Alternatives To IFTTT: Exploring Other Powerful Automation Tools

If you’re seeking alternatives to IFTTT (If This Then That), there are several choices available. One popular option is Zapier, which offers an extensive range of integrations and enables the creation of automated workflows across different apps and services?.

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) is another possibility, providing similar functionality and seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft products.

Additionally, Integromat offers advanced automation features and supports complex workflows, while prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness.

These alternatives provide users with diverse options to automate tasks and enhance workflow efficiency based on their specific requirements?.


The programming conditional expression “if this, then that” is where IFTTT gets its name from.

What the firm offers is a technology platform that links products from various developers in order to start one or even more automation using those products.

To make web services easy for its consumers, IFTTT connects various developers’ devices, apps, and services and creates “applets” for them to perform automation smoothly and effectively.

However, IFTTT does lacks behind in some features, making its consumers have a second thought before using its services?.

So, in this article, we’ll be discussing a few best alternatives to IFTTT, so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Year founded: 2010
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
CEO: Linden Tibbets

Key Features:

  • Synchronize various products of a brand with different apps. 
  • Use on any device, including laptops, phones, tablets, and more. 
  • Gain useful insights regarding product usage.
  • Post information or material concurrently across different platforms?.

Pricing Info: Pay as little as USD 1.99 or as much as $9.99 per month for IFTTT Pro.

Ifttt pros and Cons

•Lots of integrations.• No multi-step support.
•Automates manual tasks.• No enterprise-level support.
• Life automation.• Limited triggers and actions.

Best Alternatives to IFTTT that have lots of unique features

? The pioneer in low-code process automation is To enable enterprises to develop more quickly and promote efficient growth, the Tray Platform is designed to be quick, adaptable, and trustworthy.

To quickly develop business processes, builders may now integrate their stack utilizing a contemporary, low-code user experience.

io’s goal is to help businesses avoid unforeseen consequences when undergoing digital transformation.

The Tray Platform addresses practically all integration-related problems by realizing that integrations are constructed to support business operations.

While IFTTT links the tools, services, and applications of many developers to produce “applets” that carry out automation?.

Year founded: 2012
Headquarters: San Francisco, California.
CEO: Rich Waldron Key Features:

Pricing Info: Standard plan starts at $695 per month.

Tray.Io Pros and Cons

•Good for enterprise-level companies.• Expensive.
•Universal and custom API connectors.• Cannot create API.
• Good scalability for integrations.• Basic tutorial for less technical staff. Location

HubSpot Operations Hub

Another illustration of an integrated solution targeted toward marketers is HubSpot Operations Hub (formerly known as PieSync)?.

It can assist you with data quality management, programmable automation tools, and data sync thanks to HubSpot’s CRM.

The capability to multilink many apps in a single automation step is one of the capabilities of the HubSpot Operations Hub.

HubSpot is a top platform for managing customer relationships (CRM) for growing businesses.

While IFTTT links the tools, services, and applications of many developers to produce “applets” that carry out automation.

With the aid of Hubspot, your company may raise its profile, draw in additional clients, and keep its current ones coming back✌.

Year founded: 2021
Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.
CEO: Yamini Rangan

HubSpot Operations Hub Key Features:

  • Data Cleansing with Data Quality Automation.
  • Enhanced Integrations with HubSpot Data Sync.
  • Programmable Automation Use Cases.
  • Programmable Automation.

Pricing Info: The starter plan of HubSpot services starts at $45 per month.

Hub Spot Operations Hub pros and Cons

•Data Synchronization.• HubSpot gets expensive quickly.
•Automated Maintenance and Cleaning.• It has annual contracts – no early termination.
• Customized Automation.• Not a very effective tool.

HubSpot Operations Hub Location

Out funnel

Outfunnel is a platform for sales and marketing workflows that aggregates data from several technologies to assist you in scoring your leads and organizing the following steps.

It is relatively simple to link sales and marketing tools with Outfunnel. To avoid wasting time on managing lists, keep your advertising & distribution contacts in sync at all times.?

Because Outfunnel was created specifically for sales and marketing processes, setup takes only a few minutes.

Each lead may have a 360-degree profile created by Outfunnel, which can also use all of your sales and marketing data.

While IFTTT links the tools, services, and applications of many developers to produce “applets” that carry out automation.

Year founded: 2017
Headquarters: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia.
CEO: Andrus Purdue

Out funnel Key Features:

  • By reducing the requirement for export-import transactions, productivity will increase.
  • Create 360-degree contact profiles that are actionable?.
  • Trigger workflow and marketing automation.
  • Record all marketing engagement data.

Pricing Info: The starter plan of  Outfunnel starts at $19 per month. 

Out Funnel pros and Cons

•Easy setup.• A limited number of integrations.
•CRM integrations.• It can’t reorder the messages.
• Powerful marketing integrations.• Small annoyance.

Out funnel Location


By coordinating their company data, LeadsBridge is just an iPaaS solution that helps businesses to improve their omnichannel strategy?.

To meet your integration needs, LeadsBridge focuses on bridging the gap between advertising mediums and sales funnels and offers custom integrations based on your company’s requirements.

LeadsBridge’s platform complies completely with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations and is highly secure.

By establishing a connection between a source and a destination, LeadsBridge optimizes marketing and sales flow.

This eliminates the need for manual lead importation and enables salespeople to contact leads as soon as they arrive.

Despite IFTTT Search a website or app for items that catch your attention. Applet or connection-related services should be connected?.

Year founded: 2015
Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States
CEO: Stefan Des

Leads Bridge Key Features:

  • Lead Management.
  • Contact Management.
  • Lead Capture.
  • Lead Nurturing.

Pricing info: Marketer plan of Leadsbridge starts at $31 per month?. 

Leads Bridge Pros and Cons

•Emphasis on customer data safety.• Expensive.
•300+ different marketing integrations.• Lack of Lead Database Integration.
• Sync CRM segments.• There’s no mention in the UI during the integration setup of adding a specific “HTML” column for “Email Type”.

Leads Bridge Location


With the help of the no-code automation platform Zapier, everyone and every organization can advance at the speed of growth by connecting their apps to automated processes.

Find out more about how it functions. With 5000+ app integrations, Zapier automates daily work so you can concentrate on what matters.

With the aid of Zapier, you may automate processes between online applications?.

There is a greater possibility for misunderstanding when establishing a Zap than when using IFTTT because there are more choices available.

However, Zapier enables you to test each stage of the Zap as you construct it, reducing the likelihood that you will get lost.

Zapier also provides you with extra details about the applications you are combining.

Year founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
CEO: Wade Foster

Zapier Key Features ?:

  • Access Controls/Permissions.
  • Accounting Integration.
  • Activity Dashboard.
  • Application Management.

Pricing Info: The starter plan of Zapier starts at $19.99.


•The sheer number of integrations.• Complex workflows become tedious.
•Ability to hire experts to help you set up automation.• The new editor could be improved.
• Easy to use templates.• Price increases for using extra zaps.

Zapier Location

Microsoft Power Automate

You may use the tool Microsoft Power Automate to build automatic workflows between your preferred software and systems to synchronize files, get notifications, gather statistics, and more?.

With a selection of flow templates, Power Automate in Excel may be used to get started.

Along with items like Power Apps and Power BI, it is a component of the Microsoft Power Platform product family.

When automating working processes or tasks across your favorite apps and services, Power Automate is helpful.

IFTTT provides a marketing automation software program. It is designed with less sophisticated, often two-step connections and APIs, and is scaled for non-technical users?.

Year founded: 2016
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington, United States.
CEO: Satya Nadella

Microsoft Power Automate Key Features:

  • Hundreds of prebuilt connectors.
  • No-code guidance.
  • Cloud-based data loss prevention.
  • Identity and access management.

Pricing Info: The Basic plan of Microsoft Power Automate starts at $15 per month?.

Microsoft Power Automate PROS AND CONS

•Robotic process automation.• It can be difficult to use.
•AI Builder.• It cannot integrate JavaScript into PowerApps forms.
• Instant bug checking.• Only one instance is permitted in edit mode.

Microsoft Power Automate Location

With incredible ease, links all of your cloud-based apps. Automate any company process—marketing, sales, payments, etc?.

in a matter of minutes. Automation of selling, marketing, and business activities may be accomplished with the help of the cloud application and service integration tool For connecting cloud apps, use

IFTTT is the top connection platform driving how items are being digitally transformed into integrated services.

While is a cloud integration tool that enables users to link cloud applications in straightforward or intricate, multi-step workflows?.


Year founded: 2016
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.
CEO: Ashok Gudibandla Key Features:

  • Data Encryption.
  • Reliable Workflows.
  • Data controls.
  • Build, Share & Collaborate.

Pricing Info: The personal plan of Automate.iostarts at $9.99 per month

Automate.Io Pros and Cons

•Robust free plan.• To prevent mistakes, date formats should be more controllable.
•Connect 200+ cloud applications.• App integrations.
• Intuitive and easy to use.• The bots would constantly shut down. Location

Action desk

Action desk can connect to your databases and SaaS. To locate the real-time information you need, pull raw data, and create dashboards and reports that are automatically updated?.

A new spreadsheet option for the software-as-a-service age is Actiondesk.

It integrates with your current databases, CRMs, and SaaS platforms so you can create dashboards and produce reports without manually importing data.

Actiondesk can link to your databases and SaaS. A new sheet option for the software-as-a-service age is Actiondesk.

While is a technology platform that links products from various developers in order to start one or even more automation involving those products.

Year founded: 2018
Headquarters: Paris, Ile-de-France, France.
CEO: Jonathan Parisot

Action desk Key Features:

  • Benchmarking.☀️
  • Performance Metrics.
  • Charts.
  • Collaborate & communicate seamlessly.

Pricing Info: The premium plan of Actiondesk starts at $169 per month.

Action Desk Pros and Cons

•100% no code.• Not the most robust integrations on the list.
•Great for non-technical teams.• No free trial.
• Easy import and export of data.• The pricing plans are so expensive.n.

Cloud HQ

An online service called CloudHQ provides email productivity workflow tools as well as cloud backup and sync options.

Three product categories are available from cloud HQ: Productivity Tools for Gmail: We all despise email, but we still use it for most of the day?.

You may collaborate on these communications with other Gmail users by sharing emails and tags with cloudHQ Gmail Label Collaboration.

An online service called cloudHQ provides email productivity workflow tools as well as cloud backup and sync options.

IFTTT is the simplest method to automate your preferred applications and gadgets without spending any money. Relax your environment at home. Be more productive at work.

Year founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco, California.
CEO: Hossein Fateh

Cloud HQ Key Features:

  • Export Emails to Google Sheets.?
  • Sync with Google Workspace and migrate.
  • Save Emails to PDF.
  • Multi Email Forward.

Pricing Info: The premium plan of Cloud HQ starts at $118 per year.


Cloud Hq Pros and Cons

•Backup of files.• Expensive.
•Free email tracker.• No desktop & mobile apps.
• Meeting Scheduler for Gmail.• Low uploading speed.

Cloud HQ Location

A white-label connectivity platform as a service is You may link your SaaS to any cloud platform you desire using this simple method.

Simply incorporate our widget into your program code to have instant access to a quick, dependable, and accessible cloud app connection?.

Monitoring all data management transactions is a feature of the iPaaS.

Users may install the hybrid integration platform from on-premises or in the cloud.

IFTTT Look through the website or app to locate anything that grabs your attention. IFTTT Connect the service that the Applet or link requires.

Year founded: 2012
Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Mountain View, California, USA.
CEO: Ashutosh Kulkarni Key Features:

  • Multitenancy.
  • White-labeling option.
  • Horizontal scalability?.
  • Vertical scalability.

Pricing Info: The small plan of starts at $199 per month.

Elastic.Io Pros and Cons

•Hybrid integration.• Expensive for what they offer.
•Vertical scalability.• Paid solutions are always challenging when the tool itself is free.
• Hybrid deployment options.• Available training for this paid solution.


IFTTT is great, and I use it frequently to automate and shorten activities. Four years after IFTTT’s introduction in September 2011, users are still adding over 20 million recipes every day.

Its appeal can be attributed to the way it blends the simplicity of use with connectivity, creativity, and automation.?

It’s entertaining as well. Spend some time discovering all the different ways that IFTTT can automate and make your life easier. A completely new universe will start to open up for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When employing numerous actions, is it feasible to do similar activities?

Multiple versions of the same action cannot presently be added when establishing an Applet. Every action must be distinct.

2. How can I link my current API to IFTTT in the easiest way?

We advise using a “shim” server that sits behind IFTTT and your API and serves as a converter between the two APIs if you currently have one and don’t want to change it.

3. How much use should my API anticipate?

Your service’s level of popularity will determine everything. If the Realtime API is not used, the polling interval will be configurable. This implies that the time between calls is not guaranteed, and you should constantly be prepared for traffic fluctuations.

4. How does IFTTT determine which events are brand-new when I return numerous events to my trigger endpoint?

A meta. id value containing a distinct ID for each event is sent to us when you create your trigger endpoint. IFTTT will maintain a note of the IDs it has already encountered and only initiate actions for new IDs that it hasn’t encountered before.

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