base and enhance your Twitter presence.

 Connect profiles

Make sure that you connect each of the social media profiles so that when you post through any of them, the same post is updated on the other social media platforms as well. Followers on every platform would want to get the updates!

 Google places

List your places on Google places so that people can locate your business easily. Google places will also enable people to leave reviews and positive reviews will help in getting more clients!

 The Insta connect!

Open an Instagram profile and upload pictures that state the story of your business to the world. This will lead to people being aware of your presence and know the story of your business and brand closely.

 Business blog

Write business blogs that shall appeal to the readers and grab their attention. Write regularly because people shall be expecting and you cannot disappoint them due to the lack of continuity or effort in writing the blog posts!


Etch out the keywords with the help of various digital marketing tools. Use these keywords in the website content or the blog posts in order to connect easily with the audience and get a better rank on the Google search page.


Design Infographics and upload them on social media profiles or on Pinterest. The Infographics can showcase a bunch of positive information about the business and hence is great for online marketing.

 Google Ad words

Use the pay-per-click services to drive in more traffic and get the best ad space from Google! The keywords are spot on and hit the bull’s eye every time.


Leave valuable comments on blogs by other businesses or writers so that people become intrigued with your comment and visit your business. Your online rapport needs to be excellent to drive in consumers to the business.


Start shooting videos of your business and inform people about any of the insights of your industry. Videos are always engaging, hence, Vlogs (Video Logs) are useful in getting the attention of the consumer base.

 Online directories

Register under the various online directories so that you can make it to the search results when people make a query regarding any service from your domain!

 Join groups

Depending on the type of industry you are catering to, start joining groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Here you can know about the demand of the consumers and then promote yourself to get substantial sales directly from them and their acquaintances.

 Social Media communities

Post and update about your business in the Social Media communities as they have a wide range of people in them. Your ideal client may just be waiting for your post!

 YouTube channel

Opt to create a YouTube channel where you can upload videos of your products and also various kinds of promo videos for your subscribers.

 Google alert

You need to keep a track of the word that revolves around your business in the online arena. Opt for a Google alert to get notified each time your business is being mentioned in any blog or article. You can get an idea of how well your marketing tactics are working with such tools.

 Google analytics

Sign up for Google analytics to get a better understanding of how well your marketing is performing. Each section of your promotions and the response it is generating is mentioned in greater detail so as to help in improving the overall quality if it underperforms.

 Email opt-in

Create an e-mail opt in button on top of your website so that those who are interested can register their email ids and you can then mail them directly the promotional contents.


Put up offers for people who opt to get emails from your business. To get the gift people shall register and you will get an extended mailer list to send out promotional!

 Newsletter email

Start monthly newsletters for the consumers so that they can get to know your business closely and such newsletters add to the popularity of the business immensely due to their informative and digital nature.   

 Email signature

It is important that you have a perfect email signature so that your brand is established professionally in the emails that you send. Use your logo and brand name in the email signature for greater impact.

 Sharing functionality

Any of the promotional content that you send a person through emails should have an option of sharing the same on various social media platforms. More shares on social media will incur growth for the business.

 Reward program

Frequent buyers should be rewarded with offers and gifts from your side at a regular interval so that they feel prioritized and motivate their fellow mates to shop regularly from your business.

 Client incentives

Launch reward program also for regular buyers. The more they shop, the more they win! Such loyalty programs increase sales and shun out the competition.

 Customer of the month

Put up an image of the person who shopped the most in a month on your website and tags him/her on social media platforms. This shall lead to better brand recognition and people will talk about your business.


If your business is planning to launch a new product then it is advised that you register interested customers and take their email ids online. Later communicate with them through the mail and send them freebies related to the new product to be launched or you can also send small sample packs of the new product to them for testing purposes.

 Praise your competitors

If your competitor’s business is doing something good then take it to the inline media and speak about it. It will enhance the trust people have in your business due the truthful attribute.

 Lead your business

Attend various other webinars and try to lead the domain of your business entirely so that people who are watching it online for other purposes shall get to know about your business and may seek the products if they ever need them.

 Facebook events

If you are planning for an event then market the same on Facebook with the help of Facebook events. Invite people and ask them to invite as many as they would want to for the event. In this way people who know nothing about your business shall get an idea and maybe interested to visit.

 Online survey form

Online survey forms at your website and social media profiles or small posts that seek feedback is a great marketing tool as it makes people think that the business shall learn from the mistakes they have made.

 Charity events

Venture for investments at a charity event over the internet so that your business gets connected to a better cause and people get o know about your business on a large scale.

 Embedded advertising

There are various web series and videos that come on the internet and need financial assistance. Venture with such projects and market your business through their web series and videos by showcasing your products or business name tactically!

 Holiday gifts

Plan to give away mega holiday gifts to lucky customers who shop from your business for a specific amount throughout the month. Such offers started online can drive in a lot of customers!  


Keep a track of the client’s birthdays and special dates so that you can wish them online with e-greetings that shall make the day for them. After all, every person deserves to feel special.

 Online collaboration

Capture online marketing by collaborating with some popular personalities over the internet. There are famous YouTubers or excellent bloggers who can promote your brand and can yield huge profits to your business. Collaborate with them to get marketed in a better way.

 Challenge programs

Conduct free challenge programs where you shall suggest an activity to the consumers online and they keep nominating new people to do it. This will increase the reach of the brand and if the activity is interesting then may even become viral and trend with hours!

 Custom facebook URL

It is easier for people to just type in facebook.com/yourbusinessname rather than search the entire social media for your presence.

 Profile picture optimization

Various social media platforms accept the different resolutions of profile pictures. For example twitter supports 400px while Instagram looks for 110px ratio. Having an optimized one is necessary so that people can clearly see the profile picture on any of the platforms.

 Post at the right time

Every target group has a selected hour in a day where they are most active online and open to new information. Use the Infographics regarding the pattern of your target consumer base and then post at times when most of them are online.

 Post frequency

Do post regularly for the clients but maintain the thin line between regular posting and spamming your customers’ timeline with all your posts.

 Specific #hashtags

Try and come up with hashtags that make sense and are relevant to the service you have on offer. It makes it easier for people to take part in discussions related to your business or post for your products.

 Launch campaigns

Social media is a great place to tease the audience about your upcoming products. Tease about the features and give them glimpses of the product before you finally launch it in the market.

 Press release

Send out press releases to various online news portals so that they cover your story and authentic the claims you make regarding your business. Such positive news online creates better word of mouth for the business.

 Website content

Your website shall have products enlisted and accompanied with a sales note. Try and re-write the sales pitch with a storytelling approach as it tends to engage the reader more than a simple sales pitch.

 Website visuals

Make sure you have bright visuals in your website. It should be thematic and have product photographs that are professionally shot. Visuals leave a lasting impression on a visitor.

 Use the holidays

People tend to buy more during the holidays and hence you need to utilize this chance and pot relevant content over the internet and announce offers to boost the sales significantly during the specific period.

 Twitter ads

There are various ways to get traffic into the business and Twitter ads are one of them! Organic and word-of-mouth traffic takes time to build, whereas well-targeted twitter paid ads shall enable your business to reach where it wants to.

 Other paid advertisements

There are other paid ads too. These are not on social media, rather they are on Google or other search engines or websites. For example- Google Ad-sense, banner ads, and other such advertisements.

 Custom messages

Consumers want to see customized messages when they are on the internet. While posting on various social media platforms, customize the content accordingly so that the followers can get the full information!

 Affiliate programs

Start your own affiliate programs where other businesses shall promote you on the internet and in return you pay them a commission for the work.

 Guest posts

Post as a guest on someone else’s website. This allows you to reach out to a new set of audiences and also keeps getting your subscribers due to the long shelf life of the guest post.

 Launch party streaming

Whenever you launch something, make sure you keep it grand and stream the same through the various social media platforms that you have.


Medium is a great online ideas and posts sharing platform where you can upload your old posts to get more attention from people who follow the medium.

 Hire a Public relations officer

A public relations person is essential in order to maintain social media profiles and respond to the queries that are raised by various consumers. They can also come up with better campaigns on the internet.

 Company culture

Make videos and click pictures that reflect the company culture aptly. These should be uploaded on video-centric platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. With these, people shall get to know your business and process in a better way.

 Twitter chats

You can join or initiate a Twitter chat in order to engage followers and communicate with them on a single topic. These help in creating a connection with the audience group.

 Instagram albums

Use the feature to your benefit by adding multiple snaps of your product from various angles and also the product in action so that people have a complete idea.

 Search engine marketing

Get an expert SEO team that can mobilize the content online and rake in traffic. These agencies will look after the entire digital marketing and link-building aspect of the business.

 Professional copywriter

Remember, each of the posts you update on any of the social media platform or in any of the blogs, it has to be unique and sales oriented. You should get a copywriter for the work as they are an outright creative people with words.

 Social media executive

Hire a social media executive who will look after at the posting and other audience engagement and paid promotions that are initiated by your business over the internet.

For online marketing, you need to have a logo that is self-explanatory! Such a logo should be designed that emits the character of the business and in a creative way. People are always attracted to the bright and unique logos!

 Business mascot

Design a business mascot that shall represent the business both online and offline. Over the internet, such mascots become a brand for themselves and add to the popularity of the business.


Whenever you are replying to a social media comment, query or maybe a complaint, try and be professional. Do not be rude in any of the replies and apologies as much as you can in order to sustain the reputation in the market.


Based on the kind of business, you must have a bag full of certifications and licensing. Clearly mention each of them on the business website and through social media posts so that people can start trusting your offerings.

 Peer bloggers

You need to be friendly with peer bloggers and share each other’s content as much as possible or order to get the shares and maximized and reach out to a huge expanse of audience.


People who do not prefer reading blogs, need to be offered podcasts sessions on various online streaming apps. Podcasts are popular and have far-reaching effects on varying sections of the consumer base.

 Interview shows

Shoot your interview shows for YouTube so that people can get their queries sorted and it should be sales-oriented so that they can be manipulated to make a purchase from your business.

 Hot industrial topic

Take a stance on any of the hot topics in your industry. This will make you visible amongst the others and also leave a better impression on people due to your stand on the topic!

 Write testimonials

If you have been satisfied with any recent service or any blog post then write testimonials for them so that they get published on their websites and also hold your name that will benefit your business. Indirect promotions can be done through such tactics.

 Cover pictures

Regularly update the cover picture on Facebook because it is a big space on your business page and the cover picture hold images that convey an offer or special offering that keeps changing from time to time!

 Influential people

Communicate with influential people. Help them or buy from them and be generous so that they may post something good about your business through their profiles.


Playing safe on the internet is good, however, if you are looking to get the popularity it is advised that you go against the flow and post shocking content that stirs controversies in the industry. This will rake in attention in plenty to your small business.

 Shoppable pins

Connect your products with images on Pinterest. Once a customer gets to know the price of it through the pins they can directly reach the website by clicking on the image. Work with the web developers to connect the products or website with Pinterest.

 Profile description

Your social media profiles need to have a description that provides the most lucrative point for a customer to visit your business. Put up your best offers and plans in the description to get consumers attracted immediately.

 Get interviewed

You can get interviewed on someone else’s YouTube channel or by any of the online media channels. Such interviews help in the popularity of the business and can become viral on the internet.


You can make presentations of your existing blog posts and upload them on Slideshare. If they get featured on the front page then your business shall achieve popularity and be of significant help to others.


Offer your products or services to top bloggers and YouTube stars so that they give a review of the products and services. This will spread positive word of mouth among the consumer base and also act as a testimonial on the internet.


Every customer loves to get pampered. Use this and surprise the customers with greetings and freebies on purchase so that they come back and rate your service highly on Google or other places in the internet.

 Customer service

People these days want to get customer service through online mediums. Strategically plan such an arrangement and solve the issues of the customers online without any hassle for them.

 Customer generated content

Your customers are the ultimate target of the business and hence the content they generate such as reviews or pictures are more important than anything else. Take permission from them and feature those in your website!

 Fan interaction

Professionally interact with the people who love your brand and follow your business profiles. Do have a variety of responses for both positive and negative comments but refrain from copy-pasting the same response to everyone.

 In-app analysis

Your social media team is doing a lot of hard work and hence it is essential to get an analysis regarding the success of the content. Apps such as Facebook have their own analysis tool and gives a detailed report.


Social media has various personalities that are influencers due to the huge reach they have. Work with them to get your business promoted and taken to a wider section of people who believe and trust the influencer.

 Email headline

Run A/B tests on the subject line of the email so that you get the best subject line that intrigues the users and makes them open the mail right away!

 Short and crisp emails

It is an era of a reduced attention span so make sure that the emails you send are crisp and short. It should not be more than 50 words and must have attractive images!

 Downloadable content

Gate your downloadable content and ask for registration. People shall download images or Infographics and for that, they need to register. With this, you get the email ids and mail promotional content to them directly.

 Email the best content

Use data from analytics to see which post performed the best in the week. You can then sum the content and add a relevant image to it and send to the customers to give them a throwback!

 Segment the email list

Send your customers what they exactly want. Segment the mailer list based on the interest of the people and then customize the content accordingly. This will rake in a better response from the audience.

 Loyalty exclusive

Always have an exclusive stock that opens up for loyal people at first because they are registered and have a regular purchase history from your business. Giving them added benefits encourages others to be like them and hence your sales get a boost!

 New subscriber mail series

Present a new subscriber with a series of emails so that they get the perfect welcome to your family! Send an introductory mail- follow-up mail- second check-in mail and final check-in mail.

 Send email on these days

You want people to read your emails and hence it is essential that you send those emails at a time that is apt for them to read and when they are most likely to read it. According to many surveys and studies, Tuesday and Thursday remain the best days to send emails and get responses.

 Season inspired emails

It is the most convenient way to get attention. Use the seasons and create content based on it to get popularity along with an appeal to the consumer base. Seasonal offerings and discount posts can also be given out on social media profiles.

 Strategic sale and offers

You need to utilize the holiday seasons and promote your business in those times to the maximum extent so that the customers get to your business. Emails and social media campaigns will rake in a lot of business during targeted holiday periods.

 Recap and inform

It is important to recap what are the major events in your business industry that took place in the last week and then inform the same to the customers through the website or social media profiles.

 LinkedIn pulse

Here you can post your already published blogs and people who are connected with you on LinkedIn shall see them and respond accordingly.

 Skyscraper SEO techniques

Trace the best content for the top-rated keyword and then work to create better content than that. Analyze the market leaders and create content accordingly to rank better in search engines.

 Guest bloggers

Get hold of the best guest bloggers to entice more readers into your website and give them specialized knowledge. Guest bloggers are writers who have a fan base of their own and hence your business gets exposed to them as well.

 Actionable content

Write actionable content that guides the customer on how to use your products and services. These make more engaging content and allow people to stay hooked while reading them.

 Add videos to Google listing

Edit your Google listing and add videos to it so that people who search for your business shall get a detailed understanding of the domain and your offerings.


Join Reddit and share your content. It has one of the most tech savvy and marketing-oriented people who give value to good marketing. If your content is awesome, Reddit is just the perfect place to get a boost!

 Ad credits

If you are low on budget then there are various websites that give free ad credits and also offer to promote your business through their popular domains.

 WhatsApp marketing

Your business can reach out to people with whom you are connected via mobile numbers. You can send them direct WhatsApp messages and ask for their participation to any of the business events or any ongoing offer.

WhatsApp groups are also effective in conveying information quickly to a selected bunch if people because every person is going online on WhatsApp every hour. It is more effective to retina old customers and also adds substantially in adding new customers to the business.

 Connect with a social cause

Publicize a social cause as your brand’s motto over the internet. This will create a positive image for your business and your benefit will also pave the way for a better future of those with whose cause you are attached.

 Thank you Video

Get your entire team and shoot a thank you video for all those who are connected with the business and have considered your business eligible enough to cater to them. It is a happy video and should promote the happy and jovial mood prevalent among the people who are working in the business.

 Testimonial videos

These are very effective to drive in customers in folks. Get hold of real customers who are satisfied with the service and interview them on the camera. Their words are one of the biggest marketing solutions for your business! Post them on your website, YouTube channel, and social media profiles! Only happy customers can drive in more customers.

 Time-lapse videos

You can showcase the various processes of your business in a quick duration with the help of time-lapse videos. These are very attractive and engage the viewers on social media or YouTube. Such videos can get shares from people reach to a wide online community!

 Optimize video lengths

Each of the social media platforms accepts a different runtime of videos to be uploaded.

While you upload videos on each of them make sure that you edit the content accordingly and fit in all the relevant information in whatever time limit you have been given with. Recommended duration for videos on Twitter and Instagram is 25-30 seconds while the same length goes to 2 minutes for uploads on YouTube and Facebook.

 Whiteboard videos

These are great for online purposes as they inform a lot about the growth of the business and also the various offerings it has and all of it in a way that is funny and eye-catching! Give it a try!

Every small business has the potential to grow and prosper into a business giant over a period of time. If you own such a business then all you need to do is follow these steps and ideas and plan your own marketing plan.

Marketing was supposed to be a costly process but now with the advent of online media, it is becoming one of the most feasible and cheap means through which a business can be marketed to a huge consumer base.

It is obvious that small setups do not have the huge cash that a large setup will have and hence they need to find out ways through which they can reach the zenith and give every competitor a run for their money. With this comprehensive list of ideas, small businesses can get to where they aim to reach!

How to drive sales to your small business?

  •  Advertise in the newspaper and business magazines.
  • Make sure to create business-related graphics on fliers and use it to advertise your business services, community events, and local stores.
  • Make sure to promote and derive sales to your business through a door to door selling method by your small business representatives to increase the sale volume of your products.
  • Ask local stores and shops to display your service cards and flyers.
  • Make sure to give unique services unique services and appropriate price and rate structure to sell your products to make new clients.
  • Make it easy for clients, business partners to reach you through online booking, easy appointment schedule, text messages and email.

It is essential for business owners to understand that they need to clearly focus on the goals and must take online promotions seriously. As it is a proven fact that the investments made on online marketing techniques has bigger returns than those made on traditional promotion or offline marketing.

Progress with patience and you shall soon rise up the ladder of growth and take your business to a dominating position in the industry and domain you are catering to!

Here are some important FAQs about Online Marketing of Small Business

How does DIY Infographic help in online marketing your small business?

Infographics are powerful marketing tools. It’s a good way to traffic and connections. Hiring an A+ designer can hit your wallet hard, but if you don’t mind a little challenge you can make your own at a cheap price.

How do reviews help in your small business?

Online reviewers have a lot of influence, making them more important than ever before. It can make companies feel daunting, but the online analysis is also a strong source of recommendations.

Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Angie, and more are places where clients and customers are investigating before committing themselves to a business or product. There is no reason to worry if you see a negative rating. Answer the best you can without making a frustrated customer.

How to boost social media content for small businesses?

Social networking sites are the ideal tool for free marketing to support your company because your potential buck is more costly. If your marketing campaign isn’t already in the social network you have to be.

Cross-promoting your social media posts is an easy way for a large number of people to see your content. You can use social media automation software to schedule your social media posting in advance to save time.

Is tagging on Social media the best way to make your small business known to others?

Tagging someone on Facebook and Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for your product. Tagging expands your business’ organic reach to a new potential public, helps you grow and gain more customers. Include tagging as a free marketing tool in your social media strategy and see your organic reach expand.

How does industry partnership work for your small business?

Partnerships are a must on every list of ideas for free marketing. Team up yours (one of which is not a direct competitor, of course) with a company for a joint venture. You may achieve this through an online gift or joint special event.

These may be shortened or retained for a limited period of time. In either case you will be able to access your customer base and vice versa if you partner with another company. Such access will otherwise cost you big bucks.

Is investment in YouTube videos the best idea for your small business?

As YouTube has become the second-biggest search engine in the USA (September to Google), it is a smart, economical marketing idea for small businesses to become a presence at YouTube.

You can create a short yet sweet video explaining what your business is doing or you can dive deep into a subject that concerns your company. Your potential clients could look for videos that give you a chance to capture their eyes.

This is a free marketing idea that can have a great impact in order to shoot videos on any smart phone.

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