23+ Actionable Advertising Company Marketing Ideas

As an advertising company owner, you may be responsible for marketing other people’s businesses. That means you are well acquainted with all those marketing articles that are flooding the market. But not all of them provide you knowledge about some actionable marketing ideas that can be applied right away.

How to promote your Advertising company?

  • Get an online presence through an attractive website, eye-catchy brand slogan, and designer logo to get professionalism.
  • Shake hands with media houses, corporate companies, retailers, or many business partners to generate more leads.
  • Do not forget to list your advertising business in the web directories.
  • Start an online contest, fairs or events to get engagements.
  • Distribute business cards, flyers, brochures at hotels, schools, colleges, or wherever possible to make people know your brand.
  • Sponsor your brand in the charity events or relevant shows to get the popularity.

Hence, this article is here to help you out in the most sorted manner and sums up superlative marketing ideas for Advertising Business.

-Give a Yes to Facebook Ads

Marketing about your advertising company through Facebook can be quite right. If your goal is to get everything done within a limited budget, then say a yes to Facebook Ads.

These advertisements on Facebook do not make you disappear from the public view due to your low budget target. In fact, your company gets promoted equally well and many people will try to reach out to you by reading Ads.

-Get the Advanced Features Ready on YouTube and Twitter

Explore beyond the realm of Facebook! Look forward to other online channels like YouTube and Twitter. With the implementation of advanced features on these platforms, you can gain more interested clients for your advertising company.

For example, you can use the free lead generation cards for Twitter that will also allow you to get a fine list of new email addresses for the newsletter marketing.

Provide the call to action on videos that you upload about your company on YouTube.

-Make Use of Business Cards

The worth of business cards can never be underestimated. They are like the messengers of your brand that are easy to distribute and even easier to obtain. High-quality leads can be naturally expected when you put this marketing idea at work.


Leave your business cards at the local restaurants, gift shops, and counters of gas stations.

Use both the sides of the business cards since they are really affordable.

-Publish Advertisements in Newspapers

If you are planning to get a newspaper advertisement published, then continue the same process on a regular basis. Short ads will get more noticed since they consume a lesser time of the readers. Additionally, providing the appearance of a coupon to every newspaper ad makes it a center of attraction for the people.

-Provide Small Scale Sponsorships

There are innumerable organizations, public businesses, and clubs that are in constant need of getting themselves established in front of the public eyes. Make them a medium to fulfill your own marketing demands. Offer them sponsorships or donate your services for their cause and see yourself rising in the eyes of everyone around you.

-Ask for Customer Referrals

There may be many occasions when you have successfully accomplished your duties and clients were extraordinarily happy. You can ask such customers to refer your advertising company to other small businesses who require your advertising plans. For this effort of your customers, you can bring something extra special before them that will encourage them to remain in touch with you.

-Treat Your Customers Warmly

This marketing idea is a no-brainer and costs nothing at all. Just a simple rule of treating your current customers with white gloves and creating a smooth environment for timely services. This not only wins their hearts, but they feel privileged to see you. With a satisfied heart, they will assuredly declare to everyone how spectacular your company is!

-Implement Word of Mouth Marketing

According to the Nielsen study on consumer trust advertising, around 84% people tend to trust the words of their friends and family members about a product. It is vital that you focus on two vital key-points of a business success – outcomes and services. When you maintain an order in both of these, customers will only spread words of approval about you.

-Construct a Professional Looking Website

When people will hear about your advertising company, the first thing they will do is to look for it online. In case, they reach your website, they will create half of the impressions inside their minds about your company by looking at the website’s presentation and content. Therefore, create a great combination of a thoughtful brand name and a comprehensible website.


Borrow interesting templates from WordPress and Squarespace and utilize them to add quality to your professional website.

-Display Testimonials and Case Studies

The testimonials and case studies that are highlighted by you play an important role in customers’ decisions to hire you. Don’t hesitate in telling your clients to write a line or two about your company.

It is even better if they recommend your company on LinkedIn and you can definitely take out some important lines from their recommendations and display on your website as testimonials.

-Add the Logos of the Brands You Have Worked With

According to businessmen, building credibility for your company is a very exhausting process. You have to extend the number of work hours and even supply an extra amount of toil. However, in the 21st century, this image building process can be completed by adding logos of your reputed clients in your client list. This influences potential clients and inspires them to try your company.

-Put Efforts to Receive Awards

Awards point out to the fact that you are outstanding in your field. Receiving awards for the best advertising company can certainly put a stamp of recognition on your company’s doors.

Also, a certification from Google Analytics shows how good you are at tracking the online marketing for your customers’ benefits.

-Be a Guest Speaker

Thousands of people always make it a point to attend the most important marketing conferences. When you speak your thoughts out at such a conference, you will surely be seen as a trustworthy person and good assumptions will be made about your company. People can Tweet about your talk session which will, in turn, increase the number of your followers.

-Organize a Radio Contest

Sponsoring a contest on the radio will get you more listeners. With more listeners, more work can be expected for your advertising company. As for the contest, keep decent prizes reserved specifically for the winners. This motivates participation and the name of your company takes a good place among the people.

-Occupy Space on Google My Business Page

Google My Business listings is an exclusive arena from where Google takes information about local businesses. Update your company’s name, website, and other relevant information so that it becomes easier for it to be searched online.


Add pictures to Google My Business Page to invite more clicks and views.

How to drive sales to your Advertising company?

  • Advertise on the radio, magazine, or local print newspaper and announce your latest offers.
  • Promote your services by creating a minute video frequently and post it on social media.
  • Update all new offers, latest updates, and promotional content on social media platforms.
  • Build connections via an Email marketing campaign with existing clients.
  • Give discounts, coupons, the group offers and seasonal discounts to generate more revenue.

Here are some Important FAQs about Advertising Company to Get more detail and Grow Business

1. What are the costs involved in starting Advertising Company?

Since advertising agencies offer services instead of goods, there are minimum start-up costs for start-ups. Ideally, companies would have a client meeting room, projects computers, an internet connection and a printer to print any physical marketing collateral. Organizations include a website as well. Nonetheless, there are very low storage, computer costs, Internet access and utilities, and printer costs.

2. What are the ongoing expenses for an advertising company?

Current costs for a marketing firm include office rent (if the organization has one), computer bills, Internet connection bills and wages for employees. Usually, an agency’s payroll is the highest ongoing cost.

3. What is the Target market for an advertising company?

Many firms, corporations or non-profit organizations are also frequently the clients of advertising firm. The ideal customer of a specific agency should be in the marketing niche of an agency and needs continuous work.

Such a customer also asks for a retainer from an organization. (a retainer is an agreement in which a customer pays a regular amount per week or month to an organization and in return it allocates those hours for the work on a customer’s campaigns for a period of time.)

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