Top 10 Adobe Photoshop Alternatives for Graphic Designers

Our choice for the finest greater picture editor is Adobe Photoshop. No doubt that its raw strength could be too much for some. It has become the standard picture editing program in the business, used by creatives, content producers, and artists. The standard by which all other tools for altering images are assessed.

Adobe Photoshop

Year Founded: 1987
Headquarters: San Jose, California, US. 
CEO: Shantanu Narayen

Key Features:


-Selections tools

-Vector masking

-Photoshop 3D

Pricing info:

Adobe Photoshop has 3 pricing plans, photography plan, photoshop plan, and all apps plan which costs 7.83$, 20.55$, and 29.37$, respectively. It also offers a 7-day free trial. 

-Digital and matte painting-Fewer photoshop 3D features and photo filters, and effects
-Photo editing and manipulation-UI can be simplified 
-Recent updates have made the tools even quicker to use-Sometimes toolbar menu changes by itself
-Creating layers and textures 

Design Better with These Adobe Photoshop Alternatives:


Year Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina 
CEO: Spencer Kimball

The multiplatform GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a top-part photography powerhouse that operates on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

In terms of the enormous quantity of tools and capabilities it provides, GIMP is comparable to Photoshop.

Due to the big developer and creative community that has created a wide range of add-ons, this program is incredibly adaptable. There is surely a resource for every feature you desire. 

Gimp is an undefeated champion when it comes to performing on Linux. It is also open source which means you can improve it by making alterations to its source code. It is also budget-friendly, therefore, being a considerable Adobe Photoshop alternative. 

Key Features:


-Advanced manipulation


-File handling

Pricing info: 

Gimp is a completely free and open-source image editor. 

-Variety of features -A lot of tools need mastery, to be able to use them properly
-Reasonable Pricing-Can get confusing at times
-Best for Linux users

Pixlr X

Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Stockholm, Stockholm Lan’s, Sweden 
CEO: Ola Sanderson

Pixlr, which is also available as a web application, is among the best free Photoshop replacements available online. It is “so feature-packed, it genuinely competes with shortcut keys,” as we remarked in our evaluation of the HTML 5 picture editing tool.

The Pixlr interface is more straightforward than Photoshop or GIMP, but that’s okay. It is simple to use, and the procedure is streamlined. It has a set of free filters and effects that can be handy for inexperienced users. Thus, is a preferable Adobe Photoshop alternative. 

Key Features:

-Colour replace


-Image retouching

-Object transform

Pricing info: 

Pixlr X is a paid software that would cost you 4.90 USD per month and also offers a 30-day free trial. 

-Red-eye reduction tool-Filters are outdated and need to be changed
-Auto light adjustment option-No presets
-Has a large database of copyright-free images for background use.-Fewer templates

Luminar AI

Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Orlando, Florida 
CEO: Austin Russell

Luminar AI is a strong photo editing program that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist artists in quickly creating outstanding photographs.

The technology is “a brilliant new alternative for photographers who know their photographs might benefit from some modifications but don’t have the time or skills to make them happen,” according to our assessment of Luminar AI. 

Luminar AI allows you to easily play with your image in a unified workflow at a lower price than Adobe Photoshop. However, you can use Luminar in addition to Photoshop because it is offered as a standalone editor and as a plug-in for Adobe programs.

Key Features:

-Simplifies workspace

-Templates for ‘guided’ AI-powered editing

-Time-saving AI-powered editing tools

-Manual masking

Pricing info: 

Luminar AI offers three licenses, a single costs 79 USD, two costs 99 dollars, and three costs 119 dollars. The license contains a standalone and a plugin. 

-AI tools produce great results-Limited export options
-Fun to use-Limited layer-based editing
-Manual masking for advanced users-Advanced features are harder to locate
-Template-based editing is ideal for beginners

ACDSee  Photo Studio Ultimate

Year Founded: 1994
Headquarters: Victoria, BC 
CEO: Doug Vandekerkhove

ACDSee Photo Studio Advanced 2023 is an editing software plan that gives many of the same features as pricey powerhouses like Adobe Photoshop but at a far lower price.

Although it may not have all the potent features found in Adobe’s top tool, it offers the majority of tools for most photo editors.

Comparing ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate with Adobe Photoshop, it is easy to set up and use, it overwhelms Adobe in terms of quality support, and if you have a small business and you’re looking for a photography tool, then it is a perfect Adobe alternative for you. 

Key Features:

-Digital Asset Management & Productivity.

-Photo Editing Tools.

-Layered Editing Tools.

-Product Support.

Pricing info: 

It is a paid software and offers three subscriptions, that is standard, professional, and ultimate, which can cost between 59.99 – 149.99 dollars per month. 

-Offers training and tutorials-Some terms used to edit can be confusing
-Time efficient-Needs more control over cropping features
-User-friendly UI-Can be glitchy and laggy sometimes


Year Founded: 1998
Headquarters: Netherlands 
CEO: Jayamala Jayachandran 

Krita, an open-source, cost-free competitor to Adobe Photoshop, is supported by a sizable, imaginative community of engineers and artists.

Krita is a piece of being on vector graphic software that facilitates resource management, animation rendering, the creation of design layers, and text editing for enterprises on a single platform.

It offers a built-in library of digital brushes that graphic artists may modify according to several criteria, including form, color smear, and particle needs.

Its key advantages are Krita’s versatile brushes, layer management tools, and lack of cost.

Krita is best known for its painting features. Combining all of the features mentioned in the above paragraph with the fact that it is free software makes it a considerable Adobe Photoshop alternative. 

Key Features:

-User experience design

-Layers and masks

-Painting tools 

-Customization and display

Pricing info: 

Krita is completely free and open-source software. 

-Easy and simple to use-Random crashes
-Faster and cheaper-Can be confusing for newbies
-Open source-Keyboard shortcuts can sometimes be a hassle


Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Tasmania
CEO: James Cuda

Artists can create gorgeous, lifelike works of art whenever and wherever they choose thanks to drawing applications like Procreate. It eliminates the need to transport bulky tools and equipment to produce artwork.

Unfortunately, Procreate is only available for iOS. There were several incredible new features in the 5.2 release from November, such capacity to paint 3D models, stabilize motion, offer page aid, and see 3D models in augmented reality.

Photoshop and Procreate are both excellent apps but Procreate outplays Adobe Photoshop in terms of illustrative abilities and is a lot cheaper since it’s a one-time purchase that guarantees you lifetime access to the app and future updates. 

Key Features:

-3D printing

-Animation and video



Pricing info: 

Procreate is a paid app but you only have to pay the price of 9.99 dollars once for lifetime access to the app. 

-Highly responsive brush technology-The learning curve for students
-Intuitive interface-Optimized features for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro only
-Video recording


Year Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic 
CEO: Ivan Kutskir

Photopea is a terrific piece of software that serves as a fantastic alternative if you frequently use other design tools, especially if you’re paying a monthly membership that appears to be going up and up.

Even though it’s a web-based tool, some browsers allow you to download and install it on your device.

Although it lacks some of the more sophisticated capabilities you’d find in Photoshop, like content-aware fill, it still offers more than enough functionality to satisfy many designers and artists and is entirely free to use.

Photopea is one of the best Adobe Photoshop alternatives on the list since it is much cheaper and has a lot of features to offer. 

Key Features:

-Spot healing and clone stamp healing brush

-Patch tool

-Layers and masking

-Raster and vector graphics

Pricing info: 

Although all the features of Photopea are free to use, there is a pricing plan that you can buy to eliminate advertisements that can be irritating sometimes. 

-Simple to use-Browser restrictions
-Workspace with intuition-Limited color channels
-Unique characteristics-No cloud storage available.

Affinity Photo

Year Founded: 2014
Headquarters: San Francisco 
CEO: Ray Zhou

Specially made for raster graphics, Affinity photo is a powerful, low-cost graphic designing tool that provides the smoothest photo editing and designing experience.

It is developed by Serif and has a next-generation layout that you can use to make a digital painting and do raw editing and retouching. It is available for iOS, macOS, and windows. 

Affinity photo has a really simple and fast interface. It has almost all the features of Adobe Photoshop and is much faster at editing images. Therefore, if you want an app that is fast and doesn’t compromise with quality, then Affinity Photo is the best for you. 

Key Features:

-Ability to develop raw files like a pro

-Professional skin retouching

-Tone mapping


Pricing info: 

Affinity Photo is a subscription-free software. Instead, it is a one-time payment software. You can pay 49.9 dollars for lifetime access to the app. 

-Intuitive interface-Lack of good transformation tool
-Easy to use-Filters don’t remember their previous settings
-Reliable performance and functionality-No OS color picker
-No subscription

Sumo Paint

Year Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland 
CEO: Lauri Kautaniemi

Sumo Paint is a web-based, free painting and drawing app with the capabilities and features of expensive photo editors.

Although it is well-developed for digital drawing, you can also use it to perform simple photo editing and advanced professional-level editing.

Unlike Adobe, Sumo Paint offers a free version with access to almost every tool you could need for basic editing. Even its paid version is a lot cheaper than Adobe Photoshop. 

Key Features:

-Layers with classic layering effects

-37 filters and effects

-Gradient tools

-Painting tools include more than 300 brush

Pricing info: 

Sumo Paint has a free and paid version that costs only 4 dollars and has limited and full functionality, respectively. 

-User-friendly-Requires flash
-No intrusive advertisement-Some tools lag
-Desktop version-Imperfect text management

Pic Monkey

Year Founded: 2012
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
CEO: Frits Habermann

Pic Monkey is a web-based image editing and designing software that is currently helping over 450000 users create phenomenal images, social posts, banners, etc. You can also use it as a sticker maker, touch-up tool, and background eraser, and it has almost no learning curve. 

Adobe Photoshop might be better for advanced editing and has more options, but when it comes to basic editing, you would want to keep things as less complex as possible, which is exactly what pic monkey does. Therefore, Adobe Photoshop is a preferable alternative for a beginner. 

Key Features:



-Cloud storage

-Social media integrations

Pricing info: 

Pic Monkey has no free version, rather it has 3 subscription plans that are basic, pro, and business, and costs 7.99,12.99 and 23 dollars, respectively

-Affordable-Collaboration is only available with the premium plan
-Its editing options are extensive compared to alternatives-Cannot create advanced charts and graphs
-Direct posting to a high number of social media platforms-Doesn’t support version control


Would I run Photoshop on many computers?

Yes. Photoshop can be downloaded and installed on multiple computers regardless of the operating system.

Where else can I download a Photoshop trial version?

A trial version of Photoshop and other programs in Creative Cloud are available for download.

May I upgrade my free trial to a premium version?

The trial version of Photoshop automatically upgrades to a paid plan at the end of the trial period if you were asked to provide your payment information before downloading it.

In Photoshop Elements, I use. How it is ought I think about Photoshop?

People who want to generate and edit images with superior outcomes utilize Photoshop, which is the industry standard for professionals. If you want a more comprehensive toolkit for editing raw images, building complex image composites, making movies, and exercising your creativity with 3D creation, 3D editing, and painting tools, consider upgrading to Photoshop.

How does Photoshop Lightroom integrate with Photoshop?

Additionally part of Creative Cloud, Lightroom makes it simple to quickly import, edit, organize, and display large numbers of photographs. You may take advantage of unmatched pixel-level retouching and compositing thanks to its close interaction with Photoshop, providing you access to a full professional photographic solution.


From the above-mentioned article, it is clear that everyone can use an image editor for various specific purposes.

Some software is excellent for some purposes, while others are not. Therefore, you must choose the best image editor for you, depending on your needs and purpose. 

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