How to Advertise Your Website: 25 Promotional Ways

You invested your time, money, and effort into developing this great website. It could be your online small business or retail. 

Now you want to make this website visible to more and more people. And finding people on your new website initially can be really daunting. 

So to really reach your target audience, you need to advertise or promote your website. Different strategies, tactics, and tips will help you do that. 

Now you also require some budget to advertise your website, but still there are plenty, actually more methods to promote your website for free. 

ways advertise business website guide

But also remember, these methods require dedication and a significant amount of time to derive results. 

Creative Ways to advertise or promote your website

Start Blogging On Your Website 

Content is certainly the most powerful tool to bring prospects to your website. It is the highly effective way to advertise your website or promote your product. 

Creating a blog on your website is an essential inbound marketing practise to adapt. The early you do, the better it will pan out in the near future. 

If you have a blog on your website, it boosts your traffic and increases your ranking on search engines. 

Blogs also help in establishing authority in your field. If you are providing solutions through your valuable content in your industry, it helps you establish as an expert in your industry. 

how blogs help advertise website

Also, when you research and write content for your blogs, it gives you an opportunity to learn more about your industry, market and much more. 

Blogging naturally brings prospects to your website who will be more inclined to buy your products, tools or service as they are connected to you through the content. 

It’s not necessary for you to write blogs on your own. It is really something worth your investment. 

Especially for small business, blogs can be the gamechanger in terms of content marketing, and too on a cost-effective budget. 

Pro Tip:  Write solution-oriented blogs that are relevant to your industry, and helpful to your prospects. 

Prioritizing SEO On Your Website 

90% of your web searches start on Google. It is the primary way where people usually find your website. 

The best way to advertise your website is to make it easier for people to find your website on Google and other search engines. 

Search engine optimization focuses on promoting your website organically. There are various tasks you need to perform in order to prioritize your SEO. 

  • Identify your target audience by doing an extensive audience research 
  • Do keyword research to write on the content that is in demand. 
  • Create high-quality, relevant content consistently. 
  • Promote your website on various social media channels 
  • Optimize your blog content to rank on the search engines
  • Build backlinks to increase your website authority 
  • Optimize your images with keywords and alt text 

Search engine optimization should be your priority when it comes to promoting and advertising your website. 

There are various free SEO tools that can help, such as 

  • Google Analytics 
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Search Console
  • Answer The Public 
  • Woorank SEO & Website Analysis Tool
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • KWFinder

And there are much more.

 Even if you are a small business starting out all-new, investing in premium SEO tools aligned with an effective strategy can be really game-changer. 

Create your YouTube presence. 

Well, to start with, let’s go through some statistics related to Youtube and small businesses. 

  • Youtube is the second-largest, second most-visited website after Google.
  • Youtube is the second most important and popular social media channel for influencer marketing.
  • 90% of shoppers have discovered a brand or product through Youtube.
  • 78.8% of marketers believe that Youtube is the most effective video marketing platform. 

These statistics tell you how significant Youtube is currently for small businesses. 

Youtube actually acts like a “Google for videos.” People are searching for a product directly on youtube instead of Google as well. 

So it is more likely that your business or website can be discovered through Youtube, provided you create valuable content. 

Create Youtube videos relevant to your website, brand or business that must be helpful to your target prospects. 

You surely need an effective Youtube marketing strategy and youtube SEO to make it more reachable. 

And hence, youtube can be a platform from where more people will visit your website, and that too more targeted audience.

Pay Per Click ( PPC)  Marketing

PPC Marketing or Advertising is a paid way to bring traffic to your website from search engines like Google.

You have to pay for a fixed price for every click on your website advertisement on the search engine. 

The ideal case scenario is to get conversions through those clicks you are paying for to achieve a good ROI at the end. 

Google Adwords allows you to set your budget as lows as five dollars a day. 

You have to choose a set of keyword phrases. Your advertisement will appear on those Search result pages whenever a user searches through those keywords. 

PPC Advertising is really an effective way to boost your website traffic whether in addition to your organic traffic or may be in lack of organic traffic. 

Your aim should be to attain maximum ROI through these paid advertisements. 

Tips on PPC Advertising for small businesses : 

  • Use Search Term Reports feature on the platform to see what people exactly type the search terms when your ads are shown.
  • Schedule your ads to optimize the best time and day to gain the maximum traffic.
  • Add negative words instructing Google not to show your ads when these words are searched.
  • Increase your bids on the keywords that are converting sales for your business.
  • You can retarget the visitors who are previously or frequently visited on your website to display ads of your products/services.
  • Use tools like Google Analytics and in-built monitoring and analysis tools such as online search impression  to further strategize your ad campaign. 

Create SEO-based Content

Creating search engine optimized content is one of the best ways to advertise your website on a more organic front. 

You need to optimize your existing as well as new web pages to achieve the maximum performance. 

SEO optimization for web pages aid to ranking on search engines. So it is important you focus on various ranking factors for your website, and work on that. 

Offer User-friendly Experience 

How does your website appear visually to your users?  How easy to navigate for a user on your website? All these factors have a huge impact on your SEO. 

Overall, achieving a user-friendly experience for your visitors is essential to improve your rankings on Google. 

Here are a few factors that help in an optimum user-friendly experience  : 

  • Fast-loading web pages 
  • Easy navigation
  • Attractive and eye-grabbing images & media
  • User-friendly mobile experience 
  • Intuitive design 
  • Powerful copywriting  

On-site SEO

On-site SEO is essential for website content and blogs on your website to rank on Google.  

  • High readability
  • Non-plagiarised content
  • Keyword optimized content 
  • Optimized images 
  • Inbound links 
  • Outbound links   

Effective Copywriting 

Copywriting is an integral part of developing search engine-optimized websites. It’s what attracts the audience to your website. 

Copywriting also aid in user engagement and sales conversion as well. 

Here are traits of powerful copywriting : 

  • No spelling mistakes 
  • Short, precise, and effective
  • Action-based instructions for users
  • Avoid redundancy by using synonyms 
  • High grammar accuracy 
  • Use emotional triggers, cliffhangers, and hooks
  • Use storytelling
  • Utilize social proofs and examples

SEO Keywords

Google prioritizes the content, which is more on fulfilling the user intent rather than obsessing over keywords. 

However, it doesn’t take away the significance of keyword optimization or keyword marketing in ranking your website. 

SEO is about increasing your visibility organically on search engine results.

And keywords drive the traffic to your website if done right. Keyword-based content can boost your traffic easier than you think. 

Use tools such as Google Adwords keyword planner to find the low-competition and high-traffic keywords and write your content around it. 

All you need to learn is keyword research and identify search terms that straightway bring significant traffic to your website. 

Tips for Keyword Research

  • Focus on low-competition keywords with a good PPC value 
  • Explore long-tail keywords to rank your blogs easily
  • Try to invest in a paid keyword research tool 
  • Use silo structure to rank on high-competition keywords 
  •  Predict on keywords that will be ranking around a certain time ie. event blogging. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective tool for establishing communication with your customers. It also helps to find new prospects and retain existing customers.

If your website successfully assembles many email addresses, you will be able to bring those audiences regularly to your website. 

It involves developing a relationship to your subscribers by sharing them newsletters, discounts, the latest updates, information, and other perks. 

Here’s how email marketing helps you advertise your website : 

  • Sending regular emails to the prospects or targeted audience increase website traffic 
  • Email marketing also boosts website engagement, hence helping in ranking. 
  • It builds credibility for your website.  
  • It also helps your website/brand boost sales. 
  • Email marketing helps your business generate leads.

Social Media Marketing

Without social media marketing, no business can thrive in today’s era to lead the industry. 

Social media marketing has become the most powerful tool for businesses today, especially for small businesses. 

It is a brainer that Social media is an integral part of digital marketing today to promote a website. It is one of the lifelines of traffic to your website and hence, the customers. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the hotspots for doing business, whether it is to bring customers or even actual business transactions as well. 

Well here are few tips on how you can utilize social media to promote your website : 

  • Create business profiles and pages for your website/online business rather than personal profiles.
  • Half battle won will be when you optimize your social media business profiles, whether it is the logo, bio, descriptions or any other required information.
  • Engage with your audience in posts and messages. It is the secret sauce for long-term social media success for small businesses. 
  • Create unique, valuable, relevant, and helpful content for your target audience. Remember, content is the key but only when you do it consistently.
  • Focus on the branding of your business and have a unique voice to stand out amongst the competition. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

93% of consumers today decide to buy online after checking the reviews or being influenced by it somehow. 

That itself says a lot about how customer reviews and testimonials can be optimized to build a reputation for your business, so more and more.  

First, you need to check what customers say about your products or services. Because that must be a huge factor in not getting enough conversion that you might get. 

Just search “[your business name] reviews” on Google to find out. 

Whether you have less reviews or not-so positive reviews, you need to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews. 

Here are some tips to get more reviews : 

  • First you make sure your businesses must be registered on the various review platforms such as Yelp, Tripadvisor etc.
  • Encourage your customers to leave a review in exchange for the rewards they get such as special discount, free coupons or any digital product. 
  • Send emails to your happy customers sending them links to your profiles on review platforms so they can review easily.
  • Don’t create fake profiles to review yourself multiple times. It may give you a bad look on your website. 

Pro Tip:  Persuade your friends, relatives and other companions to give reviews from their accounts. It’s a little trick to create some momentum if you don’t have any reviews so far. 

You can also ask your clients or customers for testimonials which you can place in your sales funnel to establish more trust. 

It will boost your conversion as it develops trust amongst your potential buyers. 

Social Media Ads 

Social media platforms are definitely the best way to advertise your website, but you can achieve only a certain reach by organic growth here. 

Here comes the paid advertisement these primary social media platforms offer.  

Social media Ads allow you to target your potential customers faster along with much broader reach. Ads boost overall growth of your business if done well. 

You can start with a minimum budget for the advertisement to promote your website through Ads on these platforms. 

Here are some statistics related to social media ads : 

  • Marketers are spending more on social media advertising over time which now leads to more than $89 billion in 2019. 
  • Video ads on social media platforms account for 28.7% of total video ad spend over $10.35 billion.
  • Average ad spend per user increasing on the mobile from $13.49 to $15.40 in 2019 and further expected to be $16.5 in 2020. 

Most Popular Social Media Ads : 

  • Facebook Ad
  • Instagram Ad 
  • Pinterest Ad 
  • LinkedIn Ad
  • Twitter Ad 
  • Snapchat Ad 

Most small businesses opt to run their Ads on at least on 2  of these platforms. 

However, brands often experiment with new ad campaigns with most social media platforms. 

Also, it depends upon your business type and targeted audience, so some of these will work better for you than others.  

Guest Blogging 

Image Source: Blogging Wizard 

When you do guest posting on a similar website in your niche/industry for free to expect traffic back to your website to boost your domain authority, it is called Guest Blogging. 

Guest Blogging is a powerful and effective method to promote your website or business on more credible grounds. 

It is the best way to establish your presence within your industry or niche. 

Guest Blogging primarily helps you create more connections in your industry and reach out to your competition and prospects as well. 

More importantly, it gives your website backlinks which improve your website authority. It further helps your website to rank on Google. 

When you write for high-authority websites, leaving your profile and website link to get back tracked, helps you reach the right audience. 

They already liked your guest blog. It means they will be interested to see more of you and your proposal. 


 Before learning how you can use Facebook to promote your website, here are a few statistics making it one of the best marketing and advertising platforms. 

  • 89% of marketers use Facebook for their primary marketing efforts. 
  • 83% of overall internet consumers use Facebook. 
  • Facebook generated $17.65 billion in total revenue in 2019’s third quarter. 

Content Marketing & Strategy

“Content is the King” – They say that for a reason! 

Creating content is the best thing you can do to promote your website. If you have already incorporated keyword research and SEO, content creation helps reach your target audience. 

Now here are some tips that will help you make better content : 

  • Create search engine optimized content for your website to make your website rank higher on Google.
  • Be consistent in publishing blogs on your website. 
  • Write blogs on keywords that are high in search volume but less in competition. 
  • Create content around the long-tail keywords 
  • Focus on creating content that resolves your prospect’s problems. 
  • Use hashtags in your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter posts. 


Retargeting is a form of marketing, also known as remarketing. It is a type of online advertising where you can bring back the bounced traffic after they leave your website. 

Interestingly, only 2% of the initial traffic converts at the first time. 

So it is retargeting which keeps increasing the chances of conversions everytime the retarget customer comes back to the website. 

Now, Remarketing Ads functions by placing a tracker cookie to the visitors’ computers that lands on your website. 

So now your ads will keep showing to users who came to your website but returned without conversion which is around 98 per cent of all your web traffic.

Retargeting ads will be appearing to all of the users who landed on your website and there are chances that will come back and might make a purchase. 


Image Source: Marketing Examples

Reddit is popularly known to be the “front page of the internet”, and it may not be a very popular way to advertise your website but it is highly effective. 

Reddit is a platform where people share and discuss specific topics. It has millions of users categorized dedicatedly to various topics, called subreddits. 

But remember, casual marketing won’t work here! Redditors are too smart to be fooled by a disguised ad. Your post can be banned as well. 

So your focus should be to first target the topics under your category for which you sell your products or services. 

Image Source: Social Media Examiner 

Start saying something that is really meaningful and helpful to people. Contribute the most you can and then try to slide your links every once in a while. 

The idea is to actually become one of them, a redditor and also enjoy the platform, the reach of it and then delicately promote. 

PPC Advertising 

Image Source: WordStream

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Marketing, is a cost-effective advertising method where you only have to pay for ads if someone clicks on it. 

So you will only pay ads where people reach and click to you. So you can start these PPC Ad campaigns with a minimum budget. 

Here you won’t be wasting your money on people uninterested in your business or website. 

One of the downsides with PPC is that it is a bit complicated to understand and run a campaign. 

However, that goes away once you get used to it or even just after the first time. 

If you want to do little bit more than organic for your website to advertise, PPC can be a great way to begin with. 

Here are some tips for starting out with PPC Ads :  

  • Don’t go big for the first time. Start small. Start from Google Adwords. Create your first campaign with least expectations and minimum budget.
  • Many small businesses new to PPC often choose broad keywords, thinking it will increase their chances of reaching more audiences. But it’s a huge mistake. So be specific in targeting your audience.
  • Use catchy and attention-grabbing  headlines and powerful copy to create your PPC Ads. Do a lot of A/B testing to see what works better for you.
  • Don’t forget to add clear and precise call-to-action. Don’t hesitate to ask customers to take action once they see your Ad. 

Don’t Skip Quora 

If you remember Reddit and how it can be leveraged to advertise your website, Quora, in this case, is altogether a different animal! 

Quora is a question-answer online forum, a user-generated content platform where you can drop or answer questions. 

It is simpler and easier for people to grasp, so it enjoys a huge community worldwide. 

Image Source: Marketing91

Now, just right out the bat, selling on Quora won’t work! 

So you need a marketing strategy to really utilize this platform for your benefit. Here are step-by-step what you need to do:  

Step 1: Find the Right Questions 

You need to place your content, just like the guest posting strategically. You must select the right topic, right question, and target audience. 

Search your topic in the Search bar of Quora, and find the most popular question in the content category. 

You can check question stats to find out how much views it has along with the number of followers.  

So if it has a good number in views, you can go ahead with the question. 

Then, look for the recent answers and if you find a good number of views on them, it is a hot topic for sure. 

Step 2:  Create Referral Traffic 

Now, focus on creating good content for these questions. Write appropriate valuable answers. Make sure you give your best to fulfil the user’s intent for that question. 

Don’t just write something and push your link there. First priority must be to give value and then subtly give links in terms of “learn more” for them. 

Remember, if people do not like your answer or do not get value, there is no chance in the world your links will be clicked for real intent. So don’t even try. 

Try to impress through your answer and leave rest. It will work for you. 

Online Directories 

Image Source: WordStream

There are a plethora of online directories where customers look for businesses for their certain services. 

Just adding your business to these various online directories will be really helpful to increase your visibility and brand awareness amongst the locals. 

Especially if you are running a local business, online directories make your business available to a larger audience on a demographic basis. 

Start from adding your business to Google My Business listing where your target customers can easily find you. 

Image Source: VerticalResponse

Then depending upon what kind of business you are, there are more than dozen of online directories you can consider to get registered on. 

For Example :  If you are a restaurant based in Los Angeles, you must register your business on online directories such as Yelp, Zomato, Eater etc. It will allow people to find you when they search terms like “best restaurants in los angeles”.  

Influencer Marketing 

Image Source: SOCi 

Influencer marketing is one of the most profitable and cost-effective marketing methods for small businesses. 

Every big or small enterprise, retail or service-based, local or international, startup or corporate, utilizes influencer marketing to promote their products. 

Influencer marketing is about reaching out to the influencers in your industry or niche where they can promote your product. 

Marketers say influencer marketing is the fastest-growing and most cost-effective customer acquisition method. 

They actually get around 22% of their customers through influencers, with an average ROI of $6.48 on every $1 spent on this kind of marketing. 

why business focus influencer marketing

Here are some influencer marketing tips for small businesses : 

  • Focus more on collaborating with the right influencers who are more invested in telling stories and connecting to the audience rather than just sharing stuff.
  • Go for those influencers who have high engagement rates rather than a high following. That will bring more results as compared to a large following and low engagement.
  • Start targeting your audience locally. So, find the influencers who are based on your location and are vocal about it. 

Google Ads 

Image Source: Sharetribe

Google Ads offers one of the best PPC Advertising options, probably the only you would need. After all, Google is the most consumed and popular search engine. 

There are three different types of Google Ads i.e display ads, text ads and video ads

Image Source: Ryan Milani

Text Ads are shown on the Google search engine result pages. These advertisements work depending upon the targeted keywords. 

Since, this is a PPC Advertising model, you will be only paying when someone clicks on your Advertisement. 

Cost per click vary on the basis of what your competitors want to pay and quality of those keywords.  

Display Ads are visible on different locations such as Gmail accounts, websites, and mobile applications. These types of ads have lower CTAs than text ads.   

Video Ads can further be divided in 6 formats used to target potential customers or retarget as well. 


Image Source: Medium

Whether you want to promote your newly created website or existing blog, you need exposure to reach the maximum number of people. 

One of the smartest ways to do it is by utilizing the Blogging platform Medium. 

Leverage this high-authority content publishing website to get authority backlinks and exposure to a group of avid readers. 

The medium allows anyone to write and publish a blog, story, or any piece of content on their platform. You can use your website links here and increase the visibility of your website as well. 

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Image Source: OSI Affiliate 

Humans tend to share their positive experiences with their friends and family. It is a human-nature to boast about things they love doing, eating or watching. 

That’s the reason, people do word-of-mouth marketing all the time even if they aren’t paid for it. 

Wherever you go for a movie and you really love it, you recommend it to all your friends or family. 

And they do the same when promoting the product in this thread. 

Similarly, word-of-mouth marketing can work for your brand as well.  

You have to make sure there are positive reviews out there regarding your brand. Respond if anyone negatively reviews your brand on social media. 

Own your mistake if you need and be upfront on amending with your customers. 

Promote people to talk about your products on their social media platforms. Encourage them to review your products and share with their friends. 

Your focus should be on building connections and engaging with people. You need to be an exception in order to become the talk of the town. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How to promote your new website? 

Here are some best ideas to promote your new website : 
-Be consistent in publishing content. 
-Write around low-competition high, search volume keywords in your niche.
-Post regularly on social media using relevant hashtags.
-Use platforms like Quora and Medium to generate backlinks and traffic.
-Use email marketing to build an audience. 
-Go for Facebook Ads. 
-Do guest blogging to generate backlinks and improve your PA/DA.  
-Go for long-tail keywords to write content/blog for your website. 

How To Advertise my Website for Free? 

Here’s how you can advertise your website for free: 
-Engage with people on social media like all the time. 
-Do guest posting for websites for free. 
-Post your content/links on forums. 
-Post content on Quora, Reddit and Medium and link back to your website. 
-Post your content on relevant Facebook pages and groups. 
-Submit your website to online directories like Google My business

Why should you do website promotion?  

There are millions and millions of websites on the internet. The competition is high and if your website is new, it is important to increase the chances of people finding you faster. Website promotions help you reach your target audience faster and easier. You need consistent and growing traffic on your website.

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