Top 10 Alteryx Competitors to Power Your Data Analysis!

Alteryx is one of the finest data science machine learning and analytics automation platforms designed specially to make advanced analytics accessible to any data worker.

Combining its ability to deliver end-to-end information with its ability to manipulate, analyze, blend, filter, and output data with various tools makes it arguably the best out there. 


Year Founded: 1997
Headquarters: California, United States.
CEO: Mark Anderson.

Key Features:

  • Reports
  • Self-service
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data interaction

Pricing info:

Alteryx is a paid software that offers a free trial. Its cheapest plan (Designer suite) starts at 5195 USD per user per year. 

-Pro-level data preparation-Transparent data lineage. 
-Highlights the errors, making it easy to rectify-Difficult to migrate data to servers
-Automation and Data wrangling. -Practical visualization output
-Swift dealing with huge amounts of data

Best Alteryx Alternatives You Need to Try Today

Qlik sense

Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States. 
CEO: Michael L Capone

Based in Pennsylvania, Qlik sense( a Windows application released by Qlik tech.) is a new powerful AI-fueled BI( business intelligence) reporting and analytics platform that allows you to create unique and interactive visualizations, charts, analytics apps, and dashboards for local and offline usage.

It has three different editions- Qlik sense enterprise, business, and team. 

The fact that it is an all-in-one ETL and BI tool even with the just core product and offers a strong user community, product functionality and performance, and low cost makes it a strong Alteryx competitor that can serve as a perfect alternative to the same. 

Key Features:

  • Reports
  • Self Service
  • Advanced analytics
  • Data modeling and blending

Pricing info: 

Qlik Sense is a paid software with a free trial. Its cheapest( business edition) starts at 30 USD per user per month. 

-Model building and refinement-Fewer benefits without trained users
-Exploratory analysis-Anamoly detection in data streaming 
-Fast and agile-Doesn’t integrate with enough data sources. 


Year Founded: 2002
Headquarters: San Francisco, United States. 
CEO: Satish Shinde

Existing for over two decades now is Posit, an intuitive, accessible, and collaborative open-source data science company that offers scalability and flexibility, data exploration and visualization, data preparation, automation, and machine learning.

It also provides consultancy and development to help performance and facilitates its users with solutions from the initial design all the way up to cloud hosting. 

Considering the ratings of posit in comparison with Alteryx, it beats Alteryx in many aspects like renewability, usability, availability, implementation, rating, and configuration, thus, making it a strong Alteryx competitor. 

Key Features:

  • Cloud solutions
  • Data sciences 
  • Service and support. 

Pricing info: 

Posit is a paid app with no free trial, and its estimated cost is from 22000 to 58000 USD annually. 

-Data processing -Breakpoints can be clunky
-Statistical analysis -User interface 
-Data sharing and graphs -Fewer coding automation

Rapid Miner 

Year Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
CEO: Ingo Mierswa

Rapid Miner, previously called yale, is a data science platform designed for enterprises that want to analyze the collective impact of an organization’s employees, expertise, and data.

It is an impressive perk of a program that offers everything from data mining to model deployment and model operations and allows you to connect elements on a palette to do data analysis. 

Features of Rapid Miner come without a hefty price tag unlike Alteryx and is perfect for beginners.

It also does a great job at providing good quality, therefore being a good Alteryx Competitor. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple data management methods
  • Platform friendly 
  • Data storage. 

Pricing info: 

Rapid Miner is a paid software with no free trial and can cost from as low as 7500 USD to as high as 54000 USD per month. 

-User friendly-Interfacing with other programs
-Drag and drop operators -More tutorials and samples are needed 
-Tools for data cleaning and analysis-Takes a lot of CPU processing speed 

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson

Year Founded: 1969
Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
CEO: Arvind Krishna

Oldest on the list is IBM Cognos Analytics, a software that combines ease of use with high performance and gives an accurate, trusted, complete picture of your business and forecasts what’s coming in the future, predicting outcomes with an explanation.

It has some very useful intuitive functions that help companies work their way into cognitive computing. 

IBM Cognos Analytics is better than Alteryx in 4 areas likely to be renewed, performance, support rating, and product scalability. Therefore it is an appropriate alternative to Alteryx for people who needs those 4 features. 

Key Features:

  • Reporting and analysis
  • Data warehousing
  • Data integration 
  • Support

Pricing info: 

IBM Cognos Analytics is paid software with a free trial. Depending on your chosen plan, its paid version costs 10 and 40 USD per month per user. 

-Support of local languages -Administration tools 
-Drag and drop tool for creating a visualization – Long configuration process
-Optimal AI-assisted data exploration-Compatibility with some browsers can be improved.  

Qlik View

Year Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States. 
CEO: Micheal L Capone

Based in Pennsylvania, Qlik View is a business analytics platform and BI data discovery product that is excellent at visually analyzing the relationships between data. It allows its users to develop and deliver interactive guided analytics, applications, and dashboards.

Although Qlik View is a comparatively old software it still has all the necessary options a business possibly needs. 

Qlik view allows you to play with your data, you can prepare and transform your data and then present your KPIs.

This data transformation is missing in almost every other BI tool including Alteryx, therefore making it a considerable Alteryx competitor. 

Key Features:

  • Mobility and scalability.
  • Interactive guided analytics.
  • In-memory storage technology.
  • Agile application development.

Pricing info: 

Qlik view is paid software and the average price ranges between 1350-1500 USD. 

-Good UI/UX-Usually takes an inordinate amount of time to search for export. 
-Reports and analytics -Lacks the drag-and-drop feature 
-Data visualization and data exportation-Real-time data analysis is difficult. 

Tableau Desktop

Year Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Washington, United States. 
CEO: Mark Nelson

Mainly focused on BI, Tableau Desktop is an on-premises and cloud interactive data visualization software that helps people to be more data-driven and create reports, dashboards, and stories using different charts and graphs.

It has two versions, public and online, that are free and paid, respectively. Its live visual analytics fuels unlimited data exploration. 

Unlike Alteryx, Tableau Desktop is capable of reading similar extracts, it doesn’t become unstable and doesn’t crash when multiple users try to access the same workflow, and also supports special characters. All this makes it a preferable Alteryx competitor. 

Key Features:

  • Supports numerous data sources
  • Connectivity with live and in-memory data
  • Great security 
  • Collaboration and sharing

Pricing info: 

Tableau Desktop is a paid software whose cost varies for individuals and teams or organizations and depends on the plan you choose. 

-Helps uncover new insights frequently -Pricing
-Makes an analysis easier to start-Making edits to the production reports is fairly tough 
-Interactive visuals-No support for data cleaning


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: California, United States
CEO: Frank Bien

Acquired by Google in 2019, Looker is an excellent tool with an impeccable support team that helps you to explore, share and visualize your company’s data which in turn enables you to make better business decisions.

It is an enterprise platform for BI, data applications, and embedded analytics that offers user-friendly workflow(fully browser-based) and facilitates dashboard collaboration.

Looker beats Alteryx in the aspect of the likelihood to renew and has no other major advantage over Alteryx therefore if that is what you want then Looker is the Alteryx competitor you should go for. 

Key Features:

-Intuitive visualization

-Time zone handling

-LookML Data Modeling language

-Pre Built analytics code. 

Pricing info: 

Looker is paid software like any other on the list. Looker’s entry price is around $35K/year (~$2900/month). Add on: $30 for dashboard viewers, $60 for dashboard creators, and $120 for developers (who can write LookML)

-UI is simple and easy to understand -Uploading time
-Helps in keeping data organized -Must be scalable
-Easy to analyze and visualize data-Takes a lot of upfront investment. 


Year Founded: 2004
Headquarters: New York, United States. 
CEO: Amir Orad

Sisense is a great and arguably the fastest data-visualizing tool that makes it a considerable Alteryx competitor. It uses AI and machine learning to simplify and analyze complex data, share insights, customize dashboards and visualize data.

Unlike other software, it offers a host of features that are preferred by a lot of users. 

Combining Sisense’s host of features with its likelihood to renew, support rating and vendor pre-sale makes it undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Alteryx. 

Key Features:

-Data visualizations

-Interactive dashboards

-Real-time data insights 

-Embedded analytics 

Pricing info: 

Sisense is also a paid software but Sisense does not make its pricing available online. Interested users should contact the company to request a quote.

Fast Runs and Failures
Effective data explorationDashboards and filters
Easy integration of APIsNeeds better graphing and alerting tools


Year Founded: 2010
Headquarters: American Fork, Utah, United States. 
CEO: John Mellor. 

Specializing in BI and data visualization, Domo is a low-code data app and business management platform that focuses on enhancing productivity, improving workflows, and automating processes.

It works like it was specifically designed to do micro and macro-level analysis and turn data into insights to give you context that, in turn, helps businesses solve problems more efficiently. 

What makes it preferable over Alteryx is that it allows you to connect to IoT devices, upload data to the cloud securely, and build unique connectors for proprietary systems 

Key Features:

-Data apps 

-Embedded analytics 

-Security and governance

Pricing info: 

Domo is a paid app and offers a free trial. Domo has 3 pricing editions, from $83 to $190.

Interactive platformNot very user friendly
Connectivity with other appsProcessing can be slow for very large datasets
Build in formula/code editorPivot table functionality is limited

Micro Strategy

Year Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Virginia, US. 
CEO: Phong Le

Based in Virginia, MicroStrategy is a flagship platform that enables departments and enterprises to deploy web-based reporting and analysis solutions.

As a BI software, it also offers a wide range of data analytics, discovery, and advanced analytics. Just like any other software Micro Strategy also has its own set of drawbacks but that doesn’t stop it from beating many other software, in many aspects, and comes out on top. 

Micro Strategy is perfected for handling huge amounts of data. Its features like R integration and custom visual graph and integration of interactive graphs makes it a preferable Alteryx competitor. 

Key Features:

-Data visualization 


-Real-time alerts 

-Embedded analytics 

Pricing info: 

Just like any other software on the list Micro Strategy is also a paid software. For the Web Package, it costs $600 per named user, or $300,000 per CPU core. The Mobile Package also costs $600 per named user and $300,000 per CPU core.

The Architect Package is $5,000 per named user, the Server Package is $1,200 per named user, and then $600,000 per CPU core.

Speed of access to reports No visual diversity
Easy report implementationIncompatibilities between versions
Online DocumentationAdministration of the platform is time-consuming


What is the key benefit of Alteryx?

Alteryx allows teams to build processes more efficiently, repeatable, less error-prone, and less risky. Unlike many tools, Alteryx is easy for business users without an IT background to use.

What are the 5 types of data in Alteryx?

Alteryx supports string, numeric, date-time, and boolean data types, as well as, spatial objects. You can use the Select tool or any tool that includes.

Why is Alteryx better than Excel?

With Alteryx, exploring data and carrying out in-depth data blending and advanced analytics is much easier. In short, Alteryx is a simple learning tool and very friendly to beginners like me.

Can you run two Alteryx workflows at the same time?

If you want to process multiple workflows, you can open and run the files simultaneously.

Concluding paragraph: 

From the above-mentioned article we can conclude that even after being arguably the best out there, everything has its competitors that may or may not be better than them in many aspects. At last, you should decide on the best software for you depending on your needs. 

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