8+ Adobe Spark Alternatives and Competitors

Adobe Spark is an online creative tool and integrated narrative platform. Users of the site can design and produce various images to communicate knowledge interactively.

The tool was developed in May 2016 and consists of three distinct design programs: Post (graphic design), Page (web design), and Video. For instructors in grades K–12, Adobe Spark can be a very beneficial and engaging educational tool. 

Try Adobe Spark, where students may effortlessly immerse themselves in storytelling if you’re having trouble inspiring them to demonstrate their understanding of a subject or provide facts.

List Of The Best Adobe Spark Alternatives:


Year Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland

The very first Adobe Spark substitute for consideration is Visme, an online design tool that stands out from the competition because of a few unique features.

One feature that sticks out as being particularly useful to users is the drag-and-drop editor. This is advantageous since it gives even someone with no prior design experience the ability to produce high-quality images.

Creating polished and appealing visual assets is crucial for graphic design projects. Visme is the finest substitute for Adobe Spark because of this. The broad range of capabilities that Visme provides is another useful feature.

You may produce a variety of assets using Visme, such as animated films, infographics, premium social media posts, and branded documents.

Users that might be looking for a more versatile graphic design tool might benefit from this capability to develop a wide variety of materials.

With premade graphic design templates, Visme makes your graphic design journey easier. A more streamlined process is produced by using templates.

Pros– Creating social media infographics and posts, Powerful business presentations. 

Cons– Frequent errors in formatting and customization, Generic pre-built templates


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Perth, Australia

Canva can be a good substitute for Spark if you require a graphic design tool to produce posters, documents, and visual material.

You can start with one of the many templates that Canva offers. The free trial offered by Canva is also a useful feature.  Using textured backdrops is a wonderful feature of Canva. 

Use Canva’s selection of textured backdrops when you require something other than a simple color background. With distinctive backdrops, textured backgrounds make your creations stand out.

 You can set your image against a bright background or create the appearance of a real fabric. The exact image cropping tool in Canva is another intriguing feature.

Simply crop your photographs to make them flawless for your upcoming social media promotion.

The video maker tool from Canva, which makes it simple to produce social media-ready films immediately from your Mac, PC, or other mobile devices, is the final feature we’ll look at.

Pros– Simple to use, Attractive designs, Budget-friendly

Cons– Limitations to the number of styles, Alignment concerns

Have a look at the Canva alternatives and competitors.


Year Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada

For graphic designers and social media managers, Snappa is a fantastic tool. It contains an easy-to-use editor and is jam-packed with various graphic elements that make the design process enjoyable.

The numerous icons, images, and vectors, in particular, give designers a wide range of tools to work with. 

The resizing tool is a crucial feature for Snappa users. Both social media administrators and bloggers may require the same image in different sizes, thus requiring an easy-to-use resizing tool.

Snappa meets this demand. Snappa’s Buffer integration makes it simple to schedule social network posts.

Pros– Easy to use, Can create professional designs within minutes

Cons– Cluttered UI, Lacks advanced options


Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Seattle, WA

An excellent replacement for Adobe Spark is PicMonkey. It includes a lot of useful features that its consumers appreciate. You can start from a template or scratch when creating visual materials.

You may use the editor’s various capabilities to create designs that have an effect. The use of the retouching tool is frequently contrasted with that of Adobe Photoshop.

The pattern and effect tools also enable users to play around with how their photos and designs’ backgrounds look.

Pros– Simple to use, Inexpensive, Plenty of content

Cons– Frequent freezing, No tutorials available

Design Wizard

Year Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Cork, Ireland

We will examine Design Wizard as our next tool in this discussion. Spark substitute Design Wizard is well-known for its capacity to produce static visuals and movies. The switchable nature of Design Wizard’s graphic and video editors is an appealing feature. You can organize and set apart your tasks using these two editing areas. If you’re a casual user looking for a tool for your personal brand or pastime, Design Wizard is a valuable tool for you. A tool like Spark is preferred if you need to have more precise control, visualize data, or generate a lot of photos for social media.

Pros– All the images, graphics, and videos are licensed for commercial use, Personal Folder for images and files

Cons– Free images have a watermark, Necessary good internet speed


Year Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

A tool called Easil specializes in graphics with an Instagram-inspired color scheme. Additionally, it offers a variety of template choices for your different social networking channels. Social media users are the target audience for Easil. The designs are frequently referred to as stylish and contemporary. 

They probably won’t work well with business clientele. Small teams and companies, though, might find designs that fit their distinct personalities. Easil is a useful tool if your company specializes in Instagram story production.

You can use a variety of design components and tools inside the Easil editor, including pictures, icons, and illustrations. Easil is also notable for offering a wide variety of form mask alternatives. These several possibilities are ideal for a social media manager who needs to stand out.

Pros– User-Friendly UI, Easy to use

Cons– Limited features, High premium price


Year Founded: N/A
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The tool stencil is simple and focused on producing lean content on a tight budget. Ultimately, Stencil fixes just one issue; it’s a great choice if you want to add text to an image as a background. There aren’t many features in the stencil. It’s a basic tool. However, they let you add a few different kinds of icons and shapes to each design.

Additionally, the editor is easy to use and basic. An easy-to-format quote generator built into the editor will help many people get through the already-simplified process more quickly. No animation or video content of any kind can be added by stencil.

Pros– Value for money, Offers Versatile features

Cons– Weak design and branding tools, limited features


Year Founded: 2006
Headquarters: New York, United States

Animoto is a free photo and video editing software that can create great personal projects and some cool professional work. The wide range of features in the library makes it a very versatile app that can serve various purposes. Along with that, it also offers a lot of cool pre-made templates for short-cut takers.

Pros– use- friendly interface, pre-made storyboards

Cons– the free plan doesn’t support HD videos, no mobile app.

Adobe Spark Alternatives


Does Adobe Spark seem to be available for free?

Adobe Spark does indeed come in a free edition. There are also two paid versions available. You cannot remove the watermarks and Spark branding from your creations when using Spark’s free version, which is a drawback.
Some users could be put off by Spark’s lack of a unified brand and opt not to use the free account.

And that’s superior, Adobe Spark or Canva?

Spark vs. Canva comparisons will always be a matter of opinion.
According to various reports, Canva offers a more efficient workflow than Adobe Spark. However, when it comes to usability, both products excel.

How many purposes may Adobe Spark serve?

You may make social visuals and quick videos with the aid of Adobe Spark. It can be used to enhance your work when used with Adobe’s creative cloud.

Will branding kits be used in Adobe Spark?

True! In Adobe Spark, a brand kit may be defined. A variety of templates featured inside the application can easily be customized by adding fonts, logos, and distinctive colors. The tool’s brand kits and templates will help you save a ton of time.

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