10+ Best ADP Competitors to Watch Out For

Based in New Jersey, ADP, founded in the year 1949, is industry-leading payroll software. It provides the client with services like HR solutions, plus tax, compliance, benefits, administration, and many more.

Year Founded: 1949
Headquarters: Roseland, New Jersey, United States

ADP Payroll also offers services like quarterly and annual tax reporting. The software also provides assistance with tax filing. Carlos A. Rodriguez is the current CEO of the company.

ADP removes the hassle of manually inputting the details of employees. Instead, all HR needs to do is review the payroll and then approve it for automatic payment.

List of Top ADP Competitors

Many other payroll software and programs are available to provide services like ADP. Check on the various features of the Competitors of ADP.


Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States

Oracle is a software that is used a lot when it comes to tracking and managing employee data by integrating the employee lifecycle into the package making the payroll process smooth. The CEO of Oracle is Larry Ellison.

It’s already a solid piece of software with a rapidly evolving HCM suite covering all employee details. Moreover, the responsiveness of the support staff is much appreciated.

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Year Founded: 1972
Headquarters: Walldorf, Germany

One of the most proficient software on this list, SAP assists organizations in managing almost every aspect of their business, including finances, HR, and logistics, to name a few. Christian Klein is the current CEO of SAP.

SAP is a very easy-to-use tool. It helps in tracking even minimal expenses like travel costs and even offers tools like time management. With a simple and user-friendly interface, managing payrolls with SAP is hassle-free, making it an easy-to-recommend alternative.

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Year Founded: 2020
Headquarters: Weston, Florida, United States

Recently into the business, UKG has been a workforce station. It provides a very comprehensive and centralized solution for the human resource management process.

Currently owned by renowned equity companies Hellman & Friedman and Blackstone Inc., Aron Ain is the CEO of UKG since it was founded. With extremely detailed reports and statistics, UKG ensures greater control and productivity for HR. This, in turn, improves the payroll process by incorporating discipline into it.


Year Founded: 1992
Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Primarily founded as an information systems company, Ceridian’s acquisition of Dayforce in 2012 turned it into an HR management software. It is competent to perform tasks like payrolls, taxes, and management services. David Ossip is Ceridian’s CEO.

A man of ambition, Ossip’s vision, innovation, and leadership traits have carried Ceridian forward. Ceridian is extremely cost-friendly. It has a very interactive interface, integrated with advanced analytical tools, thus making it appealing for the users.


Year Founded: 1990
Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Paycor is an automated payroll processing software. It allows both the employer and the employee to access the details and settle any grievances with ease. Founded in the year 1990, Paycor’s current CEO is Raul Villar.

Paycor allows employees to check their portal on a regular basis for disbursements etc. It also allows the employer to track the payrolls from another portal, thus ensuring adequate privacy in operations.


Year Founded: 2010
Headquarters: San Mateo, California, United States

Freshworks are focused not only on providing HR services. They have diversified services. Their software Freshsales is meant for the sales department, Freshmarketer for marketing, and Freshservices for IT.

Girish Mathrubootham, the CEO of Freshworks, is full of life and energy. Freshworks provides not only payroll services but also provides assistance in the recruitment process by evaluating, analyzing, and suggesting the appropriate work position for new recruits.   


Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

ZingHr is a versatile product that provides clients with end-to-end HMRC services. It facilitates Human Resource Management in a company through the various tools incorporated in the software.

Founded by Prasad Rajappan, ZingHr’s main motto has only been client satisfaction. ZingHr provides HR with services like payroll implementation, time and attendance, employee leave, expenses, etc.

They also provide performance management services in order to facilitate the monitoring of every employee in the organization.


Year Founded: 1972
Headquarters: Austin, Texas, United States

Epicor ERP system is an industry-specific software that assists and helps companies in managing their businesses. Epicor comes in handy for services like managing accounting and finance, human resources, and customers.

One of the most used management services software, Epicor owes its success to its CEO, Steve Murphy. Epicor lets an employer track all his details from hire to retirement.

It includes payrolls, expenses, attendance, etc. Besides, Epicor also allows HR to keep an eye on employee performance.


Year Founded: 1971
Headquarters: Rochester, New York, United States

Paychex is one of the leading payroll service providers in the world currently. They help the owners and the HR in keeping track of all employee data at their fingertips without any manual effort.

Part of Paychex’s success belongs to CEO Martin Mucci. His rigorous efforts and best practices are one the primary reasons why Paychex boasts of a loyal customer base.

Paychex, with its analytics and simple tools, streamlines the payroll system, rendering it absolutely hassle-free.

Onpay Inc.

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Onpay Inc., is probably one of the fastest-growing payroll services in the world right now, providing payroll services at a cost never imagined. With On pay, payroll is an absolutely hassle-free process.

Founded by CEO Jesse Burgess, Onpay offers payroll services with a lot of additional features. With On pay, you can run payrolls for multiple employee categories like salaried and part-time. This makes Onpay one of the best Competitors to ADP.


Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

Gusto is an extremely lucrative choice in this list of Competitors. With its cheap and structured pricing policy, suiting everyone’s needs, ranging from small to large businesses, Gusto’s growth is exponential.

Currently, Gusto’s CEO is Joshua Reeves Josh. With Gusto, all the employer needs to do is provide the employee’s name and email id with some additional info. After the employees onboard themselves, the payroll process is started with structured benefits included, as designed by the management.


Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Houston, Texas, United States

The versatility that Insperity provides with its services is something that goes unmatched, arguably making it ADP’s best alternative. From providing employee handbooks, job descriptions, and training services, Insperity is an employer’s asset.

Their services are surely one to watch out for as immediate resolution is Paul J. Sarvadi’s (CEO) ultimate goal. Along with these, Insperity offers a fully customizable payroll platform to facilitate the client’s requirements and maximize their utility.


Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: San Leandro, California, United States

Arguably, providing one of the best risk compliance services along with Human Resources, Trinet is a pretty good alternative when it concerns small and medium business firms.

Affordable, organized, customizable, and user-friendly, Trinet checks all the boxes. Trinet’s success is primarily because of CEO Burton M. Goldfield.

Payroll services provided by Trinet are curated only after the structure of payment is confirmed, rendering it free of errors and ensuring complete satisfaction for the client.

Adp Competitors Alternatives

FAQ for Top ADP Competitors.

Which Among These Is the Best for Large Businesses?

As per the research and the features, ADP is still the best payroll service provider for large businesses.

Why Should You Continue to Use Adp Instead of the Competitors?

Unless you need a very specific kind of service, ADP is the best out there. It offers versatility without compromising on any feature as such.

How Much Does Adp Charge per Month?

Pricing starts at $79 per month plus $4 per employee. Businesses can request a price quote on the company’s website, and introductory rates are sometimes offered.

What Are the Benefits of Using Adp?

ADP offers some of the most desired benefits by any employee, which include insurance of all sorts, leaves, vacation schedules, etc.

How Many Accounts Can You Have In Adp?

ADP offers upto four direct deposit accounts. Account opening is a seamless process with ADP. We just need to choose the plan, and the rest is taken care of by customer care.

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